Chapter 458

Chu Feng five products, and ghost ghost also successfully took away Tian Xiaofei.

Today's Tian Xiaofei should be called guisha. Tian Xiaofei's body limit is four grades. Therefore, after eight grades of guisha won, he immediately reached the peak of four grades.

Then, the ghost ghost immediately broke through to the fifth grade. For him, there was no top of the bottle.

Guisha continues to break through, just like drinking water.

Then came the news from the headquarters of the martial arts association that the gate of the alien world was being opened by the cult, calling on the people of the association to go to Yinyang mountain immediately.

Therefore, Jinling immediately set out to the Yinyang mountain, including Chu Feng and others.

When the cult headquarters knew about this, they immediately called all the cult members to go to Yinyang mountain to volunteer.


At this time, Chu Feng used a lot of resources and systematic help to reach the ninth grade.

"Ghost, you must die today!"

Looking at Tian Xiaofei's ghost ghost ghost, Chu Feng said coldly.

"Ha ha ha, Chu Feng, I'd like to thank you. If it wasn't for you, I would not have got such a perfect figure!"

Ghost evil spirit also laughs to say, his present strength, is also nine grades, have no fear Chu Feng.

The two sides fight, and the ghost is killed by Chu Feng.

Then the gate of the passage opened wide and the Yin Yang Mountain collapsed, and the two worlds were finally connected.

And Chu Feng, taking advantage of this opportunity, has broken through nine grades and reached the divine realm. He is also the most powerful person on earth.

After that, he led the people of martial arts and Taoism to suppress the cult.

Bang bang.

In an instant, they exchanged dozens of moves, and the damage around them was serious. Without one punch and one foot, they could kick and crack the boulder.

Dare this is Chu Feng's private villa area, otherwise, it will certainly cause a lot of panic, in this world, there are so powerful people.

Even more, the two people suspended in mid air, just like walking on the ground, it can be called a miracle.

"Ghost ghost, you are just like that. Even if you are such a bapin, you dare to come to Jinling to be rampant."

Yu Jinghui sneers at the fact that he is the only one who knows it. It seems that they are not separated, but he has consumed a lot now.

Whether it's Qi and blood or mental power, he can feel that the ghost is definitely much better than him, but it's weird.

As if the ghost can't be used, it doesn't cause strong crushing force.

"Hum, don't be wild!"

Ghost evil spirit a listen to this words, immediately big anger, cold drink a, mental strength immediately blew past.

When the tiger doesn't get angry, it really becomes a sick cat.

Mental power is pervasive, especially Yu Jinghui does not have eight products, and there is no special means to protect his mental power. Therefore, this blow directly makes him pale and shake his body.

And their own attack is also a meal, slow down.


Such a good opportunity, ghost ghost ghost How can pass, a blow to Yu Jinghui.

Peng Yisheng, Yu Jinghui is directly hit by the ghost and flies out.

"Yu Lao."

Xing Jinpeng exclaimed in surprise, rushed up and caught Yu Jinghui flying backwards.


Yu Jinghui's blood gushed out. His face was pale and his spirit was depressed. It was obvious that his spirit was injured.

"Yu Lao, are you ok?"

At this time, Li Yangyu also ran over and asked eagerly.

These people have a magnificent atmosphere. There are many seven grade, eight grade and even nine grade masters.

"Master, everything is ready to start!"

A middle-aged man bowed to the person standing in the front and said that his breath was so majestic that people couldn't lift their heads.

This man is really the leader of a cult. It is said that his strength has surpassed Jiupin. No one knows exactly what level he is in.

"Let's go."

The man nodded, looking at the array in front of him, and said faintly.

This array looks very huge, and it's more similar to the one Chu Feng saw at the beginning, but this one is much bigger and more magnificent than that one.

In the middle of this array, it's very majestic. I don't know what it's for, but there are cult experts in every position.

After listening to the leader's words, the man immediately backed down and began to give orders.

Soon, the array was filled with people and began to sing. The whole array became bright and red.

However, there are many experts outside. They have an array to block the red light and don't let him send it out.


At last, Chu Feng unified the new world with the strength of the divine realm. At this point, the two worlds are combined and everyone can practice.

This book is over!