Chapter 927 - Barging Into Salvatore's Territory!

“7th Street, Orlando? Why do I feel that this place is so familiar?”

Jordan felt like he knew this place, but he couldn’t remember why.


A Maserati sped past them.

The yellow Maserati attracted Jordan’s attention because Hailey’s brother, Drew, drove a yellow Maserati.

Jordan looked at the license plate number. It ended with 829. That was Drew’s birthday.

The car belonged to Drew!

‘Strange, why would Drew, a rich second-generation heir, come to such a remote place? I remember that Drew stole an $800,000 watch from his family today and was going to frame me for it. Tomorrow, Drew will accuse me of stealing the watch. He will also say that after I stole it, I sold it to the local tyrant of Orlando, Salvatore.’

At this thought, Jordan instantly understood why Drew was here!

“I remember now. 7th Street in Orlando is Salvatore’s territory! Drew must be here for Salvatore!”

Salvatore was one of Jordan’s most loyal and capable subordinates. Jordan should be very happy to meet him.

However, at this moment, Jordan was not happy at all. Instead, he was filled with worry!

Salvatore had contributed a lot to Jordan over the past two years. He had participated in many fierce battles for Jordan. But Jordan knew very well that Salvatore was very loyal and obedient to his boss.

But he was a terrible tyrant to outsiders!

Jordan was very worried that something would happen to him and Victoria here. He immediately instructed Victoria.

“Ms. Clarke, it’s getting late. Let’s go home now.”

[The tides retreat and rise, the moon’s cold wind and frost.]

[The night rain’s wild imagination, the faint fragrance of wildflowers.]

Victoria was still singing some old songs that her father loved. She was singing happily.

Victoria smiled brightly like an 18-year-old girl.

“I like this feeling. Driving and listening to music like this reminds me of my happy childhood. I don’t want to go back so early.”

Of course, Jordan liked this feeling too! He had been with Victoria for two years and thought that he had seen every side of her.

However, Jordan had never seen Victoria acting like a spoiled little girl before.

Victoria only behaved like this in front of her father.

Jordan said seriously, “I’m not feeling well. Turn around immediately. I want to go back.”

Victoria insisted on driving forward so Jordan had no choice but to use a commanding tone, disrupting their beautiful mood.

Victoria gave in.

“Alright then.”

Victoria gradually slowed down and prepared to turn around.

However, just as she turned the car around, a few young men with tattoos and sharp weapons were suddenly standing in front of the car, blocking their path!

“Oh no.”

Jordan already felt that something was wrong earlier on, but he was still a step too late. The two of them had already entered the depths of Salvatore’s territory and were discovered by his subordinates.

Honk honk.

Victoria honked twice, but they did not move.

Victoria was indeed the vice president of a listed company. Even in such a situation, she did not panic. She took out her phone and prepared to call the police.

However, she was surprised to find that she couldn’t make the call.

A hooligan with a cigarette in his mouth walked over and knocked on the car window on Victoria’s side.

“Stop calling. We just cut off the reception here. You can’t make any calls out of this area. Come down. Let’s talk. Don’t worry, our boss never lets anyone hurt the rich and beautiful. You have both qualities. As long as you’re willing to give us what we want, I guarantee that you can leave safely.”

Even now, Victoria didn’t look very flustered because she thought that her father was beside her. She was 30 years old now, and her father was already an elderly man. Her father had protected her when she was young, so now, it was her turn to protect her father.

Victoria suddenly held Jordan’s hand and said, “Sir, you don’t have to worry. I must have entered the territory of Orlando’s local tyrant, Salvatore. I have many friends who have some connection with him. I’ll take out some money to settle things. It’ll be fine.”

Jordan nodded. With his current identity, it was not appropriate for him to say anything.

Victoria opened the car door bravely and got out.

The moment Victoria alighted, the hooligans exclaimed.


“Oh my god, she’s super fair, rich and beautiful. Goddamn, she’s driving a Porsche Palmera that costs more than $200,000, and she is so gorgeous!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Damn, I know who to fantasize about tonight. With these legs and face, it’s fair to say that she’s the number one beauty in Orlando!”

“The number one beauty in Orlando is Hailey! The person in front of us is just an old auntie. It’s just that she took good care of herself!”

Hailey was indeed the number one beauty in Orlando, she was famous even among hooligans.

Jordan also alighted to prevent these hooligans from harming Victoria.

Victoria faced the foremost hooligan, who was smoking. She felt that this person’s aura was clearly stronger. He should be the leader of this group.

Victoria asked, “Mister, is this Salvatore’s territory?”

The other party nodded.

Victoria said, “Oh, I’ve heard of Salvatore’s great name. He has a major influence in Orlando. Actually, I have some good friends who are also very well-acquainted with Salvatore. They’ve worked very closely together before.”

The hooligan looked surprised. “Oh? Are you looking for Salvatore for business reasons? Come, come up.”

But Victoria didn’t dare to go meet Salvatore. She was a woman and only hung out in Orlando’s high-end business circles. She never wanted to get involved with matters of the criminal underworld.

Victoria said, “Oh, no, no. I just happened to pass by and disturbed everyone. How about this? Let me give you $5,000 as compensation.”

Victoria went to the car and took out $5,000 cash for the hooligan.

But the hooligan was not tempted by that cash at all.

He took a puff of his cigarette and arrogantly blew the smoke onto Victoria’s face!

“You’re asking for it!”

Jordan clenched his fists. He wished he could beat this hooligan to death!

Victoria was also very angry. She had learned Taekwondo before. She believed that she would win this hooligan in a one-on-one fight.

However, she had to endure it.

The arrogant hooligan said, “According to Salvatore’s rules, everyone who comes here is a guest. You have to go and meet him. Put the money down first. The two of you, come with me to see Salvatore!”