Chapter 6498: Sky Cave, the fastest update of the latest chapter of the power little Shennong!

"These people want us to take the bone tail down the mountain? What's the point?"

Zhang Bin felt a sense of awe in his heart, and secretly felt a trace of death crisis.

Since he cooperates with the other party and the other party is willing and confident to protect them, it doesn't matter whether he takes the bone or not.

Why does the other party want them to bring it?

Could it be that they want to kill them and take everything from them.

If the bone tail was not carried, they would not get it.

If this is the case, there must be a super genius among the ten first-level Daojun and Demon Kings, and they can also go to the purple chaotic fruit area and get a lot of purple chaotic fruit.

However, he may not be sure to go to the top of the mountain and get the bone tail.

Thinking of this, Zhang Bin and others felt more and more heavy.

But Zhang Bin's face was unmoved.

He also said lightly in his mouth: "The power of the gadget is limited. If I take it, it can only cause danger, which is basically no good. It is better to wait for the next time to go up the mountain and take it away."

"Also, you have to go up the mountain again. We have to get more purple chaos."

This first-level Daojun said lightly.

He looks graceful and restrained, obviously a super genius.

Under Zhang Bin's attention, Zhang Bin seemed to understand something.

And under the monitoring supernatural power of Hengyuan Dragon.

Hengyuan Dragon seems to have discovered something.

Their footsteps have become increasingly heavy.

Finally, they came to the foot of the mountain.

Go out step by step.

The outside was calm and no giants appeared.

Even the previous 19 third-level demons and Daojun are gone.

They seemed to be gone and invisible.

Perhaps they were deterred, and other giants did not dare to start easily.

Of course, this is also because Zhang Bin did not have the purple chaotic fruit on them, nor the bone tail, which was not worth their shot.

Otherwise, even if other giants don't do it, it is estimated that this terrible martial art giant might do it.

Bones, plus Zhang Bin, they are all super geniuses, and their bodies are worth the money.

That is what any giant would covet and want.

As long as you let yourself or your disciples win, you can become a super genius.

And such a martial art with the coexistence of gods and demons is the most terrible, and it does not say rules at all.

If they want to win over, they don't care about morality at all.

"We are going to Tianguang Cave, how about you?"

Zhang Bin asked.

"Let's go too."

The ten first-level Daojun Mojun said with a laugh at the same time.

It seems that they are not worried at all by other giants to **** their purple chaotic fruit.

"They have already opened 15 tricks, most of them are perfect, basically in the Jiuhuan area. Their tricks are also very wide, no different from ours. Obviously, they have already used purple chaos fruit."

Hengyuan Dragon monitored some secrets through monitoring supernatural powers, and the phone told Zhang Bin, Zhang Dong and Liu Chao of them.

"Lying trough."

Zhang Bin they are secretly alert.

Even if the opponent uses purple chaotic fruits, there are two possibilities.

One is that they got it themselves, but before Zhang Bin.

Another possibility is that it was obtained by their elders.

No matter what kind of possibility, it can be explained that this martial art is super scary and has a super genius.

Perhaps, they and the three cave masters are a martial art.

The reason why they did not show hostility may be that they discovered the monitoring of Hengyuan Dragon's attributes.

Worried about leaking secrets.

Of course, they may have speculated.

Zhang Bin, they are so cautious, they may already know that the three cave masters are not well-intentioned, and speculate from this point.

"Then let's be together."

Zhang Bin said with a smile.


They flew up to the sky, and twenty people went to Tianguangdong Mansion together.

Still one person handed over 10 drops of spirit blood.

Then enter into cultivation.

The ten Daojun and Mojun did not appear to know the three cave masters.

The three cave masters are also indifferent, seeming to be interested in their purple chaotic fruit at all.

However, Zhang Bin and they felt the crisis more and more.

What makes them embarrassed is how can they locate the most tricks without being attacked immediately?

However, there is no danger.

This time, Zhang Bin and they positioned again, but it was easier.

Because they are a lot stronger.

After using it for a month, they have identified 18 tricks.

In other words, two and three tricks have been located again.

Even, they have opened a pit.

Absorbed enough willpower.

Because they still carry a few purple chaotic fruits.

As for the spirit and blood of the devil, they are not lacking.

They were out of Tianguangdong Mansion, which was of course an extra alert.

However, it was still calm.

The three cave masters were still indifferent, not interested in them at all.

"Shoot ..."

They flew up.

Turned into a streamer.

These ten Daojun and Mojun are also with them.

Soon, they landed in front of Tianheidong Mansion.

The sky black cave house is really strange, dark as ink, exudes a strange breath.

On the gate of Dongfu, there is also a sun that has fallen halfway, and the light is particularly dim.

There is only one person who guards the cave house.

His attributes are also strength.

His realm is only the second level of the devil.

It seems ordinary and usual.

Even, he looked at Zhang Bin with their expectant eyes, and seemed to hope that Zhang Bin would rush up to seize his cave house.

"Another second-level devil? Is there so many talented second-level devil in the world?"

Zhang Bin was shocked and suspicious.

No, this devil is actually not a true devil. He is a descendant of devil, and he has practiced to such a point, because the black light behind his head is not very rich.

And such a genius is really scary.

Not a genius who was lost, but a descendant of the genius after the loss. Their talents are super horrible. Because they bear the sins of their ancestors, all kinds of geniuses are terrifying and far better than others , They withstand the tempering of such a catastrophe, let them get more tempered.

Their combat power is of course extremely horrible.

Definitely more terrifying than the righteous monks who are as talented as they are.

Therefore, even Zhang Bin dare not say that they can defeat each other in the same situation.

Zhang Bin looked closely at the surroundings and found that the ground was really blood stained, and even there were some torn corpses.

They are all three-level devil and three-level Daojun.

Obviously, most of them were killed by this second-level devil.

"Is this second-level devil even stronger than the three second-level devil in Tianguang Cave?"

Zhang Bin they all whispered in dismay.

At this time, they did not dare to think that this devil was the avatar of a devil in Tianguangdong Mansion.