CH 146


The broken door of the house was kicked open.

Several Innate Realm cultivators strode in from outside the door.

"Lin Tiechu, I see you have a newborn son."

As these few cultivators scanned the room, their eyes immediately focused on the baby sitting on one side.

After his wife's tragic death, Lin Tiechu's face was already weighed down by despair.

Hearing these cultivators' words, his face became even paler.

"Sirs, my wife has a weak constitution, and her child also has a weak constitution and no aptitude for cultivation. Please let him go."

Hunching over his body, Lin Tiechu begged the cultivators in front of him in a low voice.

They felt even more disdainful when they saw this kind of posture.

"Lin Tiechu, for your Weapon Spirit clan to end up where it is today, do you think we are to blame?"

"If you want to blame someone, blame your ancestors. Your Weapon Spirit Clan's ancestors built the ascension platform. If not, the Lingxuan continent wouldn't be in this position today with even God Taichu dead in battle."

"The sins you have committed cannot even be paid for by death."

Their faces became sadder and angry the more they spoke.

It had been nearly a thousand years since the Trace of Heaven appeared in the sky.

After Lin Tian's three successive lives of mending, the Trace of Heaven only remained in an area of ten thousand miles. However, nobody could continue to mend the rift across the whole continent of Lingxuan.

Consequently, the whole Lingxuan continent was still covered with Extraterrestrial Devils wreaking havoc.

Lingxuan cultivators had recovered a lot, but in comparison to ancient times, it wasn't worth noting.

Even worse, the Trace of Heaven continued to absorb the Spiritual Qi of the Lingxuan continent relentlessly.

Sooner or later, the Spiritual Qi of the Lingxuan continent would be completely drained.

This desperate situation led nearly everyone to regard the cultivators who built the Ascension Platform that tore open the rift as sinners.

Naturally, sinners' descendants were also sinners.

Lin Tiechu was such a sinner.

Because of superior weapon refining skills, his ancestor was the main weapon master who built the ascension platform.


Several cultivators cursed Lin Tiechu for a moment.

One's face dropped as he said, "Lin Tiechu, you know the rules. I'm not here to spew nonsense. Sinners' descendants must be sinners.".

Suddenly, one of the cultivators reached out to grab the infant on the side.

With one hand, he grabbed the baby.

In the hand of this Innate stage cultivator, a stream of Spiritual Qi shot out rapidly.

The Spiritual Qi was like a knife, drilling into the baby's body.

The baby's dantian, qi sea, divinity, tendons, and veins were all destroyed.

And that wasn't all.

This cultivator then condensed a flame ball of Spiritual Qi on his fingers and approached the baby's forehead.

'Sin' - A clearly visible word sin was inscribed on the baby's forehead.

It was the same as the word sin on Lin Tiechu's forehead.

Offspring of sinners were not only forbidden to cultivate but also had to wear the word sin and endure scorn from everyone.

The baby was very weak, to begin with. The torture had left him unconscious for a long time.

The cultivator then casually dropped the baby and they turned away.

Lin Tiechu, who looked like he had lost his soul, dumbly got up and held that baby in his arms.

When he was a child, he also suffered such a calamity.

There was no way for the offspring of sinners to be free from this 'sin' mark unless they were completely dead.

Slowly reaching out his hand, Lin Tiechu strangled the tiny baby in his arms.

He does not want his son to be like him, hopelessly alive, and living in despair for the rest of his life.

Lin Tiechu, however, couldn't continue strangling the baby after a few moments and carefully placed the baby next to his dead wife.

Holding his dead wife, Lin Tiechu, who had never shed a tear, had tears rolling down his face at this moment.

(On the Lingxuan continent)

"These cultivators are absolutely disgusting. They actually tortured God Taichu's reincarnation like this."

"Actually, it's not their fault. They don't even know that this baby is God Taichu's reincarnation. Otherwise, they would never dare to do so."

"God Taichu's reincarnation this time can't cultivate. I'm afraid he won't survive for long."

Many people cursed angrily upon seeing Lin Tian's reincarnation within the light beam of resurrection suffer such torture.

Su Qingyi's face was even more furious at this moment.

Su Qingyi would have killed the cultivators who hurt Lin Tian's reincarnation if she hadn't known the image that appeared within the light beam of resurrection was from countless years ago.

Behind Su Qingyi, Mu Lingsha was already wide-eyed, staring deadly at the baby within the light beam of resurrection.

"Sinner, sinner... That's how the word sin appeared on the master's forehead."

(Within the light beam of resurrection)

Having witnessed the death of his wife, and seeing his son become a cripple and have the word sin engraved on him, Lin Tiechu was like a man without a soul.

But the good thing was he still cared about his son.

Every day, he worked hard to provide his son with nutritious food.

To his surprise, his baby survived with difficulty even though he had a weak constitution.

Sadly, Lin Tiechu passed away when the baby was five years old.

He was crippled since childhood and he also had a weak physique. Having lost his wife and suffered many other blows, he had long ago exhausted all his vitality.

His son is the only reason he has been able to persevere until now.

Lin Tiechu on his last breath called his five-year-old son and said, "Our Weapon Spirit Clan was once the most prestigious clan on the Lingxuan continent. Immortals even sought after our weapons. Do your best to live on. In order to restore our Weapon Spirit clan's glory, you must think of a way to do so... From now on, you will be known as Lin Qi."

As Lin Tiechu told his son about the Weapon Spirit clan, he also closed his eyes.

All this left Lin Qi, five years old, staring dumbly.


"Lin Qi."

Looking at the child within the light beam of resurrection, Su Qingyi and several other ancient goddesses suddenly turned back and looked at Mu Lingsha at the side.

"Lingsha, what is your master's name that you kept mentioning before?" asked an ancient goddess incredulously.

Mu Lingsha stared at the image above her head with a deadly gaze at this moment.

After a long time, she slowly nodded: "My master's name is Lin Qi... That's right, this child within the light beam of resurrection is indeed my master."

The fact that God Taichu was actually Mu Lingsha's master dumbfounded everybody including Su Qingyi.

"Sister." Gritting her teeth, Su Qingyi reached out and took Mu Lingsha's hand and said, "Once young master returns, we will never be separated from young master."

Although Su Qingyi said this, she shook her head and muttered to herself: 'Sister Lingsha doesn't know that her master is young master, so she has feelings for him. It's understandable... I will never accept another woman ... Young master can only be mine.'

There was no woman who would want to share her beloved man with anyone else.

Su Qingyi, an ancient goddess, was no different.