Chapter 3071

The deputy hall master and two other colleagues landed at the base of the city, leading Lu Chen through the periphery, into the hall of demons and immortals, and went straight to the meeting hall on the second floor.

When they arrived at the conference hall, the deputy hall master sent away his subordinates and guards, leaving only him and two colleagues of the same rank, and then asked Lu Chen to take out the passageway from the upper realm to inspect the goods.

"Just now, I released it, and you have basically tested it. Could it be that there are fake ones?"

Lu Chen refused to take out the passage to the upper realm, but said so.

"It was just a rough look just now, and now we have to examine it carefully."

The deputy hall master said.

"Then, after a cursory look, can't you tell if it's the passage from the upper realm?"

Lu Chen asked back.

"It is roughly determined to be the upper bound channel, but it needs to be checked again to be 100% sure!"

The deputy hall master said.

"It's enough to make a general decision, so why look again?"

Lu Chen shook his head, and said again, "I'm here to make a deal, not to show you the goods repeatedly, and besides, I haven't looked at your goods yet."

"The holy water of our monster clan is above the prison, you can get it, and it will be exchanged as if it is fake!"

The deputy hall master said.

"Then let's trade on the sky prison, pay the money with one hand and deliver the goods with the other hand, no deception!"

Lu Chen said.

"You don't believe me!"

The deputy hall master was a little angry again.

"I don't believe in anyone, I only believe in the Holy Water from the Monster Race that I got with my own hands!"

Lu Chen pushed back with a single sentence, causing the deputy hall master to smoke from his seven orifices, and he wanted to have a fit but didn't dare.

The other subordinates were all sent away by the deputy hall master, and there were only three monster powerhouses in Nuoda's conference hall, the deputy hall master and two other colleagues of the same rank.

Although the three of them are all strong at the peak of Da Luo Jinxian, facing Lu Chen... definitely not good-looking.

Once it was done, the three peak Da Luo Jinxians might not be enough for Lu Chen's teeth.

How dare a person like this have an attack?

At least fifty or sixty Da Luo Jinxian peak powerhouses must be present to attack Lu Chen, right?

Moreover, the task of the three of them is not to attack Lu Chen, but to obtain the upper realm channel in Lu Chen's hands!

The rest of the matter, how to deal with Lu Chen, will be handled by the master of the Yaoxian Temple!

"Follow me to heaven!"

The deputy hall master snorted coldly, then opened the door of the meeting hall, and together with two other colleagues of the same rank, led Lu Chen to the upper floor.

The upper floor, where Lu Chen has been, is where the Heavenly Prison is located!

At the entrance of the dungeon, there were a few more guards, all of whom were at the peak of Daluo Jinxian, obviously to prevent Lu Chen from breaking into the dungeon alone.

But with the deputy hall master leading them, those guards would naturally not stop them and let Lu Chen go up.

Above the dungeon, it was deserted and deserted, no different from last time.

This is the highest-level prison cell in the Demon Immortal Palace, and the people being held there are definitely not ordinary. Not all prisoners are qualified to be held here.

Therefore, there are almost no prisoners here, and even if there are, they are very special characters, and if they are not deserted, there will be ghosts.

As for the special person imprisoned here, who else is there besides An Yu?

Lu Chen remembered that there was a special cell at the end of the dungeon, where Anyu was baptized by the water of the demon god.

"I've been here before. I don't need you to lead the way. I'm not used to people following me. I can get the holy water myself."

In the middle of walking, Lu Chen stopped suddenly, and said to the deputy hall master of Yaoxian Temple, "Give me the key to the cell where the holy water is, and I can get it myself. You are waiting for me here!"

"No, I must be present if you take my family's holy water!"

The deputy hall master refused.

"Your family's holy water is endless, as if it is endless, are you afraid that I will take it all?"

Lu Chen smiled, and said again, "Besides, the holy water of the demon clan is only useful to demon immortals, not to human immortals. Why do I need so much? I only need one bucket."

"No matter how much you withdraw, I must be present, otherwise the transaction will be cancelled."

The deputy palace master said firmly.

"Then cancel it. Anyway, your Palace Master asked to trade with me, and I didn't force it."

Lu Chen snorted, then turned around, took big steps, and went straight to the exit of the prison.

"I'll go, I'll grass, I'll fork..."

Seeing this, the deputy hall master was so angry that he was so angry that he still didn't dare to attack, so he trotted all the way to catch up and handed a special golden key to Lu Chen, "Okay, I agree to your request, you go get the holy water yourself, we won't follow. "

"Ha, I'm finally obedient, the child can be taught."

Seeing that this guy was finally bluffed, Lu Chen laughed so hard that the deputy hall master's monster face turned livid.

After laughing, Lu Chen turned around again, and walked towards the end of the dungeon alone, leaving the deputy hall master and the other two powerful demon immortals in a daze.

Naturally, Lu Chen's trip was not to get some holy water from the monster race, but to see him.

If there is no accident, in the special cell at the end, Anyu is still being baptized in the water of the demon god, waiting for him to come and meet him.

If he came to see Anyu in normal times, he might have many difficulties, and he would even have to fight all the way in.

But fighting and killing to break in is definitely not the best way!

Once the Yaozu realizes that Anyu is in collusion with him, it is possible to attack Anyu immediately, and that will kill Anyu.

But now this method is the best, he didn't say hello to the Yaozu, he went all the way to the Yaoxian Palace, directly entered the palace, and went directly to the prison.

In this way, Yaozu didn't have much defense, and it was too late to transfer Anyu away...

Soon, Lu Chen came to the door of that special cell, and saw the mist and steam rising inside the cell, making people's vision a bit blurred.

Inside the cell, there was indeed a person with his back to the cell door, who was being baptized in the spring-like water of demon gods.

Because the water mist was too thick, and the demon god water contained some kind of energy, Lu Chen couldn't see the specific situation of that person clearly through the water mist.

But, Lu Chen is sure that that person is not someone, it must be Anyu!

The demon god's water has a certain will of the demon god, not all demons can use it, and they can't reach some kind of contract with the demon god's will, so they can't enjoy the demon god's water at all.

Among the powerful monster clans in the entire Demon Immortal Palace, only Anyu can withstand the will of the Demon God, and can accept the baptism of the Demon God's water.

Because, An Yu once absorbed the supernatural power of Yaohe in the mortal world, and there was the will of the demon god in it, and he absorbed it very well.

Lu Chen also absorbed the supernatural power of Yaohe, but he did not absorb the will of the demon god, but refined it. There is no will of the demon god in his body, so naturally he has no relationship with the demon god water.

"Anyu, here I come!"

Lu Chen looked at the hazy figure inside, and said softly.

As soon as the words fell, the hazy figure trembled, and immediately stopped the baptism, and the water of the demon god under the feet also descended, and no longer spouted up like a spring.


Lu Chen used the key to open the cell door, avoided the demon god water under his feet, and walked in cautiously.

At this time, the water mist in the cell descended, the field of vision became clearer and clearer, and the figure also became clearer and clearer. But Lu Chen's eyes opened wider and wider, as if he was unbelievable, as if he had seen a ghost.