CH 124

Chapter 124: Handsome, Worthy Of Being My Husband.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. I would like to get some benefits first.”

“What are you going to ask?” Qi Ci asked.

Bian Zhonghua rested his right elbow on the table, raised his head to look at Qi Ci, and curved his eyes into a wicked smile: “Before going any further, you seem to have forgotten how to address me.”

Qi Ci pretended not to understand: “In what way?”

Bian Zhonghua reminded him: “Husband, of course.”

Qi Ci: “Ah!”

Bian Zhonghua: “….”

Instead of teasingly playing a joke, Bian Zhonghua ended up becoming the recipient of one. However, Bian Zhonghua didn’t get angry at this, and instead, he grabbed Qi Ci’s wrist and pulled him to himself with a smile: “Since you agreed to it, you must take responsibility.”

Qi Ci had pursed his lips and laughed internally due to his own cleverness. But when Bian Zhonghua pulled at him, Qi Ci ended up losing his balance and staggered a few steps forward, resulting in him having to hurriedly rest a hand on the table so as not to fall over Bian Zhonghua’s body.

As the distance between the two had suddenly shortened abruptly, Qi Ci was slightly uncomfortable and even tried to step back. However, Bian Zhonghua clung to his wrist, bluntly refusing to let him go.

Qi Ci held back a smile, but when his gaze met Bian Zhonghua’s, he suddenly blurted out in a tiny voice: “I should have really taken a liking to you back then.”

Bian Zhonghua, believing that Qi Ci still wanted to tease him, asked with a chuckle: “Oh? How do you know that?”

Qi Ci replied: “For a Dragon, it’s extremely painful to tear off a scale.”

Bian Zhonghua was stunned at Qi Ci’s words, but before he could do or say anything, he heard Qi Ci add: “I’m sorry, I….”

Bian Zhonghua abruptly let go of Qi Ci’s wrist and said with a reassuring smile: “You have already apologized once. Besides, I don’t want your apology….”

“No, I’m not apologizing for leaving back then.” Qi Ci interrupted Bian Zhonghua, took a deep breath and continued: “I’m apologizing because I will be leaving again in the near future.”

The smile present on Bian Zhonghua’s face disappeared in an instant.

Avoiding Bian Zhonghua’s gaze, Qi Ci lowered his head and continued: “Once I get rid of the Demon that escaped from the Ghost Domain, I must return to the Ghost Domain.”

Instead of letting unnecessary thoughts form in Bian Zhonghua, Qi Ci thought it was better to make everything clear right now.

At first, Qi Ci thought that Bian Zhonghua would be mad at him and curse him for being so cold and heartless. However, unexpectedly, Bian Zhonghua remained silent for what felt like an eternity. In the end, Bian Zhonghua replied with a mere: “I understand.”

Bian Zhonghua’s tone of voice was too weak. Like the acceptance after the disappointment.

Believing that Bian Zhonghua would no longer want to help him, Qi Ci’s chest felt stuffy, as if it were being pressed down. Qi Ci bowed his head and turned around to leave.

However, as soon as he took a step, Qi Ci was unable to go any further as his wrist had been grabbed by Bian Zhonghua.

“Where are you going? Don’t you want to know where the Demon is?” Bian Zhonghua asked.

“You, are you still willing to help me?” Qi Ci asked with surprise.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Bian Zhonghua replied, taken aback.

“I, I’m being so cruel to you…and I…. I can’t, I can’t stay with you in the future.” Qi Ci felt so confused that he couldn’t refrain from stammering.

“Look, in any case, and no matter what happens, you can’t remember the past I told you about.” Although it sounded as if Bian Zhonghua was blaming him, a gentle smile shone brightly in his eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Qi Ci didn’t know what to say other than to apologize.

Bian Zhonghua said: “In fact, when you left back then, you told me that you had to leave, just as you are doing this time. Now, I’ll tell you the same thing I told you then. If you can’t stay with me, then I’ll come find you no matter where you are.”

Qi Ci sighed and said: “But, I have to enter the Ghost Domain, and you can’t go there.”

Bian Zhonghua said: “Back then, you told me that it was your fate to get rid of the three thousand Evil Spirits in the Ghost Domain. Eventually, that will come to an end, so what will happen after that?”

Qi Ci said: “I will ascend to the Immortal ranks….”

Bian Zhonghua: “If you can, then I can too. There will always be a way.”

Getting somewhat anxious, Qi Ci asked: “What will happen then if you can’t?”

Bian Zhonghua fixed his gaze on Qi Ci, his eyes brimming with madness and arrogance: “If I don’t give up, then the word ‘can’t’ won’t exist.”

Qi Ci’s eyes widened slightly in surprise, and he was unable to utter a single word.

All of a sudden, a white pigeon flew into the wing room. Bian Zhonghua let go of Qi Ci’s wrist and stretched out his hand towards the pigeon for it to land on. As soon as the pigeon touched Bian Zhonghua’s hand, it took the form of a letter.

Bian Zhonghua opened the letter and read its contents a couple of times. Then, he stood upright, placed an arm around Qi Ci’s shoulders, who still had rather complex emotions, and headed outside: “Come on, let’s go look for that Demon that escaped from the Ghost Domain. However, after we find the Demon, let me thank him properly. After all, without him, I couldn’t have found you again.”

Thereupon, the two men traveled a long distance to the destination indicated in the letter. However, upon arrival, they discovered that the Demonic creature that was causing trouble wasn’t the Demon that had escaped from the Ghost Domain.

After Bian Zhonghua effortlessly suppressed that Demonic creature, he couldn’t help but feel slightly uneasy.

Bian Zhonghua had been honored as the Demon Emperor in the human world for many years, and due to his long search for Qi Ci’s whereabouts, he had made many friends with great powers. According to logic, if Demon Emperor Zhonghua wanted to find something, it would be impossible for him to be unsuccessful in his search; and yet, he had obtained no results. Moreover, the Demon he was looking for had a very strange and unique appearance, so it would draw attention right away. How could it be that there were still no clues to its whereabouts?

Could it be then that this Demon wasn’t hiding in the human world, but rather in a place isolated from the mortal world such as Mount Dushuo?

However, if that were the case, how would that Demon know how to get to a place like that?

Could it be that…..?

Could it be that the Demon was still hiding in Mount Dushuo and had not left that place at all?

When Bian Zhonghua mentioned this possibility to Qi Ci, Qi Ci immediately felt that there was a very high chance of this being the case. Therefore, Qi Ci and Bian Zhonghua hurried to Mount Dushuo without rest.

Halfway there, something suddenly crossed Qi Ci’s mind: ‘The Ghost Domain is also on Mount Dushuo. If the Demon is really hiding in Mount Dushuo, after I get rid of it, I will be able to enter the Ghost Domain right away.’

‘But if I go…. I may never see Bian Zhonghua again.’

As soon as that thought arose inside him, an inexplicable feeling of distress grew in Qi Ci’s chest, causing his feet to slow down.

“What’s wrong?” Bian Zhonghua asked as soon as he noticed that something was wrong with Qi Ci.

“Nothing.” Qi Ci forcibly suppressed that uneasy feeling in his heart and quickened his pace.

Upon arriving at Mount Dushuo surrounded by ethereal mist, they noticed that the place looked calm and undisturbed. There wasn’t a single trace of a Demon wreaking havoc.

As Bian Zhonghua wondered if he had guessed wrong, he noticed that Qi Ci seemed to have noticed something. With a frown on his face, Qi Ci ran at full speed towards a specific spot.

Bian Zhonghua hurried to follow Qi Ci, until they both reached a valley. In the valley, there were nine ponds of calm water that seemed to be bottomless.

Qi Ci held his breath and concentrated. All of a sudden, a golden light shone in the palm of his hand, which he then fiercely raised into the air.

At that instant, the water from the nine ponds surged towards the sky, forming an impressive column of water. At that moment, a black shadow fiercely escaped from one of the ponds, helplessly fleeing in panic.

With a sneer, Qi Ci waved his hand again, sending the column of water to immediately chase after the Demon. Then, the water took the form of a water prison around the Demon, leaving it with no chance to go and hide.

Bian Zhonghua came over and clapped his hands in elation. With his eyes narrowed due to a big smile, he said in a flirtatious tone: “Wow! How handsome, really worthy to be my Husband.”

At that instant, half of the water prison suddenly collapsed, causing the Demonic creature to seize the opportunity to escape. Qi Ci then had to refocus his attention on what he was doing. After regaining control of the water, Qi Ci recaptured the Demonic creature.

For some reason, the Demonic creature looked extremely weak compared to before. Each and every eye present on its body appeared to have bled, which had resulted in the dried blood to permeate its entire body and stain its black hair, making it look hideous and disgusting.

When Qi Ci and Bian Zhonghua approached the Demon, they noticed that the Demon’s eyes bled even more vigorously. The blood coming out of it was such that it looked like a river of blood flowing from its body, even the Demon’s Qi had become much weaker than it already was.

“What’s going on? The way it looks, it’s like you don’t even have to kill it. As if this Demon is already doomed to die.” Bian Zhonghua felt strange witnessing this.

Qi Ci also didn’t know what was going on. The only thing he could do right now was to keep silent, since he didn’t even know how to respond.

“Hmm? What is that?” At that moment, Bian Zhonghua’s sharp eyes noticed that the long-haired Demonic creature seemed to be hiding something, so he approached the water prison.

“Be careful!” Qi Ci, worried that the Demon might hurt Bian Zhonghua by being so close, couldn’t help but shout out as a warning.

However, in the blink of an eye, Bian Zhonghua approached the Demon with his hand outstretched to take out whatever the Demon was hiding.

The Demon didn’t even have the power to resist and fight back.

“What is this?” Bian Zhonghua looked at the object in his hand for a moment in complete confusion, then handed it to Qi Ci for him to look at.

When Qi Ci took the object, he found that it was a stone tablet.