Chapter 495 - The Plane Was Repaired

Seeing that Yao Tang was about to leave, Xiao Jingfelt that something was wrong. A thought crossed his mind, and he called out, “Commander Yao, you forgot the tombstone!”

However, she had already left the restaurant.

He sighed and prepared to leave himself.

Fang Hui had initially wanted to talk more with his idol, but he didn’t exactly know what else to say. He simply stood there in a complete daze.

Therefore, he didn’t really have much of a choice but to say his goodbyes.

When he rushed back to his orchestra, he immediately called over his friends and fellow players. Obviously, he was going to show off who he had met.

“Guess who I met today on my trip to Commander Yao?” he quickly said. “I met Xiao Jing! He’s completely different from what I had imagined.”

He certainly wasn’t expecting this! If Yao Tang hadn’t called him over, he wouldn’t have thought that she knew someone of his stature.

In fact, from afar, he wouldn’t have recognized him at all! “Xiao Jing? Who?”

“How many Xiao Jing do you know of?” Fang Huisnapped. “Obviously the concertmaster Xiao Jing!”

Just then he thought of something and he glanced over at the music score he was holding. “By the way, Commander Yao got us another music score,” he said, waving the papers up in the air.

“Is it a master-level manuscript?”

The entire orchestra was celebrating the newest score that they had managed to gain. On the other side of the city, however, Yang Nian was not in a celebratory mood. As he was walking out of the restaurant, he remembered that he had also asked his subordinates to deliver the tombstone.

Now that he had lost the bet, there was no need to ship the item over to City A.

He was about to take out his phone. However, just as he was about to make a call, his phone started to ring.

His assistant’s name popped up on his screen. It was the same man who was supposed to deliver the tombstone. “Hello?” he asked politely.

Suddenly, his subordinate’s apologetic voice echoed from the other side of the line, “Young Master Yang, we’re really sorry. The item that you’ve asked us to deliver may be delayed…There’s been an emergency with regard to our flight.”

He froze. “What happened?”

It didn’t really matter that something unexpected had happened. Even then, he wanted to know why the delay occurred.

“The matter hasn’t really been verified yet. I was just told that the flight would be delayed.”

Delayed? His eyes flashed. “Is it raining there? Or was there a problem with the flight route? Are there any other delayed flights?”

Hearing these questions, his assistant was also stunned.

He quickly looked up the information that had been asked, and he replied, “There’s no bad weather. In fact, other than our flight, the airport had reported no delays.”

Even his assistant didn’t think that this was normal.

“Why would our flight be delayed?” He murmured to himself, making sure that his boss didn’t hear him. “Could it be that our relationship with City A’s aviation bureau had deteriorated?”

“Perhaps we haven’t given them enough gifts. Or had we done anything to offend the big bosses? But everything was fine the last time I’ve contacted them.”

While his assistant was thinking, Yang Nian couldn’t help but think about Yao Tang.

If it had nothing to do with the airport, then can she have something to do with this?

He pursed his lips. However, just then, he heard his subordinate say, “Oh, I think I’ve already figured it out. It seems that the plane’s cabin is undergoing maintenance. They’re rushing to fix a small malfunction regarding its hinges, but it’s just a small matter. I think it will be fixed soon.”

He took a deep breath. “Do you still need the tombstone?”

Hearing the explanation, Yang Nian pursed his lips.

Could it be that these things had nothing to do with Yao Tang?

“Our repairman has already arrived at the scene. He also confirmed that there was a problem, but it should be fixed soon.”

Hearing this, Yang Nian switched his thoughts away from Yao Tang.

Perhaps he was just overthinking things. Why would the delay have anything to do with her? It wasn’t as if she could control the maintenance work done at the airport.

Even then, he couldn’t help but frown.