Chapter 3147

"All right!"

Elai saw that the leader of the fairy beast had a firm attitude, knowing that he had to go, so he lowered his head and went to gather his troops.

He knew the intention of the leader of the fairy beast, if the fairy beast had a hard time, they Shura wouldn't have a good time either.

The leader of the fairy beast generally does not interfere with his command. Once he interferes, he can only obey and has no other choice.

I don't know how many times the strength of the fairy beast is stronger than Shura, does he have other choices?

And his army has fought so far, although the loss is not too much, there are only more than 200,000 people left.

Among the more than 200,000 people, most of them are Jinxian, and the team of Daluo Jinxian has less than 1,000 people.

Without the support of fairy beasts, their white-faced Shura clan alone would not be able to fight the battle of the mountain and sea fairyland, nor could they fight against the coalition forces of the four clans of monsters and ghosts, and they would not even need the support of the human race.

It's just that there is an advantage for their Asura to fight, that is, each Shura is equipped with a mount, that is, there is a fairy beast of the same rank to accompany them in battle.

There is no doubt that a Shura and a fairy beast teamed up to fight together can achieve a two-on-one situation on the battlefield, and the combat power is much stronger.

Therefore, ordinary immortal beasts are also willing to play with Shura, and Shura doesn't have to worry about not being able to find a mount.

When Elai led his troops to the front, the leader of the fairy beast snorted coldly, and said disdainfully: "If it wasn't for the face of the fairy master of the monster race, I wouldn't join hands with those trash Shura. With the strength of our fairy beasts, we will be able to level the ground. The whole mountain and sea fairyland. I thought that this guy who is evil is rich in combat experience, and it would be easy to let him command this battle. I didn't expect this fool to command for so many days, but his tactics were extremely conservative. Not only did he not win the whole blood Shi Lin, dragging Lu Chen's arrival in a daze, really disappointed me!"

After all, it turned around suddenly, and looked at the two generals behind it, that is, two super powerful eighth-level peak fairy beasts!

One is a huge Baishuang fairy lion, and the other is a particularly huge Kaishan fairy elephant. They are the second leader and the third leader of the army of fairy beasts respectively!

Since committing suicide and entering the Mountain Sea Wonderland, these two generals have never made a move, and there are enough strong men in the army of immortal beasts, so there is no need for them to make a move.

But now, under the pressure of Lu Chen, the leader of the fairy beast needs them to take action in person.

"Second leader, go and pick the peaks of the 580th order, lead them to attack the defense lines of the five races, and tear down the blood stone forest no matter what!"

The leader of the fairy beast looked at the Baishuang fairy lion and gave the order directly.

"The descendant of Nine Dragons is so strong, even the 1,080th-level peak can't be besieged by many. If I take away the 580th-level peak, how can I fight here?"

Said the Baishuang fairy lion.

"Lu Chen's combat power is very strong, but he is still not the physical body of Da Luo Jinxian, and he has to be more or less afraid of the attacks of the eighth-level peak, so there are five hundred and eighth-level peaks here to fight him enough!"

The leader of the fairy beast shook his head, and said, "If five hundred is not enough to fight, then one thousand is not enough to fight. It is better to make room to attack the defense line of the five clans."

"The battlefield ahead is narrow, I'm afraid it won't be able to accommodate the peak of the 580th order!"

Baishuang Xianshi said so.

The Blood Stone Forest is indeed a narrow battlefield, even for the five so-called big battlefields, there is not much room for battle for the eighth-level peak fairy beasts.

After all, the aftermath of the battle caused by the eighth-order peak fairy beast is quite terrifying, and it is easy to hurt one's own side.

If the battlefield is narrow, you can't send too many eighth-level peak fairy beasts, and you should arrange them appropriately!

This is the main reason why Elai has always been conservative in command, and there are not many peak eighth-level fairy beasts sent to the front line. There is really not so much space for too many peak eighth-level fairy beasts!

Even if it was below the peak of the eighth level, Elai didn't send more at once, but added it little by little with the tactics of adding fuel.

"Now the situation has changed, we can no longer use the previous additional tactics, we must press the maximum force at once!"

The leader of the fairy beast said again, "It doesn't matter if the battlefield is narrow, even if there is an accidental injury, it doesn't matter, the most important thing is to drive the five clans out of the blood stone forest!"

After it regained the command, it will ignore the evil way of conservatism in command, and directly come to force, regardless of the consequences!

It's nothing more than a bigger loss. It's better than the entire army of fairy beasts being so aggrieved by Lu Chen's pressure and beating!

As long as the defenses of the five clans are defeated and the road of natural danger of the blood stone forest is opened, their army of immortal beasts can enter the blood camp, where there is no natural danger at all.

At that time, when the battle with Lu Chen is fought in Liao Kuan's blood camp, the army of immortal beasts will have a lot of room to maneuver, and it will be much easier to surround and kill Lu Chen.


The Baishuang fairy lion didn't say anything anymore, and immediately took the order to summon the five hundred and eighth-level peak fairy beasts on the battlefield.

"Three-headed leader, you are the leader of the fairy elephant group and the most powerful mountain-breaking fairy elephant. I need you to bring all the fairy elephants to break away all the obstacles on the defense line of the five tribes, so as to prepare for the second-headed leader's attack. Clear the way!"

The head of the fairy beast's eyes fell on the particularly huge mountain-opening fairy elephant, and said, "Especially, those annoying stone peaks, it's best to crash them all, so that the natural danger that the five races count on will no longer exist. !"

"Boss, you also know that all the stone fronts in the Blood Stone Forest have Immortal Restrictions. It is not our immortal beasts that can crash, even if we open the mountain immortal elephant!"

The leader of the fairy elephant shook his trunk and said, "However, those defensive earthen walls at the front of the five major battlefields can be smashed. I can lead my subordinates to attack those earthen walls. As long as the human race over there loses The protection of the earth wall has to directly face the impact of our army of immortal beasts. At that time, the second leader can lead the 580-level peak to enter, and even push it all the way!"

"Okay, just do as you say!"

The leader of the fairy beast nodded and agreed with the plan of the leader of the fairy elephant.

"Boss, in fact, if you can make a move, or only need to make a little move, then the defense line of the five clans will be wiped out!"

At this time, the leader of the fairy elephant approached suddenly, and whispered mysteriously, "Even if you just slap him casually, that descendant of Nine Dragons will not be arrogant, and he will definitely die without a place to die!"

"At Kangshan, someone is already watching me. If I make a move, I will be found out. How do you tell me to make a move?"

The leader of the fairy beast stared at the leader of the fairy elephant angrily, and said in a low voice, "It's not a last resort, and you are not dead, so don't expect me to take action, you should rely on yourselves!"


The leader of the fairy elephant nodded, and said, "Then, once the second leader and I leave, I will leave this place to you, the big leader."

After finishing speaking, the leader of the fairy elephants stepped forward to gather all the fairy elephants, and then went to attack the battle walls on the five major battlefields ahead.