Chapter 93

– Piiii.

Evelina was distracted by the ringing in her ears. She couldn’t feel any sensation in my left arm itself, but it felt cold as if she was paralyzed.

Her fingertips did not bend well as it climbed down my arm. Her chest felt strange, too. It was a mess like a broken TV that suddenly stopped.

“Actually, since I was young… From the beginning… I loved you.”

Evelina wanted to raise her head, but she couldn’t.

As if the heart were not beating, it was like someone else’s body. She thought she had been living in a mysterious way until now, whether she was reincarnated or possessed. She thought might have possessed at a young age.

Now that she saw it, it wasn’t that important whether it was possession or reincarnation.

She tried to open her eyes, grasping her mind as she drifted away.

She hoped everything worked out for her, no matter what.

She let go of her mind, thinking so. She thought she wouldn’t have any regrets because she thought there would be another life.


Seeing Kaiden’s crying face, which she saw when her consciousness was completely gone, felt stuffy and strange.



Evelina was brought to her senses by intense pain.

“Lina! Are you coming to your senses?”

Evelina’s heart ached so much, but it was harder because her body shook violently.


“The doctor, the doctor, the doctor…!”

Kaiden was running with her in his arms. He was running so fast. She felt like her back and hips hurt so much because he carried her and ran more than her heart. In addition, her lower abdomen was also pressed so hard that she could hardly breathe.



“Slowly, slowly…”

She spoke in a hurry without realizing it. Her words stopped him from running. Her head was so dizzy, but soon he stopped and it calmed down little by little.

“Lina, are you okay?”


Evelina saw him holding her at a glance. Tears formed in his eyes and the hair was tangled from running.

Why… was she not dead?

She was perplexed. The situation was unbelievable.


“Oh, was it July 6th today?”

“…Why suddenly the date… Ha. Are you okay?”

She was embarrassed because Kaiden was crying, but she asked again.

“Today is July 6th, right?”


She thought for a moment that it wasn’t time for her to die. But obviously, the feeling of her left hand was strange. She could feel her heart stop.

Was it a sign?

Because the original said she was going to die on July 7th.

“Why did you cry?”

She was embarrassed to see Kaiden still crying. He cried so sadly that his thick tears fell on her.

“Lina fainted like that.”

“Oh… Were you worried?”

“That’s one way to call it.”

Kaiden’s voice was so wet that Evelina briefly lost her thought. She wasn’t dead yet. But she’ll be dead on July 7th.

Why was he crying? Because it’s unfair? Was it unfair that he couldn’t finish his revenge?

She felt a bit sorry for him when he went mad at the idea.

“Go back now.”

“See the doctor first.”

“I’m fine now. And I can’t trust the doctor outside. All the best doctors are in the palace.”

He held Evelina high when she spoke convincingly.

“Let me hear your heart beat.”



“What happened earlier?”

“…No, please let me hear it.”

She leaned up and hugged him. Soon his ears reached her heart.

He had been checking her heart rate for a very long time. Evelina felt as if she had been beaten all over, and maybe it was not because of the earlier seizure, but because he had been torturing her all night.

“I’m so tired, Kaiden.”

“…I see.”

He stopped listening to her heart like that and headed back to the carriage. He walked forward, but she felt strange because he kept crying.

Tears that never stopped wet her every time he walked. It was as if his tears were wetting her heart.


“Check it out right now. Find the problem.”


“Lina was sick.”

Kaiden rambled on and brushed off the royal doctors. Among them was Hans.

Evelina was the one who was sick, but why did he come straight to the bedroom of the Emperor’s Palace? After tonight, she’d die in her sleep, just like in the original story, and on the morning of July 7th, she’d be found by the maid who came to wake her up.

Then it was better to die alone. Rather than sharing the same bedroom as the Emperor.

She was sitting in bed watching them, remembering how she had agreed to leave him alone one day.

“Find out why she’s sick right now. And make medicine.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Fix it right away. Come on.”

“All right.”

All doctors working at the palace had to come to the Imperial Palace’s bedroom even though it was late at night. Evelina was waiting for the doctors to examine her with a fearful look on her face.

Soon the doctors who were drawing her blood began to examine Evelina in all sorts of ways.

Evelina was terribly annoyed by Kaiden, who was restless and paler than she was next to him.



“Come here. Sit here.”

She thought it would all be over soon, so it wasn’t that hard for her. At her words, he immediately sat down near the bed, and Yvelina grabbed Kaiden’s hand as he sat facing me.

“Here you are. Because I’m nervous.”

“All right.”

The only thing left was to wait anyway. The doctors were analyzing the blood they took, they were talking to each other about something.

Evelina was a little tired, perhaps because she was still drunk.

“Kaiden doesn’t seem to be drunk.”

“Yes, I’m… I’m not very drunk. Because I used to drink so much.”

“When you were a soldier?”

“Every time I go to war.”

“Did you drink it when you were a minor?”

When Evelina asked curiously, he softened up as if he had come to his senses.

“I want to look good, so let’s keep it a secret.”

She smirked at his words and stroked his cheek. Then, feeling burdened by him staring at her, she leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Stop crying. You’re going to burn out.”

She said so when he cried again.

“I’m not controlling it. I didn’t even know I was crying.”

He patted Evelina’s hair, which she leaned against his shoulder, wiping away his wet eyes.

After waiting for such a long.

“It’s because you suddenly had too much alcohol.”

“…what does that mean?”

“You said your heart stopped suddenly.”


The doctors standing in a line in front of Evelina and Kaiden looked nervous, their expressions stiff. They knew very well that a word from Kaiden could send him to the frontiers of the West.

“It appears that it stopped due to a temporary shock.”


“You should refrain from drinking in the future. Your Majesty seems to be physically weak in alcohol.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes, I’ll give you a medicine that will help you relax.”

“And folic acid.”

Hans helped from the side. Then the highest of the doctors who had been speaking looked at him in amazement.

“Her Majesty is preparing for pregnancy. Folic acid should not be taken out.”

He nodded at Hans’ words.

“I will do so, Your Majesty.”

“Yes, go away.”


Everyone left like that’s how they left. Hans glanced at Evelina as he went out. Evelina smiled as if she had somehow given up and waved to Hans.

The room where everyone left quickly became quiet.

Evelina felt funny when she saw Kaiden depressed.

He must be in a complicated mood right now.

That’s what she thought. Recalling that she almost died, he might have felt anxious that his revenge was completely ruined.

“Kaiden, aren’t you going to look at me?”

“No, I’m not.”

He wiped my face with his hands for a moment and then turned around looking at Evelina. She burst into a fit of laughter when she saw his eyes moist again.

“You cried again, didn’t you?”

“…it won’t stop.”

His voice did not tremble, nor did he sob. As if there was something in my eyes, only tears fell down, so it seemed more fake.

As Evelina wiped his eyes with her hands, more tears flowed down.

“Is it because you’re surprised?”

“I don’t know.”

“Is the doctor supposed to look at Kaiden, not me?”

“…I don’t know.”

He was so, as if he were taking her touch with modesty.

– Knock knock.

“Your Majesty, I have made medicine.”

“Bring it on.”

The servant outside brought the medicine that was warm and sweet.

Kaiden left it on the table next to the bed and left the whole time. He handed her a small cup of medicine.

“Eat it all.”

“I will.”

She tried to drink the medicine, thinking that it would not change her death anyway.


“Oh, no. It’s hot.”

He frowned at her as he took her glass of medicine from her. Then he stirred the medicine with a teaspoon and began to cool it.

After a while, he handed her a glass of medicine again. She took it and drank it. Then, as she felt warm inside, her body seemed to be getting warmer.

“Let’s go to bed now.”


Evelina tapped beside her and ordered him to come in quickly. The two laid side by side on the bed in light clothes.

It was when she was looking at the pattern of the canopy, thinking whether it was fortunate or unfortunate to die like this.



“Please let me hear your heart beat.”


As he spoke anxiously, Evelina sighed. Then he took off his negligee, perhaps because of his pitiful voice. It was an impulsive act, but she didn’t regret it.

“Come here.”

At her words he put his ear to her chest and heard the sound of her heart.

At this time, she didn’t even know she was pregnant.

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