Chapter 220 - 220 If You Are Here, It’s Inevitable That You Come to Dafu Village often

220 If You Are Here, It’s Inevitable That You Come to Dafu Village often

Gu Qingxue was puzzled when she saw Rong Zhan take out two pieces of paper from his sleeve and pass them to her.

Gu Qingxue took them and found two pieces of paper. One was the house deed and the other was the land deed, which belonged to the house next door.

“Your Royal Highness, when did you buy the house in Dafu Village?” Gu Qingxue quickly returned the land deed to Rong Zhan.

Rong Zhan reached out to take the two deeds and put them back together. “Before we left, I asked Lord Fu to help me deal with it. Just a few days ago, the house next door became my property.”

“Your Royal Highness, do you plan to stay here permanently?” Gu Qingxue asked.

Rong Zhan shook his head. “It’s only because you’re here.”

Gu Qingxue’s heart skipped a beat.

Did he buy a house in Dafu Village because of her?

Gu Qingxue kept telling herself to calm down.

Actually, on second thought, there was nothing wrong with it. Rong Zhan and Rong Han both needed her treatment. It would be more convenient for them to see a doctor, so it was understandable for them to buy a house.

Rong Zhan observed Gu Qingxue’s expression, but he could not tell that she was happy.

Was it not obvious enough?

He bought this house just to stay by her side. Was she not happy?

She clearly liked him so much, so she should be ecstatic.

“Gu Qingxue, I bought the house next to yours. Don’t you have anything to say to me?” Rong Zhan was not very satisfied with Gu Qingxue’s reaction and asked in a flat tone.

Gu Qingxue almost thought that Rong Zhan had seen through her nervousness. However, Rong Zhan did not have many expressions on his face, so she could not guess what he was thinking.

It was strange. She had always been able to guess people’s hearts, but she had never seen through Rong Zhan’s thoughts.

Therefore, after thinking for a while, she gave Rong Zhan a thumbs up. “Your Royal Highness, you’re really rich!”

Rong Zhan, “…”

Knock, knock!

Just then, there were knocks on the door.

Gu Lin lowered his voice, “Mother, is Lil’ Han feeling better? We want to come in and see him.”

“Come in,” Rong Zhan agreed.

With a creak, the three children carefully pushed the door open a crack, then stuck their heads in and looked curiously at the two people in the room.

Then, the three children showed surprised expressions at the same time.

Eh? What was going on? Uncle Fairy was actually sitting with their mother.

It seemed that this was the first time they had seen their mother and a man so close together.

The three children might not have noticed so many small details before, but they had already regarded Uncle Fairy as one of their backup stepfathers. Any contact between Uncle Fairy and their mother would attract their attention, it would attract their attention.

“Why are you all standing outside the door? Come in quickly.” Gu Qingxue waved at the three cubs.

The three children entered one by one. They first tiptoed and looked carefully at Rong Han who was lying on the bed.

Rong Han was sleeping very soundly. His eyes were closed, and his long eyelashes cast a small silhouette under his eyes.

Seeing Rong Han sleeping so soundly, the three children could not help but feel sleepy.

“I remember you said that Han’er needed to take another medicine,” Rong Zhan suddenly said.

Gu Qingxue hummed, “Han’er’s first period of treatment has ended. I originally wanted to let him rest for a few days before starting the next phase of treatment. However, I saw that his recovery was quite good. He didn’t need to rest and could directly start the second stage of treatment. This time, the way of treatment has changed to a certain extent. All the things that I needed to pay attention to previously have to be changed. Be it the medicine he took, the way he took it, the time he worked and rested, or the things he avoided eating, they’re all different from before.”

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