Chapter 1438 Toby

The two enormous mouths clashed like hungry beasts, biting each other in the violent airwaves. After what seemed like forever, the encounter finally ended with a roaring echo that carried far into the air.

Then, one gigantic figure spurted out a mouthful of blood from its equally gigantic mouth. The blood was black.

It then rolled over, a groan of pain escaping from his lips, and it flopped onto the ground and slowly transformed back into its original visage. It was no other than Benny.

Clearly, he had lost this battle.

But his opponent, Ricky, didn't look like he fared any better. The collision had thrown him back thousands of meters before he steadied himself on his shaky feet. Blood spilled down the corner of his mouth, and wounds were all over his tattered body.

"That was close. I could barely beat Benny even with the help of the holy runes, the chaotic power, the Ancestral Intent Formula, and the bright ancestral spirit. It seemed like he could fight no matter what I threw at him. And it looks like he still has the strength to fight.

Alas, this must be the last realm where I can challenge someone stronger than me with my own strength," Ricky lamented morosely.

"It's not a big deal, Ricky. You can just let him live if you can't kill him

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looking forward to seeing you send more young men after Ricky. I'm sure they will die one by one in his hands," Toby mocked with a cocky smile.

"Oh, is that so? Let's see who will die in the end," responded Elder Woodrow gruffly.

Toby didn't say anything more. Instead, he gave an unimpressed shrug and disappeared into the void.

It was not until Elder Woodrow took his leave that the other saints nearby left as well.

"Ricky is indeed fascinating. At first, I was tasked to keep him safe, but seeing how he deal with things, I'm feeling quite interested in him. I might even protect this young man with my life," Toby murmured to himself with awe, gazing upwards toward the airship where Ricky was.

Ricky, on the other hand, had no idea what had just happened between Elder Woodrow and Toby.

A few days later, the group finally arrived at the Fox tribe's territory.

The inner land of the Misty South served as a home for the Fox tribe's Nine-tailed Foxes, while the other foxes lived somewhere else.

For example, the Seven-tailed Fox tribe lived in the outer reaches of the Misty South.

But although they lived separately, the creatures of the Fox tribe had their own places in their territory in the inner region, and they could cultivate there.