Chapter 1909

"of course."

After finishing speaking, Bingxue directly returned to its original shape while hiding its aura, but even so, it still made people unable to take their eyes off it.

Bingxue is a long sword that looks like it was made of ice. It not only looks beautiful and dazzling, but also has a cold light.

The word ice and snow on the sword is flying like a dragon and a phoenix dances, and there is also a faint sword intent, and if you are not careful, you may be injured by the sword intent.

Ye Feiran naturally liked it, and she also had a feeling of familiarity. After careful study, she was sure that Bingxue was really all right, and she was relieved.

"Bingxue, you are so beautiful!"

"Ranran, you are beautiful too, we are one of the most beauties in the God Realm!" Bingxue couldn't help pinching Ye Feiran's face again.

Ye Feiran: "..."

She also likes to pinch her cheeks.

Ever since, she stretched out her hand to pinch Bingxue's face, and then felt a sense of familiarity that she had pinched countless times.

All of a sudden, the glacier was filled with their joyful laughter, and the ancient nine-tailed fox also had a smile on its face.

After pinching, Ye Feiran coughed softly, "Ahem... Bingxue, tell me about the experience of entering the space crack!"


Here in Bingxue, there is no such thing as good news or bad news. She has worked so hard to find Ranran, so she naturally wants Ranran to know the process of searching.

In this way, Ranran will know her bitterness along the way, and thus cherish her even more.

The ice and snow space crack experience just sounds frightening.

In the end, Ye Feiran was heartbroken, and then said with a serious face, "Bingxue, don't do this in the future."

"Will you fall into reincarnation in the future?" Bingxue raised her eyebrows and asked.

The corner of Ye Feiran's mouth twitched slightly, "I don't want to."

"Then you won't fall into reincarnation, and I won't break into the space crack." Bingxue said confidently.

Ye Feiran: "..."

What she said made sense, but she was speechless.

The atmosphere at the moment is a bit bad, Bingxue rolled her eyes and changed the subject silently, "Ranran, are you a sword cultivator now? I can teach you sword skills!"

"Uh... I belong to Duoxiu right now!" Ye Feiran said with a smile.

However, she is also looking forward to the guidance from the ancient sword.

A divine sword from the ancient times, the knowledge is naturally extraordinary, and a word of advice from her is very rare.

Hearing this, Bingxue had a puzzled look on his face, "What is Duoxiu?"

"Cough cough..." Ye Feiran coughed lightly, "Sword repair, alchemy repair, medicine repair, poison repair, law repair, music repair... Duo Xiu for short."

Bingxue: "..."

Good guy, Ranran's talent after reincarnation seems to be even more enchanting.

This is a good thing, and the reincarnation of the fallen is not a loss.

After admiring the change of Bingxue's surprised expression, Ye Feiran suddenly remembered something.

"By the way, I got an inheritance before, called the Frost Art, I will practice it for you to see."


After getting off the ancient nine-tailed fox, Ye Feiran began to practice the Frost Art.

Because it is in a world of ice and snow, Ye Feiran can perform the Frost Art with ease.

There are nine moves in the Frost Art, and Ye Feiran practiced them one by one.

After the rehearsal was over, Ye Feiran immediately asked, "How is it going?"

As a result, Bingxue didn't respond, just because she was lost in thought.

Seeing this, Ye Feiran didn't bother her, but seized the time to recover the consumed spiritual power.

When she regained her spiritual power, Bingxue also finished her contemplation, and said directly, "Ranran, this Frost Art is good, very suitable for ice cultivators, but I think these nine moves can be combined into three moves, as cold as ice and frozen for thousands of miles and Frost Lotus.

Of course, Frozen Thousand Miles can be transformed into Frozen Thousand Miles according to strength, or even a wider range. "

Ye Feiran raised his eyebrows slightly, "Fuse three moves?"

"Yes!" Bingxue nodded, and then said expectantly, "Ranran, do you want to try?"

If she was allowed to do the fusion, she would be fine in a while, but she hoped that Ye Feiran would do the fusion in person, and she would give advice whenever she had the chance.


Next, Ye Feiran rehearsed the Frost Art over and over again, thinking about how to combine the Frost Art into three moves.

Time passed, and after three months, she finally combined the Frost Art into three moves.

Under Bingxue's guidance, these three tricks became more and more perfect!

When they left, it was still the ancient nine-tailed fox walking slowly with them.

After practicing day and night for three months, I was naturally tired when I stopped.

Seeing Ye Feiran's exhaustion, Bingxue said softly, "Ranran, take a good rest, I'm here!"

Leaning against Bingxue, Ye Feiran said with a smile, "No need."

After finishing speaking, she took a bottle of medicine, and then the exhaustion all over her body disappeared, and her whole body regained its vigor.

"Oh, I want to appreciate Ranran's sleeping face but I don't have a chance." Bingxue said regretfully.

Ye Feiran turned to look at her, and said with a smile, "There will be opportunities in the future."

Bingxue raised her eyebrows, "It's true."

Then, she stopped worrying about this question and continued to ask, "By the way, Ranran, Murong Lingji is here, so Ye Murin must be here too!"

Ye Feiran nodded, "Yes."

A look of satisfaction appeared in Bingxue's eyes, "He still has a conscience. Ranran, Ye Murin is a good man, you must catch him, and don't be snatched away by that shameless Feng Yao."

Hearing the name Feng Yao, Ye Feiran naturally thought of Feng Yi.

"Sometimes there must be something in life, and there is always time in life, don't force it, what is mine is mine, no one can take it away, and what is not mine can't be kept!"

A look of satisfaction appeared in Bingxue's eyes again, and Ranran's disposition was as good as ever.

Ye Feiran didn't know the change in Bingxue's expression, and continued, "By the way, Feng Yi is also in Senluo Continent."

"What, Feng Yi is also in Senluo Continent?!" Bingxue was surprised.

However, considering that both Ye Murin and Murong Lingji are in the Senluo Continent, it would not be surprising to have another Feng Yi.

"Ranran, when you met him, how did he react?"

Ye Feiran didn't hide anything either, and told everything about meeting Feng Yi.

"What is he looking for for the golden lotus root? Could it be that some important figure in the Feng family has fallen?"

Bingxue was puzzled for a moment, but didn't think much about it. After all, not long after Ranran fell into reincarnation, she entered the space crack, and she had no idea what happened in the God Realm.

"Ranran, if you meet Feng Yi again in the future, don't talk to him, who knows if he will do you harm because of Feng Yao." Bingxue exhorted with a serious face.

"Okay!" Ye Feiran responded readily, anyway, she didn't remember anything, Feng Yi was just a random encounter with her now.

Wu Yan in the ten-thousand-year soul-inducing wooden bracelet: "..."

So after so many years, Bingxue couldn't see Feng Yi's thoughts on A Ran?

He didn't like Feng Yi, so why don't you tell Bingxue secretly, let Bingxue abuse him, and let Feng Yi leave Senluo Continent early?

He got all the golden lotus root, but he still lingers on not to leave, it must be because of Ah Ran.

Suddenly, there was an excited cry in the air, "Yuya..."

This was the first reaction of the ancient three-legged Jinwu seeing the ice and snow.

Ye Murin on its back naturally also saw it, a look of surprise flashed across his eyes, and he felt happy for Ye Feiran, after all, there were too few spirit weapons in the ancient times.

Ye Murin got off the back of the ancient three-legged Golden Crow, and landed in front of Ye Feiran.

"Master Emperor!" Ye Feiran shouted happily, but did not move, only because Bingxue hugged her hard.

But this time Ye Mulin didn't overturn the jealousy, and looked at them with a smile on his face.

Seeing this, Bingxue felt bored, but she did not forget to say hello, "Ye Murin, long time no see!"

"Long time no see!" Ye Mulin replied, and then hugged Ye Feiran from the ancient nine-tailed fox.

Next, Ye Feiran took the ancient nine-tailed fox back to the mysterious space, and then the two of them walked back to Qianxuezong at a leisurely pace.

Ye Murin glanced at Bingxue, then took Ye Feiran's hand, and said, "Now that Bingxue is here, Qian Xuezong's plan can be advanced."

Ye Feiran was overjoyed immediately, "Really?"