Chapter 926 - You're Worthy Of Anyone!

The iPhone 12 was not on the market yet. Taking it out would shock Victoria.

Hearing this, Victoria returned to her room and took out her spare phone. She handed it to Jordan and said, “Sir, take this phone first. It’ll be easier for me to contact you. You need to charge it… you know how to, right?”

Victoria suspected that the old man in front of her was her father, so she was not worried about whether a blind man could charge a phone.

Jordan also hoped to use this identity to establish a private connection with Victoria, so he nodded.

“Yes, I do.”

Victoria didn’t say anything else and quickly drove to the office. After arriving at the office, Ashley said that the new President of Ace Corporation had arrived. Victoria was extremely excited.

She was thrilled at having reconnected with her long-lost “father”, and in her high spirits, she happily boasted that she would make the new President bow down to her.

However, when Victoria walked into the office and saw that the President was Jordan, she fell to her knees.

Victoria knelt not only because she was surprised by the change in Jordan’s identity, but also because she was amazed by her “father”.

‘Oh my god, Daddy divined correctly. I’m really going to be with Jordan!’

Victoria had fallen in love with Jordan at first sight. The only thing that didn’t match was their status.

Now that Jordan had transformed into the new President, he was Victoria’s superior. Every woman looked up to their superior.

It was inevitable that Victoria regarded Jordan as her perfect match.

While Victoria was in the company, Jordan returned to his new home in the New City residential estate. Together with Shaun’s medical team, they developed an antidote for him.

Rong Huangde’s poison was indeed different from ordinary poisons. It was very difficult to deal with.

However, Jordan was a Deity. He had already developed the heaven-defying mind-transplant procedure. It was only a matter of time before he could come up with the antidote.

At five in the afternoon, Victoria’s phone rang in Jordan’s pocket.

Jordan paused his work and asked the people around him to keep quiet before answering the call.


“Sir, are you home? I just came out of the company. Let me pick you up for dinner,” said Victoria.

Jordan looked at the time and said, “Alright, I have set up a booth nearby. Come over.”

After hanging up, Jordan said to Shaun, “Victoria asked me out for dinner. Let’s end today’s research here for now. I’ll come back tomorrow morning.”

Jordan quickly got into the car and returned to Victoria’s residence.

Victoria brought Jordan to the Times restaurant for dinner. She had chosen this place because when Victoria was a young girl, her father brought her here to eat when they came to Orlando for a holiday.

It was a very elegant restaurant with exquisite private rooms.

Victoria personally poured a cup of tea for Jordan. “Sir, you’re brilliant. Yesterday, you said that Jordan and I are fated to be together. Today, we really met again. Moreover, he has become my superior. Jordan is the top man in Ace Corporation. His family must be very powerful and he must be worth billions!”

Jordan took a sip of tea and smiled. “You have underestimated his wealth.”

Victoria said in surprise, “Does Jordan’s family have tens of billions in assets? Oh my god, Sir, if he was just a live-in son-in-law, I would still have the confidence to woo him. However, his background is so good now. I’m afraid… I’m afraid I’m not worthy of him.”

Jordan said seriously, “Nonsense. Who said you’re not worthy of him? You’re the number one beautiful CEO of Orlando. Be it your beauty or abilities, no one in Orlando can compare to you! As for your family background, it isn’t bad either. If your father was still alive, your family would be the richest in Houston. You would be the noblest heiress in Houston!”

Jordan hated it when Victoria kept saying that she was not worthy of him, especially after she knew about Jordan’s family background and his identity as a Deity. He hoped that Victoria would maintain the pride of a formidable businesswoman, like when they first met.

If Victoria kept feeling inferior to him, she would be even more unable to forgive herself in the future when she found out about her betrayal.

Just like how Hailey had been so arrogant even after she betrayed Jordan. She did not attempt suicide or even squeezed out a word of apology. Instead, she scolded Jordan for being useless.

This was a result of their unequal status when they were husband and wife.

It was not good for either side to be too strong or too weak.

When Victoria heard Jordan’s encouraging words, she was even more certain that the person in front of her was her father!

Victoria was stunned for a moment. She looked at Jordan affectionately and asked, “If my father was still alive… would our family really be the richest in Houston? Would I… enjoy life like those other rich heiresses?”

Jordan knew that Victoria was thinking of her father and nodded.

“Definitely. You must believe that your father is the most outstanding man in the world. He will sacrifice everything to bring you a happy life.”

Victoria nearly cried when she heard this.

“Sir, let’s have some more wine. What do you want to drink?”

Victoria wanted to drink with her father like yesterday.

If anything, she wanted to get even more drunk than yesterday. Perhaps after she was drunk, she would have the courage to ask her father why he didn’t acknowledge her!

However, Jordan refused. “No, you’re a girl. It’s not good to drink too much. You drank a lot yesterday. It’s best not to drink for two consecutive days.”

Jordan was very concerned about Victoria’s health. He knew that Victoria had been working hard in Orlando for the past seven years. In order to deal with those big bosses in Orlando, she had to drink a lot.

It couldn’t be helped. In the business world, it was very common for top executives to drink while entertaining each other and discussing deals. Orlando was not like New York City but it still had a relatively developed business scene.

“Yes, I’ll listen to you. I won’t if you don’t want me to.”

Victoria looked very obedient, just like the young girl who listened to her father 10 years ago.

The two of them enjoyed their meal until 10 PM before leaving the restaurant.

Victoria took the wheel. She opened the window a little and listened to music as they drove around.

[Please don’t forget our past relationship. I’m willing to silently cry. I really want to leave with you forever.]

[No matter how much the world has changed, we can only pursue it in the wind. We don’t want to stay alone.]

The car was going at 80 miles an hour, and a moving song played on the car stereo.

Victoria remembered that this was her father’s favorite song. She recalled listening to him playing this song in the car when she was young.

“Sir, you’ve heard this song before, right? Do you know how to sing it? I want to hear you sing it.”

Jordan said, “I often listen to this song. It’s an old song from decades ago, but my singing isn’t good enough.”

Victoria smiled. She knew that her father had a good singing voice.

And he loved to sing.

However, since he didn’t want to sing, Victoria didn’t force him to. Instead, she sang along with the music.

She sang for her father.

In this manner, Victoria drove around aimlessly with Jordan. Suddenly, the car came to a very quiet place without any street lamps.

Jordan suddenly had a bad feeling.

He glanced at the sign on the right. It read: 7th Street.