CH 72.1

This time, there were many people who had to carry things on their backs, and the mountain road was difficult to walk. When encountering uphill and downhill, they had to push and drag the cart, so they stopped to rest and continue to walk, ate the dry meals on the way, and when they returned home it was already afternoon.

Ji Qiuyue heard the sound of barking dogs outside, and before she reached the door to greet them, Dahui and Dabai followed her.”

"Mother, I soaked the dried chestnuts last night and boiled them in sugar water this morning, I also stewed them with chicken at noon, and I waited for you to come back. It’s just right now, they are still in the pot, and they can be eaten as soon as they are warmed up."

Seeing her reaching out to take the bamboo basket, Wei Lanxiang raised her hand to block it, and blamed her: "You forgot that you are pregnant? Take a rest, don't touch these things."

Although it was a reproach, Wei Lanxiang said it with smile, since Ji Qiuyue and Shen Yaoqing came back from the langzhong that day, she was happy every day.

Many women and fulangs of her age had grandchildren in their arms, and they were seen wandering around the village with their grandchildren all day long. Now she was going to hug her grandson as a grandmother, and she was so happy.

"Sister-in-law." Lu Gu called out in a low voice, and paused for a while, not knowing what to say, the overly polite words of congratulations were not easy to say to the family, so he could only purse his lips and smile slightly.

Seeing him like this, his thoughts were written all over his face. How could she not know what he meant, so she said with a smile: "Guzi is back, try the stew chicken with chestnuts made by sister-in-law, the chicken soup is also nourishing."

"Yeah ." Lu Gu nodded in response, and he even noticed that Ji Qiuyue's smile was different from the past.

She was originally a cheerful and straightforward person, but now her eyes were bright, and when the sun shone down, her face seemed to have a soft light, and her face was full of joy without a trace of haze.

At this moment, Shen Yaoqing was pulling the cart and was almost at the door of the house. The road was flat and there was no need to push behind. Seeing that Ji Qiuyue was a few steps behind and went to talk to Shen Yaoqing, Wei Lanxiang and the others smiled and went home first.

"Did you sleep well last night?" Shen Yaoqing smiled naively when he saw his wife, and everyone could see his joy from the bottom of his heart.     

Ji Qiuyue thought he was too naive, so she glared at him and said, "Okay, since you didn't take up space on the bed, why not?"

A hand stretched out to grab his wife’s hand, and squeezed it tightly before letting go.

Ji Qiuyue glared at him again, but didn't say anything, her smile never diminished.

The chicken soup was bright and fragrant. The chestnuts absorbed the broth, which was slightly salty but also sweet and glutinous. The chicken was stewed until soft and had the sweetness of chestnuts, it became more delicious.

The chicken was an old hen killed by Shen Yaoqing before going up the mountain yesterday. A whole chicken was chopped up, a lot of chestnuts were mixed, and a lot of water was added to stew it, enough for everyone to drink a bowl of chicken soup.

The chicken and chestnuts were served in a big old bowl. Not only Shen Yaoqing added vegetables and meat to Ji Qiuyue's bowl, even Wei Lanxiang kept adding chicken pieces to her.

Someone who was pregnant was different, even Shen Yan kew that she couldn't compete with her sister-in-law for meat, especially Lu Gu and Shen Xuanqing, beside, chestnuts were meaty and delicious, and there were other dishes.

"Second brother said that those rabbits and pheasants are not for sale, and leave them for you to eat." Shen Yaoqing said, thinking of this, Ji Qiuyue loved to eat spicy fried rabbit meat.

Hearing this, she looked at Shen Xuanqing with a smile, and said, "Second brother is worried."

Shen Xuanqing smiled and said nothing. Now that life was better, it was okay to leave that little thing for his family to make up.

"After eating these, I'll buy some black-bone chickens for you to supplement your body." Shen Yaoqing said again, after three years of hard life, Ji Qiuyue lost a lot of weight than when she first married him. After a period of time, she gained a little weight, and now that she was pregnant, and he was always worried that his wife wouldn’t eat well.

"Yes, buy a few black-bone chickens and eat them." Wei Lanxiang echoed beside him.

Even if the women in the country were pregnant, they didn’t eat meat every day. Now that they had rabbits and pheasants, they still had to buy black-bone chickens. After hearing this, Ji Qiuyue felt that her husband and mother-in-law were thinking of herself, and she was happy, but she still felt that spending too much money was not good, so she said: "Just buy one or two, there is no one who eats these things often."

"Yeah." Although Shen Yaoqing responded repeatedly, he didn't think so in his heart. Now that his wife was pregnant, he didn't want to talk much. How many to buy at that time was up to him.

After a meal, everyone was full, and the whole body was warm after drinking the chicken soup.

Today, the five members of the family drove the mountain road, and their legs were tired because they had to push the cart while carrying their luggage. After eating, they didn’t do much work.

It was getting dark early, and it was getting colder without the sun, so Lu Gu went to the kitchen and boiled a large pot of water for the family to wash and soak their feet, and also poured soup for the mother-in-law.

He sat in front of the stove, the fire reflected on his face, it was not as cold as outside.

Not long after, Shen Xuanqing entered the kitchen, Lu Gu thought he was trying to scoop water, so he said, "The water is not boiling yet."

"Yeah." Shen Xuanqing didn't say anything else, he actually came to find Lu Gu, and he had nothing to do in the room by himself, but now Lu Gu looked up at him with puzzled eyes, thinking it was something else, so made him a little embarrassed.

"I'll help you." He said, squatting down next to Lu Gu, adding some firewood to the bottom of the stove.

He only boiled water and didn’t need the help of others, beside, there was only a small stool in front of the stove, but Shen Xuanqing was close to him, squatting down was a little higher than he who sat on the small stool, Lu Gu felt a little oppressed by being stuck inside, but it was also inexplicable peace of mind.

Lu Gu was not that smart, but he was aware of something right now, the fire was warm, Shen Xuanqing's legs were next to his legs, the atmosphere was a bit charming, he didn't speak, The hand on the knee moved slightly, subconsciously clenched the trousers and let go.