Chapter 172

Roaring! Levee! Dududuk! 

A shimmering darkness engulfed Dotes. There was the sound of something breaking and snapping in the shadows, then it stopped. Until then, she stayed still, unmoving a tentacle. She showed no will to save her men. ugh! 

Breaking through the darkness, the intruders appeared. Dell’s gaze brushed lightly at a three-eyed alien carrying a few coffins, and a young dragon looking at her with an expression on the verge of foaming at her mouth. It was as if he had no time to pay attention to such people, Dell only stared at the center of the boiling darkness. 

The real reason that brought her to this remote dimension of hers. Jagi had regained her memories and became the motivator for everything she had been doing.

‘This time you came to me.’ 

She could remember when they met again in Korea after enduring close to a hundred years. The moment when everything in the world was covered in monotonous achromatic colors and only he was shining in all natural colors. And now there was a contrast more intense than then. 

A man stood in the unfathomable darkness that swallowed everything. To her eyes, he was like a ray of light tearing and cleaving the veins of darkness. It was a clear light that did not allow even a speck of darkness. Standing on the sharp boundary of the contrast, the ex-husband’s eyes seemed as if flesh would fall off if touched. In it, Dell rescued her conflicting feelings at the same time. 


Before she could sing her voice, she was thinking about how to say it. Cain? Minjun? 

However, it seemed that the opponent had no such hesitation. He spoke in a dry voice. The form of the sentence was a question, but the content was close to a sentence. “Did you know everything?” 

He had merely chosen to speak to his ex-wife like this.



Minjun was looking at one individual, Dell, and at the same time, he was looking at the entire species. At the same time as seeing the tentacle monster crouching here, he also saw monsters from distant planets in the distant past. 

He could vividly recall it. The monsters that had continued their senseless slaughter suddenly stopped moving, and the experimental subjects struggling to survive were barely able to catch their breath. Mammals stared up at the sky without letting their guard down. 

Why did those monsters stop? Was that a momentary silence to prepare for the next attack? Or not···

The weak at the crossroads of life and death, the head of the test subject rotated very busily. Was it deception? 

One didn’t know when the cursed tentacles would strike the earth again. Survival instincts warned them not to relax. However, the eyes of the monsters were only looking upward, as if they had no interest in those mammals. 

Naturally, the subjects also followed his gaze. However, there was nothing there. Only the usual blue sky and warm sun. 

“…!” The subjects couldn’t guess. Those monsters could see the world outside their perceptual range. The tentacle creature was gazing out into the vast universe beyond the atmosphere. 

Wonder and horror permeated the pupils. They, who would later call themselves Endelion, witnessed a huge being floating in space there. And they were busy exchanging signals with each other. To interpret this situation. 

= Oh my God. What is that? Are you watching too? = 

=Yes, I can see it. Nonsense. what? Is it a new star?= 

=No. Stars don’t look like that and don’t move that way. = 

=Move? are you alive Oh My God. It feels so alive. even the same They move just like us!= 

=The same, but too huge!= 

The ones who appeared outside the atmosphere were some beings who looked exactly like them. No, the expression of resemblance was not enough. The body shape, proportions, color, and even the smallest details looked exactly the same. The only difference was the size. 

“He” was too big. Endelion felt the bulwarks of nature and common sense crumbled like a tower of sand. Like other races, they had interpreted the world around themselves. In a world ruled by that firm law, there was no creature bigger than them. It was an undeniable truth and an unbreakable premise. It collapsed today. 

‘He’ looked down at this star with eyes that transcended everything in outer space. The monsters intuited that they could not escape from that gaze. His tentacles were so thick and long that he thought he could wrap several planets around and roll them like marbles. 

In addition to this, the body with such a miraculous structure seemed to be able to move from galaxy to galaxy in seconds. What was more, that being that seemed to be able to do whatever it wanted didn’t cast a shadow on this planet even though its large body was exposed. There was no eclipse whose tentacles blocked the sun. 

It implied that ‘he’ was an existence that was not bound by the laws of this world. Endelion felt something thrilling in his soul. The signal passing between them gradually diminished and then completely cut off. Emotions that he had never encountered before started to fill up. In the distant future, they would eventually adorn it with words of awe, reverence, and overwhelming. 

Or, even further, mobilize a long sentence called ‘the feeling of worshiping incomprehensible fear’. 

“You are… who are you?” The tentacles of the northern continent were close to talking to oneself. He himself wasn’t sure. 

Would this voice reach the beings who had fixed their bodies in the universe? However, it was reached. 

– I loved you and came in that form. 

The voice transmitted through the mind was warm and holy. They would later coin the adjective ‘sacred’. In addition to this, the tentacles felt the impact of being hit by an asteroid while swimming. It was a very pleasant shock.

He still didn’t know who it was, he didn’t know where it came from, but that didn’t matter anymore. ‘He’ loved them! 


It was the certainty of being noticed and loved by a transcendent being. The tentacles began to express those unfamiliar and deep emotions in various forms. ‘He’ was troubled as he saw the delinquent string knitting unfolding in the air. 

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It was a good idea to appear with even bigger tentacles in front of giant tentacles. External homogeneity was an important criterion for grouping one group or excluding another group. The cruder the level of civilization, the more so. 

He loved them because of how they looked and was also the reason why he hated them. In other words, he himself did something low-level. Breaking the unwritten rule and intervening was because the test subject resembled a human too much. 

Meanwhile, the tentacles killed the test subject because they looked so different. Instead of reflecting, he contemplated the next step. They were already ready to worship themselves. Now it was time to make a revelation. 

He spoke solemnly. -The beast is harmful, so stay away from it. It was the first commandment. In early civilizations, taboos were great control devices. One should be able to expect the effect of cutting off their curiosity and staying away from the vicinity of this planet. 

When he said that, the tentacles that had been touched were bursting with enthusiasm.

“It’s harmful, so it’s right to kill them all?!” 

He felt annoyed again. – Don’t get close Do not stain your body with unclean blood. 

“Ooh… uh uh?!” 

The test subjects watched the monsters stop attacking and recede high into the sky. Some wept over the joy of being alive, while others gnashed their teeth in front of the bodies of their dead brothers and sisters. They would pass down today from generation to generation. 

This was the story of tentacled demons descending from the sea of stars. Leaving the mammals behind, the Endelions left the planet’s atmosphere. From there, she looked at ‘him’ from outer space. She tried to get closer, but the great being moved away at the same speed as it approached. 

This was the reason why the morpheme ‘God’ was included in the word Endelion, which later meant ‘mirage’. Due to the nature of the race, it was impossible to build tall buildings and connect them. Eventually, realizing that the distance was the gap with the Great One, they humbly stopped trying. 

It was only natural that he couldn’t be reached. The god of tentacles did not exist there, and what was seen was more like a projected shadow. Looking at the tentacles waiting for the next revelation, he thought. ‘Since we enforced the rules, we should give them rewards too, right?’ 

This was a basic training method, to feed after the whip.

Religious rules could not last forever. He had seen all too many instances of faithful people compromising doctrine under all sorts of excuses. Time was the greatest elixir that made steel-like patience rust. 

‘So that you can continue to obey me. If you break it, you will be afraid of losing the reward.’ 

However, developing new feed for them or sending it there was too cumbersome and difficult. And it didn’t fit the concept of an ‘unreachable’ existence. The moment one would send matters to them, a bridge was built between the transcendental world and the physical world. 

If so, the reward should be something that could be delivered with the same voice as now. ‘Maybe I can share some knowledge.’ 

Of course, it was just a little bit. By already intervening, one was already breaking the rules. He wouldn’t dare rebel against him, but it was good to avoid going too far. 

‘They have a terrible concept of ‘tools’, don’t they?’ 

A civilization that had developed deformedly because of its extremely outstanding body and abilities. This was because he could solve everything he needed with telekinesis, he fell into the trap of focusing only on his body. 

Seeing that gap, he made a decision. He would give him tools. Exactly, he would give them the wisdom to make it. By analogy, it was like teaching mankind how to handle fire for the first time. It was not a big deal in absolute terms, but it was a dazzling revolution in relative terms. 

-Because you know me, I will be your wisdom. 

He gave knowledge to Endelion, and Endelion served him in return. Endelion was the first worshiper to serve him. And at the same time… 


“There’s no way I wouldn’t know. There’s no way you wouldn’t have known.” Minjun, who had moved his consciousness to reality, still glared at the tentacle in front of him with ambivalent energy. 

To that one individual, or to that species as a whole, he always felt conflicting feelings which he could not simply express. Perhaps, it was love-hate. 

“…” Dell had gone silent as if to agree. Seeing her like that, Minjun slowly stepped out and away from her. 

Endelion. Those monsters were the first of a different species that served him.

They were the first traitors. “You should have known it the moment you got out of prison and regained your memories. What identity I have.” 

If you were a princess, you wouldn’t have known. This was because he was the most precious treasure of the mother king, the heir who inherited all her wisdom. Knowledge that transcended that of other races, along with a body strong enough to navigate the universe, were the two main weapons of this race. Had they overcome even the slightest constraint, the war against the dragons would not have ended in a truce. 

“Are you still keeping your mouth shut?”

“I…” Dell sputtered out. “I just wanted you to be happy forever.” She added with difficulty. “The wish is the same whether it is the days when we met every day and spent all the time together or now when we are apart.” 

As an unusual conversation took place between the giant tentacle creature and the agent, one of the dragons behind them started making sounds like an airway obstruction patient undergoing a Heimlich maneuver, but neither of them paid any attention. Minjun continued to walk towards Dell, who did not turn away from his gaze or back.

It was then… 


Another big explosion occurred on the screen of the terminal. Del, who recognized the scene without averting his eyes, spoke. “If you mess up the terminal like that, there’s no way for you to escape. All other places except New York have their functions sealed. That’s the only way out.” 

It sounded like he was trying to help. However, Minjun still approached with a poisonous spirit. He read a violent impulse in that expression. 

Was this a predictable result? The fight ended in disarray when the couple broke up. It was because Dell had turned a blind eye to Minjun, who was pouring out criticism. 

Perhaps it didn’t end well. That was why Dell had a premonition at this moment. She couldn’t die at Minjun’s hands like this. 

Paradoxically, that was why one would have no choice but to fight. Maybe this time, the word battle or war would be more appropriate than a fight. An unexpected sentence was thrown at Dell, who was determined. “I do not need. In the first place, I had no intention of escaping on a jump ship.”

Dell didn’t understand that. But once the conversation continued, it soon became a good sign. ‘Aren’t you here to fight? Aren’t you here to kill me?’ 

The tentacle creature then asked the ex-husband as she managed to relax a bit. “Have you given up running away? However, there is no point in staying on Earth.” 

“It is okay to leave. But I will ride another one.” 

“What are you talking about? What are you going to wear?” Minjun just looked at her without answering her. Dell felt nervous. There was no time. “I will help you in any way I can. But, as long as I don’t know your plan, I can’t use my tentacles…” 

It was then… A single thought passed through her mind. However, she couldn’t believe it. This was because it was something she never considered possible. She had never even tried. 

Even at that moment, Minjun was silent and looked at Dell with a heavy gaze. The eyes that were straight continued to look straight. Minjun’s silence was not a sign of refusal to give an answer. 

Eventually, Dell’s pupils shook like an earthquake. She realized the intentions of the man she had lived with for decades. 

“······Is it me?”