Chapter 6434

After the battle of the demons attacking batian City, the people of batian city have more and more trust in Tangmen.

It's no wonder that they have more and more trust in Tangmen. After all, this time, some strong people from zushen level came to attack batian City, and there were so many half step ancestors, but they still had no choice but to withdraw.

When the demons came to attack batian city this time, the warriors of the demons lost a lot, and many of them died, but they failed in the end!

People in batian city now feel that Tang clan has enough ability to protect batian city and ensure their safety.

Not to mention those people in batian City, even those people like Moxiang Yuanshan and xuedizi, their confidence in Tangmen has increased a lot. They think that the Tangmen now have the strength to compete with the blood demons and demons.

Li Ran and they had a comprehensive understanding of the comprehensive strength of Tangmen after the war.

They know that the Tang clan is really very powerful now. There are not only the gods and beasts with the fighting power of the banbuzu God in the undersea god palace, but also the strong people of the Feipeng family and so many Tianzu level strongmen.

Even Tang Long has so many contract gods and beasts, in addition, they have a number of strong as the backing support.

The most important thing is that Tang Long's strength has been extremely strong at this time, which has reached the level of the third heaven of banbu zushen, and the combat power is even more powerful, which also makes them very surprised.

They were more surprised than happy.

What they don't know is that the comprehensive strength of Tangmen is far more than these, because there are powerful forces of Tangmen in the blood demon world!

Tang Long helped the wounded warriors heal their wounds in the tower of time, and let the magic whales and other animals return to the small world.

They have already returned to tianlingyuan for a rest.

At this time, the internal injuries of Feipeng Zifu and Feipeng jiuxiao have been treated by Tang long, and they have recovered a lot.

Both of them are very grateful to Tang long, and they are very grateful to the devil sky whale.

They know that if it wasn't for the devil whale, they would have only the spirit left now, and even the spirit would have been killed by the demon ancestor.

The magic sky whale and Polly kazam, as well as Ao Tianfeng, the three mythical beasts united together to save their lives.

After treating the wounds of these warriors, Tang Long took up the tower of time and planned to visit Zhongli Xueyan. After all, Zhongli Xueyan and Tantai Shuya, as well as the generals and ministers, had been in the blood soul world.

Tang Long was a little uneasy about their safety.

The most important thing is that Tang Long has already wanted to do something in the world of blood and soul.

He was about to contact the north wind and bright moon with Huixin gate, but Gongsun Mo'er's anxious voice came from the bottom of his heart: "husband, it's not good. The city of demons has been attacked!"

"Demon city is attacked!" When Tang long heard the news, he was shocked and asked in a hurry: "what's going on? How can the city of demons be attacked? Who attacked the city of demons

Gongsun Mo'er said: "there are a lot of people who attack the city of ten thousand demons, and they are very powerful. There are the violent devil capital who attacked our Gongsun family last time. In addition, there are also many half step ancestors of blood demons. They suddenly appear in the city, and the situation is very bad!"

When Tang long heard the news, he knew that the situation was very serious, and immediately he did not dare to have any hesitation.

You know, the city of ten thousand demons is very important to Tang long. Many important people in the blood demon kingdom of Tangmen are in the city.

And the magic city is related to Tang Long's plan to attack the city of devouring.

In any case, there must be nothing wrong with the city.

He said to Gongsun Mo'er in a hurry: "Mo'er, I will go right now." When the voice dropped, he directly summoned the door of wisdom between him and Gongsun Mo'er.

Through the Huixin gate, he soon appeared in front of Gongsun Mo'er.

This is a training room in the Tang mansion of ten thousand demons city. The cultivation room has opened the isolation and defense barriers.

At this time, Gongsun Mo'er has withdrawn the isolation and defense barriers. Tang Long has heard the roar of the sky outside. He can't ask any more questions. He and Gongsun Mo'er leave the training room in a hurry.

He was leaving with Gongsun Mo'er in a hurry. Suddenly, in the depths of his heart, the voice of Zhong Li Xue Yan rang out: "husband, where are you now?"

Tang long heard the sound of the bell from the snow smoke, a tight heart, quickly asked: "snow smoke, you there is a danger?"

Zhong Lixue flue: "there is no danger on my side. I am very safe now. I just have a very important thing. I can't decide for a while. I need to discuss it with you."

When Tang long heard that Zhong Li Xueyan said that she was not in danger, he immediately felt relieved. But now he was worried and had no time to listen to Zhong Li Xueyan saying important things. He had to solve the danger of the magic city immediately.

He said to Zhong Li Xueyan with huixinmen: "Xueyan, I'm in the magic city now. The magic city is in danger. If you can wait for a moment, you can wait and talk about it."Zhong Lixue flue: "I can wait for things here for a while, but it is very important. You must contact me immediately after you are busy!"

"Well, I see." Tang Long said, and then cut off with the clock from the snow smoke between the Hui heart door.

At this time, he and Gongsun Mo'er had arrived outside the Tang mansion of the ten thousand demons city.

Tang Long explored the situation outside and knew that the situation in the city was very urgent. At this time, Fierce wars broke out in many places in the high altitude of the city!

But it's still good. There are dead ghost soldiers here, and there are a hundred Tangmen tiannv. Although there are many people coming from the blood temple this time, and there are also many mutant deities, they are still blocked in the high altitude.

"Among these people attacked by the blood demons, some must be able to use the soul removing method, otherwise there would not be so many people all at once."

"There are a lot of people with bloodthirsty masters and bloodthirsty demons in the city of ten thousand demons now!"

"We must not let those people of blood demons who can use the soul moving method to use the soul moving method in the magic city, otherwise the consequences will be extremely serious, and the city will fall into serious chaos!"

"The warriors of the blood demons who are attacking the demon city must solve all of them!"

Tang Long made a decision in his heart, and he called all of them together from the flag.

And his eight contract animals, as well as the dragon spirit, were also summoned from the heavenly spirit garden.

After they came out, they explored the surrounding situation, and after a brief understanding of the situation with Tang long, they flew up in a hurry to control the situation of high-altitude war.

Tang Long summoned the soul tower.

One hundred and forty-four purple fire wolves flew out of the soul tower.

The sound of wolf howling constantly sounded, and all the 144 purple fire wolves burst out a flaming golden flame. In the golden flame, there were purple and gold lightning, which flew towards the warriors of the blood demons who were fighting in the sky.

Tang long did not fly into the air immediately.

He called out the ancient Tianmei wild array, which expanded rapidly and landed on the ground, still expanding rapidly.

Tang Long wants to make Tianmei wild ancient array spread over the whole city of demons.

At the same time, he turned his head and looked at Gongsun Mo'er beside him and said, "Mo'er, go to the city Lord's house and tell everyone that before the end of the war, no one is allowed to come out, or they will be responsible for the consequences of accidents!"

"I see." Gongsun Mo'er agreed and said, "my husband, the blood demons must have some escape talismans that can reach here. They first let some people who can use the spirit removing skills to come here. After they come, these people will use the spirit removing skills in some places of the city. So now, the situation in the city is a little bad, hidden danger I'm afraid it's hard to solve the problem of insurance! "

Tang Long frowned. He knew that Gongsun Mo'er's situation was really bad. , the fastest update of the webnovel!