Chapter 1854: finale 5

When Zhao Xiulan thought about being a grandma, she always felt an unreal feeling.

It turns out that he is so old that he is about to see his grandson.

Maybe soon, she will also leave this world.

Seeing that Zhao Xiulan was a little depressed, Jiang Cheng took Zhao Xiulan's hand and said, "Xiulan, we are going to be grandparents, why do you look unhappy?"

Zhao Xiulan twitched the corners of her mouth, "I just think this time has passed too fast, it turns out that we are both so old, and when I think about how it is possible that we can't get along together for many years, we have to leave this world, and I suddenly feel a little stuck in my heart. Gotta panic."

Jiang Cheng smiled and patted Zhao Xiulan's hand, "Xiulan, you are only fifty years old, and you can live a long time."

"But you're already sixty." Now Jiang Cheng doesn't look like when he was young, and his cheeks are a bit older.

Even came out with a white beard, and there was a lot more white hair.

It's different when you're old and when you're young.

However, Jiang Cheng's mental state was fine.

Looking at Jiang Cheng's appearance, getting old a little bit, Zhao Xiulan realized what time passes, and time is not forgiving.

Even the young man with the same spirit as Jiang Cheng has now become an old man

All this seems to be just a blink of an eye, and what Zhao Xiulan sees in front of her eyes seems to be the first time she met Jiang Cheng decades ago.

"Xiulan, do you think I'm too old?" Jiang Cheng asked sadly?

Touching his face, he is indeed a little old, I wonder if Zhao Xiulan despised him because of this

After all, he is ten years older than Zhao Xiulan!

"How can it be, I'm an old husband and wife, and I'm old, so how can I despise you for being old.

This is how old we are, I'm afraid we don't have dozens of time together. "

In this day and age, living to the age of eighty is considered an advanced age.

Even if Jiang Cheng could live to be eighty years old, the two of them would only have at most twenty years together.

Twenty years, at this moment Zhao Xiulan only felt that it was too short.

The first half of my life has passed so quickly, and these 20 years will probably pass in a blink of an eye.

She hopes to have another twenty years, and even feels that a hundred years is not enough

Jiang Cheng understood what Zhao Xiulan meant, took Zhao Xiulan's hand, and said with a serious face, "Xiulan, decades are not short, we can still be together for a long time, even if this life is over, we can still be together in the next life. I'll go with you wherever you go, and we'll be together forever."

If it was before, Zhao Xiulan would definitely not believe in an afterlife.

But after crossing over by herself, Zhao Xiulan knew that people can have a next life, a next life

If I can be with Jiang Cheng every single life in the future, death and separation will not seem so scary

Time flies, and in the next ten years, society has undergone tremendous changes.

Zhao Xiulan and Jiang Cheng have also been seizing the opportunity over the years, developing from the traditional manufacturing industry to the Internet, and engaging in the real estate industry. In recent years, their business has become bigger and bigger, and they have become more and more attractive, and they are among the best in the country. the rich.

Zhao Xiulan didn't care much about the money she earned. She donated a lot, helped many children to study, and did a lot of charity work.

In this life, I can make these achievements, and I have no regrets.

After the business development was stable, the family business was handed over to Tuantuan and Yuanyuan. The two children are very interested in doing business, and they have done well after taking over the business.

As for Zhao Xiulan and Jiang Cheng, they finally let go of everything in their old age for a few years, and the two live a plain but happy life every day.

Looking at the changes in the country, there are some looks in her memory.

Zhao Xiulan feels that the happiest thing in her life is to meet so many people who love her, to have a good husband who will accompany her for the rest of her life, and to have excellent children with both children.

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