Chapter 496 - The Matter Has Been Settled

Yang Nian took a deep breath and shook his head. “There’s no need to bring the item over. I’m sorry for all the trouble this had brought you,” he said softly. “After this matter is over, feel free to take a couple of days’ break. Get some rest.”

His assistant brightened up almost immediately. “Thank you so much, Young Master Yang!” he exclaimed. “I won’t let you down!”


While Yang Nian was talking with his assistant, Yao Tangand the others returned to the classroom. As soon as they stepped in, everyone turned toward them, curiosity evident in their gazes.

Sensing their curious stares, Yao Tang quickly nodded. “This matter has already been resolved.”

The students obviously weren’t satisfied.

Of course, they knew that this matter had been resolved! Lin Xin had already sent a message in the class group chat just a few seconds ago.

What they wanted were the details!

Yao Tang summarized the result in such a short, vague sentence. What details could they gain from that?

Seeing everyone’s disappointed reaction, she lifted her eyebrow. “Have you all finished reviewing the materials? How many sets of tests have you answered?”

When everyone heard this, they immediately lowered their heads. The last thing they needed was for her to question them any further.

At the sight, Yao Tang couldn’t help but smile. She tilted her head over to Qin Jingand Lin Xin.

“They know what happened.”

As soon as they heard this, everyone glanced expectantly up at the two female students. Others were fidgeting with excitement, desperate to find out what had gone on.

Lin Xin was more than happy to explain what had occurred. “Don’t worry,” she quickly said. “I’ll tell you everything from start to finish!”

And that, she did. She told the entire happening in great detail. Her eyes would light up as she waved her hands around. Qin Jing would excitedly add on to the tale from time to time.

Yao Tang had no idea how they could turn such a boring happening into something so dramatic.

However, before she could listen to the entire story, someone had already called her to the principal’s office. With a confused frown, she slowly stepped out of the classroom while they were all distracted and headed over to the other side of the building.

As soon as she arrived at the principal’s office, she noticed the dark look on his face. “Why don’t you come and sit there?” He waved in front of him.

Seeing his exhausted look, Yao Tang didn’t tease him like she used to. Instead, she had gone straight to the point. “Principal Kong, why did you call me over?”


The last thing he wanted was to call her over. Every time she seemed to come over, she always found a newer way to piss him off.

However, this matter was of great urgency.

Just the thought of this was enough to make him sigh. “Do you remember the video conference you had?”

“Mmhmm.” She nodded.

“They know where you study, and they also know your name. Now, one student has called over to transfer. What do you think we should do?”

Yao Tang blinked, puzzled by his question. “What do you mean? Wouldn’t it be good for No. 1 High School’s reputation if they transferred?”

Now that a good student had expressed interest to transfer to their school, wouldn’t they be able to improve the average of their college entrance exam results?

Logically speaking, the principal should appear very happy about this. Why would he look so upset?

She pursed her lips in confusion.

“Why would I not worry like this? That student, and many others, assumed that No. 1 High School has a very amazing math teacher to be able to teach such a great student such as yourself.”

Principal Kong rubbed his forehead, obviously stressed out by the fact.

Yao Tang, however, showed no emotion. She relaxed in her seat as she waved her hand, signaling for him to continue.

“If I let them in, then wouldn’t they know that No. 1 High School only has average math teachers? This sense of disparity would be bad for the school’s reputation, would it not?”

Although Yao Tang was academically talented, no one else knew that. They all thought that she was simply a product of the education she had been given.

If everyone knew that she was better than all the teachers combined, then wouldn’t their teachers lose face? He sighed, shaking his head.

How would his math teachers teach them?