Chapter 1234 [END] - A brand new beginning

Although Zhou Hao could also recover, the speed of recovery could not keep up with the speed of injury.

It was impossible to guard against the space slashes. Every time the space-splitting beast launched its attack, it would always leave a crack on Zhou Hao’s body.

There were already hundreds and thousands of them. They were densely packed and looked very terrifying.

The netizens outside the live broadcast room were all silent.

Although the space-ripping beast’s words were harsh, they had to admit that it was the truth.

Even the old monsters of the imperial family fell silent.

In the past, they had always called themselves Kings and bragged about themselves everywhere. They had only done so in front of the ruler-level mutant beasts.

“Although I didn’t like Zhou Hao in the past, I have to admit that he’s stronger than me now!”

Some of the old monsters who were originally against Zhou Hao could not help but speak up.

This old monster was the Emperor of the Amay Empire.

Upon hearing this, the netizens in the live broadcast room were all in awe of Zhou Hao.

“Good luck, you must kill this beast!”

“I remember that it was his grandson who started to kill us. We must kill him!”

Almost all the netizens were excited.

In fact, some people even sent out troops to support Zhou Hao.

“We can’t let our hero’s heart turn cold. All of you, immediately go and support him!”

The royal families of some planets immediately sent people from their own countries to the offworld battlefield.

At the same time, the entire universe was paying attention to this battle.

Many people stepped forward and headed to the battlefield.

“Human, do you think that you can solve the current situation of your human race just because you have found a helper? ridiculous!”

The space-splitting beast raised its head and suddenly looked at a beam of light that pierced through the entire void.

Then, the void began to collapse, and huge holes appeared, as if the entire sky was divided into two.

“Not good, he’s trying to open a wormhole to summon beasts. Stop him!”

Many of the mercenaries who had conflicts with Zhou Hao had all arrived at the battlefield to stop the space splitting beast.

He didn’t expect to see the space-splitting beast opening a wormhole as soon as he arrived.

If this continued, the arrival of the mutant beast Army would bring forward the era of disaster.

At that time, not only would the weak starfields become hell, but the entire universe would also become a Starfield.

Had this day finally come?

Zhou Hao lifted his head and smiled wryly. He knew that it would come, but he didn’t know that it would come so soon.

Just as Zhou Hao was on the verge of despair, an electronic voice suddenly rang in his ear.

“The last king blind box has been opened. Congratulations to the host. You have been rewarded with 1000 energy crystals!”

This was already the 22225th blind box, and Zhou Hao’s originally disheartened heart was suddenly revived.

Energy crystals were a type of energy stone that even the various divine nations could not gather. Even those old monsters could only dream of obtaining them.

Zhou Hao immediately took out the energy stones from the system.

They were small colorful stones that contained a huge amount of power.

The moment he took it out, all kinds of colors covered the sky.

Very quickly, some netizens recognized it and exclaimed in surprise.

“It’s an energy stone. Oh my God, he actually has an energy stone!”

“No wonder he could break through so quickly. So that’s why!”

The old monsters from the imperial family were suddenly enlightened. They immediately thought that Zhou Hao had broken through to his current realm because of the energy stone.

Little did he know that this was not the case.

Zhou Hao made a decision without any hesitation.

“Absorb the energy!”

With a thought in his mind, the energy flowed through his limbs and into his body.

His body was like a furnace. The energy that entered him became a part of him.


In the next moment, Zhou Hao felt his limbs and bones filled with energy. All the pores on his body opened up, and he felt as if he could use it all. His entire body felt relaxed.

At the same time, the aura on his body was rapidly rising.

The few people around him were overjoyed. They could feel that Zhou Hao’s power was rising.

“Breakthrough, he has broken through again!”

“Haha, the heavens have blessed the human race!”

The old monsters who had come to support Zhou Hao were all ecstatic. As long as Zhou Hao broke through, it would mean that they would be able to rise up.

“Protect Zhou Hao. As long as we kill the space-splitting beast and destroy the entrance to the void, the crisis of the human race will be completely resolved!”

Immediately, some of them realized that Zhou Hao might be their only hope this time.

“No matter what the price is, we can’t let those bastards interrupt Zhou Hao’s breakthrough!”

At this time, many human powerhouses realized that the mutated beasts were also crawling out from some of the cracks. They had clearly come to help the space-splitting beast.

Moreover, some mutated beasts had already appeared in the rift that the space-splitting beast had opened.

In other words, whether or not Zhou Hao could overturn everything would depend on whether or not they could protect him and make a successful breakthrough.

“Yes, commander!”

Everyone immediately formed a circle and helped Zhou Hao deal with the mutant beasts that were trying to attack him.

“Humans, you are too weak!”

However, while they could stop the mutant beasts that were on par with them, they could not stop the space-ripping beast.

The space-splitting beast had already reached the cruising realm. Even an immortal state warrior wouldn’t be able to resist it for a while.

“You can’t retreat. If you interrupt Zhou Hao’s breakthrough, all humans will die, including your family!”

The Knight Captain li Haoyun said to the timid soldiers.

When they heard that their family members would also die, the soldiers immediately gathered their courage.

To them, their family was everything.

“You want him to break through? wishful thinking!”

The space-splitting beast swooped down and immediately created a hurricane.

These tornadoes burst out with wind blades, and wherever they passed, some Warriors were instantly torn into pieces.

Even some of the godly state experts had their skin split open and their flesh torn apart. They could only hang on bitterly.

Was this the cruising realm?

Countless Warriors were in despair.

Just one patrol realm mutant beast was already so terrifying, and the arrival of the Army of mutant beasts behind them would be even more unimaginable.

“Are we going to be completely destroyed?!”

“I’m not willing to accept this!”

Some of the godly state experts were hysterical and despaired. They had heard of the patrol realm but they didn’t expect it to be this strong.

“A group of ants! Useless and furious! All of you, die!”

Just as the space-splitting beast was about to kill everyone …

Suddenly, a blinding light flashed by at an extremely fast speed.

Even though it was quick, everyone could still see a blurry figure. It was Zhou Hao.

“It’s Zhou Hao! He’s successfully broken through!”

A soldier was ecstatic as he shouted to everyone.

Hearing this, the soldiers were all ecstatic.

How was that possible?

The space-ripping beast was terrified. Although it didn’t want to admit it, Zhou Hao was like an ordinary person that it couldn’t see through.

For this to happen, one reason was that Zhou Hao was too powerful and he could not be seen through. Another reason was that Zhou Hao was just an ordinary person.

However, it was not an idiot. It now knew that Zhou Hao was the former.

Damn it!

The space-ripping beast regretted making such a plan in advance, and it immediately thought of escaping.

“You want to escape?”

Zhou Hao was one step ahead and blocked the space-splitting beast’s escape path.

“It’s too late!”

Then, the space-ripping beast heard the last two words and lost consciousness.

Like a beam of light, Zhou Hao cut through the darkness and instantly split the space-splitting beast into two.

“Roar …”

All of the space-ripping beast’s anger, unwillingness, and despair turned into an angry roar.

However, no matter how much it struggled, it was useless. Its life was quickly passing away, and its consciousness was gradually disappearing.

He won?

The old generals and divine Kingdom troops were all excited.


The netizens in the live broadcast room were also immediately boiling like ants on a hot pot.

“He won. God Zhou is indeed the most awesome!”

“Those old monsters, I’ll see if they still have the face to say they’re number one in the future!”

“Hahaha, Earth Star has finally produced an immortal state warrior. Let’s see if they still dare to say that there’s no one on Earth Star!”

The viewers on Earth Star were also watching the global live broadcast. At this moment, they all started cheering.

Zhou Hao had dealt with the space-ripping beast and was injured, but it was not a big deal.

“Zhou Hao, you little brat, I’m completely convinced. From now on, I’ll be your number one underling. If you need anything, just call me!”

Duke Xing Tian walked over and patted Zhou Hao’s shoulder. His wrinkled face was filled with relief.

Many old Dukes came over. Some of them didn’t get along at first, but now they all used their country’s highest etiquette to express their highest respect.

Zhou Hao raised his head and looked at the few holes in the sky that looked like the bloody mouths of giant beasts.

Although they had taken care of the vanguard, there was still the mutant beast Army.

Zhou Hao furrowed his brows and sighed.

“Boss, don’t sigh. You’ve killed the space-ripping beast this time, and they won’t dare to cause trouble again. If they do it again, I believe you can beat them up again!”

Yang Yuanyuan walked to the side and continued to comfort him.

“Boss, you’ve dealt with the vanguard. This is a good thing. You should be happy!”

That’s right, although they didn’t kill all the mutated beasts and didn’t destroy the caves, they still killed the space-splitting beast.

He should be happy.

Zhou Hao quickly adjusted his mood and said,””You’re right, I should be happy!”

It was also on this day that the various God nations recorded it in their historical records. In their history books, it was recorded as the first victory in a large-scale battle in the 0th year of the God era.

Zhou Hao had also become an unprecedented and unparalleled war god. His name spread far and wide, and his name spread to every corner of the universe.

It was also on this day that the entire universe’s armies, which were fighting hard against the mutated beasts, were in an uproar.

They couldn’t see any hope before, but now they did.

Zhou Hao was like a rising star, bringing them endless vitality.

Zhou Hao returned to Earth Star and started to develop technology. He also established an alliance with some planets that were developing mercenary groups to fight against the mutant beast Army.

The history of mankind had become a thing of the past, and a new chapter had begun.

From then on, mankind had a brand new beginning and the beginning of a new era.

(The end of the book)