CH 147

The five ancient goddesses retraced their gazes to the light beam of resurrection before them.

The crowd, however, reacted differently.

With tense expressions, Xiao Yanran and the rest stared at the figure within the light beam of resurrection.

Incorporating countless faith power, the figure above burst with vitality.

Even Xiao Yanran and others who were close to each other heard the thumping heartbeat of this figure.

"The Heavenly Emperor is about to be resurrected."

"Brother will be back soon."


Many thoughts surfaced in the minds of Xiao Yanran, Xiao Mei and others.

When they saw that the Heavenly Emperor's resurrection had been halted at the last minute, their surprised faces froze. With hostile expressions, they frowned at the five treasures.

It was clear to everyone that the five treasures merged with the light beam of resurrection, causing images to appear that halted the resurrection of the Heavenly Emperor.

These five treasures naturally infuriated them.

They would have already struck out and destroyed these five treasures if not for the fear of Su Qingyi and the other five ancient goddesses, as well as the fear of interrupting the light beam of resurrection in front of them which would affect the resurrection of the Heavenly Emperor.


Lin Feng also frowned slightly at this moment.