Chapter 1059 Sorry, My Bad

Chapter 1059 Sorry, My Bad

"I'm sorry. I haven't visited you for a long time," Adeline said softly as she rested her hand on a tomb that was surrounded by countless flowers. "I hope you forgive me, Vincent."

The beautiful Elf tried to keep her face from crumpling by biting her lip, but it didn't work.

Soon, her body shook as she tried her best to stop her tears from falling.

This time, Aurora didn't move to console her and simply watched from behind.

She fully understood what Adeline was going through since she felt the same thing when she visited her mother's tomb after years of being imprisoned in the Inner Sanctum of the Pantheon of Exile.

Lux pulled his lover into his embrace and wrapped his arms around her.

His gaze, however, was focused on the crying Elf and the red-headed man, who was also bawling his eyes out.

"Adeline, I miss you so much," the red-headed young man, who seemed to be in his early twenties, cried as he tried to embrace the beautiful Elf with his ghostly hands.

Even though his hands would pass through her body, the young man still kept trying to comfort the woman he loved.

Of course, this person was none other than Adeline's lover, and Lux's biological father, Vincent.

As if sensing Lux's gaze, the young man glared in his direction.

"Who are you?!' Vincent shouted. "Don't tell me that you seduced my wife, using her loneliness as a way to worm yourself into her heart. You bastard! How dare you taint my Adeline! If you get her pregnant, I will haunt you for eternity!"

The ghost then shifted his attention to his lover and kissed her forehead.

"Darling, why did you replace me with this snot-nosed Half-Elf?" Vincent asked Adeline knowing that the latter couldn't hear him. "Although I admit that he is almost as good-looking as me, that doesn't mean he is better than me in bed! Don't give in to the temptation! I bet that his **** is only two inches long!"

Lux almost coughed out blood after hearing Vincent's words. Originally, he wanted to help the bastard reunite with his mom, but after being cursed like this, he was very tempted to torture his soul instead.

"Hey, you!" Vincent flew towards Lux and glared at him. "I know you can see me! You bastard. Don't you dare lay your hands on my wife! I will fight you to the death if you do."

Vincent even tried to punch Lux's face, but his hands only went through him.

Unlike Spectres who had a corporeal form that could affect the world of the living, Vincent's soul was too weak.

The fact that he was able to retain his consciousness after so many years proved that he was one of those Earth-Bound Spirits who couldn't find rest due to the regrets that they had in life.

Out of curiosity, Lux decided to ask the raging redhead some questions.

'How are you still able to retain your sentience after nearly two decades?' Lux asked.

'How? I will tell you how!' Vincent snorted. 'How can I possibly cross over when I know that my beautiful wife might get snatched by that bastard Yvar! If only I knew that he was targeting Adeline, I would have killed him in the past!'

Vincent's words were filled with hate and regret. n--0velb1n

When Adeline told him that she was pregnant with his child, he felt as if he was the happiest man in the world.

However, after discovering that his father was on his deathbed, he decided to see him one last time.

Everything was fine until his father drew his last breath. The moment the King died, Crown Prince Yvar immediately ordered the guards and a Saint of the Kingdom to capture them.

Vincent and Adeline had to fight tooth and nail in order to escape the Royal Palace.

They had succeeded, but Vincent suffered a mortal injury, which led to his untimely death.

His greatest regret was not being there with Adeline to see the birth of his child, which was one of the reasons that prevented him from crossing over to the other side.

Adeline, who regained her composure, glanced at Lux and noticed that he was looking at something else.

He could see the Half-Elf's expression change from time to time, which confused her at first.

However, after remembering Lux's profession, her eyes widened in shock as she immediately grabbed hold of his arm.

"C-Can you see him?" Adeline asked. "Can you see Vincent?"

"Yes," Lux replied. "Do you want to see him as well?"

He didn't hide the fact that he was a Necromancer from Adeline, so he didn't beat around the bush and came clean.

Originally, he planned to let Blackfire swallow Vincent and keep it as a future surprise to Adeline.

However, Vincent cursing the current King of the Fynn Kingdom was so amusing that he momentarily forgot to capture his soul.

"Yes!" Adeline almost clung to Lux, which made the annoying ghost raise his middle finger at the Half-Elf.

Lux nodded and covered Adeline's eyes with his right hand.

"Bastard! Don't touch my woman!" Vincent was once again enraged and started to throw punches at the Half-Elf, but all of it went through the latter.

Half a minute later, Lux removed his hands from Adeline's eyes.

Instead of seeing him first, Adeline heard him first.

Although it had been many years since she last heard her husband's voice, it was impossible for the beautiful Elf to forget it.

"Vincent... is it really you?" Adeline covered her mouth with her hand as she held back the torrent of emotions that were rising from her heart.

"Yes, my Love," Vincent replied as he hovered in front of Adeline. "It is me. Your husband, the love of your life, your Prince, and the other half that holds your heart. Please, don't let this Half-Elf seduce you. I don't want to wear a green hat even if I am already dead."

Lux had also covered Aurora's eyes with his hand, giving her the ability to see his father, who was busy insulting him from the side.

"Is he really your father?" Aurora whispered in an amused tone.

"Technically, he is," Lux replied.



Although Vincent wasn't really his father, he was his body's biological father.

"Well, I can see the similarities between you and him," Aurora whispered. "He is like a more unrestrained version of you. Do you plan to revive him?"

"Yes," Lux replied. "Although it was my intention to visit his grave, I didn't raise my hopes about being able to do so since it had been many years since he died. I didn't think that he would be like your mother, who was able to retain her consciousness even after so many yea—"

Lux paused whatever he was going to say next, but it was already too late.

He hadn't mentioned anything to Aurora about her Mother's soul recovering inside Blackfire.

The Half-Elf planned to surprise his lover once he found a suitable body for her mother, who was now able to take a corporeal form and affect reality.

But, seeing that Aurora's eyes had already become moist and were on the verge of tears, he knew that she wanted to see if what he said was the truth.

"Blackfire," Lux said softly.

A moment later, the Black Coffin appeared a few meters away from Aurora.

Its lid then slid open, making the young lady cover her lips with both hands.

Soon, Queen Bianca appeared, who immediately walked towards her daughter and gave her a tight hug, making Aurora burst into tears.

Lux sighed as he looked at this emotional scene, which happened due to a slip of his tongue.

Blackfire nudged his head with the side of its body as if blaming its Master for being a party pooper.

"Sorry, my bad," Lux replied as he raised both of his hands in surrender.

He had no excuse for what he did. But after seeing how happy Aurora was after seeing her mother, he didn't regret it either.

But, before this emotional scene could continue, Lux frowned as he turned his gaze towards the location of the City of Krall.

He could sense the presence of three powerful Individuals, accompanied by several Rankers, who were headed in their direction.

'Took them long enough,' Lux thought before ordering Blackfire to devour Vincent's Soul for the time being.

He knew that things were going to get a little bit messy, and he didn't want his biological father's soul to disintegrate in a clash of powers.

Queen Bianca also entered Blackfire because she knew that her daughter was in good hands.

Her Soul had recovered a bit, but it was still very fragile.

In order to spend more time with Aurora, she decided to go back inside Blackfire and wait until things settled down.

Avernus materialized beside Lux and crossed his arms over his chest.

Blackfire did the same as it faced the direction the Three Saints were coming from, who would soon regret their decision for coming to disturb its Mistress' happy moment.