Chapter 1436

As soon as this matter is clear, without Xu Yuancheng and Xiao Haiqing, the director has already called the police. Although the influence is not good, they can keep Yiwan in the crew again, and they also have a headache.

Fortunately, although the play is a double heroine, Xiao Haiqing's play is more important, and there will be a turning point in the future. It's not impossible to replace others. Although a lot of money has been lost, in order to avoid someone boycotting the play, it's better to make a decision.

"Director! Director, listen to me. I didn't do it! I didn't do it! " "I wan see this director cast disappointed eyes, hurriedly shouted.

However, at this time, everyone shook their heads, and the reporters swarmed in and didn't give her a chance to explain.

Before the arrival of the police, these journalists also need to dig up the Yiwan mentality. After all, it will definitely be a hot topic in the future.

Xiao Haiqing and Xu Yuancheng enter the room together in full view of the public. Xu Yuancheng's hands still block her waist.

"Xu Er Shao, do you know that your eyes are dirty now?" Xiao Haiqing said with a smile.

"Is it? There's not much difference between indecency and infatuation. If you look at it for a while, you may find that I really appreciate you. " Xu Yuancheng never blinks when he talks big.

"I heard that Yunzhao said that you only pursued one girl in college, but now you look like you have been through a hundred battles. Just now, in front of so many people, I said that I was your girlfriend, one by one, I lost all my goosebumps. Xu Er Shao, who did you learn the name of rouma?" Xiao Haiqing was careless and polite. He sat at the edge of the bed, took off his coat, leaned on the bed and said.

The media already know that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Raw rice is cooked. As a girlfriend, she naturally wants to exercise her rights.

Before, she didn't dislike Xu Yuancheng. After reporting with Jing Yunzhao, she had already opened her heart and didn't officially establish her name. She just lacked an opportunity.

"That boy of Li family is more disgusting than me." Xu Yuancheng snorted, and then the eyes moved several circles on Xiao Haiqing.

Xiao Haiqing's figure is absolutely hot. Her peach blossom eyes are even more charming. Her fragrant shoulders are exposed outside. She also sends out a light fragrance. Her long hair is still wet. It's hard not to be moved.

Looking at it, Xu Yuancheng felt the tip of his nose hot. At the next moment, only two lines of nosebleed fell to the ground.

"Poof - Xu Ershao, haven't you seen a woman?" Xiao Haiqing looked at it and laughed. He curled up on the bed with his stomach covered, pointing to him.

Xu Yuancheng's face was stiff, and he wiped it seriously. The heat on his body was rising from one layer to the other. After a while, his nose blood was wiped clean, but his body was very honest. I didn't know when he went to the bed, but Xiao Haiqing was still there gloating. Suddenly he reached out and pulled his hand at her bathrobe. For a moment, he felt like he was in front of her Almost all turned pink.

"Hooligan!" Xiao Haiqing immediately punched him.

Just now, he deliberately teased Xu Yuancheng to play, but he did not come up with a fire. However, this fist made Xu Yuancheng hide from the past, and even the whole person rolled around, holding Xiao Haiqing directly in his arms, warm jade again, without saying anything, the whole person immediately pasted the past.

Xiao Haiqing's brain is blank, and the whole person is soft.

In a short time, the voice of "squeak" came from the bed with poor quality. They seemed to fight each other, turning over and over, being hot and inseparable

The window next to me was not closed or even kept floating into the snow, but I didn't notice it.