Chapter 3659

When she first came back to the world, Ji Mingyu could bear it.

But Xi Yue's light is so dazzling that even if they get married, she can't play two films or TV plays all year round.

But in just three years, he became a first-class star.

With Xi Yue's popularity, more and more fans and fanaticism, how can Ji Mingyu, a possessive guy, bear it?

Ji Mingyu holds Xi Yue in her arms. She is domineering and has a cold voice. But she says something with a trace of grievance, "wife, shall we go back? Don't you want the children? "

Ji Mingyu is really a million regrets now.

What let him see the world where Xi'er lived and grew up? This is clearly to let the people of the world see his wife!

Xi Yue's eyes flashed a smile, "it's OK to go back, so you promised me to play" double Jue of medicine and poison "

Xi Yue has acted in many plays over the years.

But none of them involved emotional drama.

Don't mention kissing, not even holding hands, not even a leading actor.

And "medicine and drugs" is director Li's new play, she has been invited to participate.

Even in order to wait for her approval, Li Dao refused to start the machine for three years.

At the beginning, he became popular, thanks to Director Li's "bully president falls in love with me", so in order to repay the human feelings, Xi Yue also wanted to play in this TV play.

Moreover, she is quite interested in the plot of the play.

But the only problem is.

He has a man in the play! And also with the heroine has intimate feelings of the hero!!

Ji Mingyu hears the words, his face suddenly sinks down, "no way!"

"Why not?"

"Why? Do you think I will allow you to talk to other men? "

Xi Yue said jokingly, "it's just acting, and there's no intimacy at all, even kissing."

"Well, I can't say no!"

Xi Yue said with a smile, "the negotiation broke down. I went to the dinner party."

Before she could turn around, however, she was lifted up in the air.

A blink has come to bed.

Xi Yue said angrily, "Ji Mingyu, you are playing a rogue! I promised to attend the dinner party. If I didn't, how would the company explain? "

"Well, if you want to explain, let them ask me for it!"

Ask Ji Da Shao to explain, who dare in the world?

Xi Yue wanted to talk again, but was suddenly taken breath.

His Majesty's heart is very simple. As long as he can't get Xi Yue out of bed, see what else Xi Yue has in mind to attend the bullshit dinner party!


As a result, Xi Yue's dinner did not succeed.

Ji Mingyu succeeded, but at the same time Xi Yue ignored him.

But in the evening, Ji Mingyu suddenly said, "I agree with you to take part in the shooting of" double elimination of medicine and drugs "

Xi Yue looked up at him in surprise, "are you sure?"

Ji Mingyu picked her up and said quietly, "I'm sure."

"Holding hands and hugging?"

Ji Mingyu said slowly, "go home after shooting?"

Xi Yue nodded at a loss, "do you really agree?"

Ji Mingyu squinted. "What? You don't want to play? "

"No Then, deal! " As a matter of fact, Xi Yue also thinks about the little guys in Shenyu.

Although it is three years here, it may be only a few months in Shenyuan.

But she really hasn't seen the kids for a long time.

Xi Yue missed his son and daughter, so he didn't find the cunning in Ji Mingyu's eyes.

So, half a month later, when the film crew of "medicine and poison double Jue" took a make-up photo, Xi Yue saw Ji Mingyu, dressed in ancient clothes, with a handsome appearance and a god like appearance, looking foolish.

"You, you, how are you here?"

Ji Mingyu came close to her and hugged the woman in ancient costume. She said lightly, "don't you want to act?"

"Of course, Xi'er can play emotional drama, but only Play with me! "

With little money, it's easier to be a man in an ancient costume than to pull a radish.

not to mention as like as two peas in Li Daoyi's eyes, he was shocked to see the world. He was just like the man in his mind. Even if he didn't invest any money, he must play it.

Therefore, Xi Yue thought that his jealous husband was generous at last. Who knows, he directly killed her in the cradle with the chance to play the opposite role with other men.

After the surprise, Xi Yue couldn't help showing a bright smile.

In fact, she is looking forward to playing opposite Ji Mingyu.

"Well, my hero, please give me more advice!"

Ji Mingyu, you must not know if I am the heroine in a play.

Then you must be my only hero, forever.

Please give me more advice for the rest of my life favorite people.

-------The whole paper is finished.