CH 72.2

The firewood at the bottom of the stove crackled softly, and it was burning blazingly. Shen Xuanqing noticed that there were a few scratches on the fingers of the back of Lu Gu's thin hands, and some scabs had formed on the slight wounds that ooze a little blood from the scratches.

Country people often worked, and their hands were seldom delicate, Lu Gu was fair, but apart from his hands, his face was fairer than ordinary people, not to mention the parts of his body where couldn’t be seen by the sun.

There was no one else in the kitchen, it was dark, and it was so cold, the rest of the Shen family were all in their rooms, no one disturbed them.

Shen Xuanqing couldn't hold it back, and raised his hand to grab Lu Gu's hand. At first, he held it tightly, but then he gradually became presumptuous, from pinching the palm of her hand to play with her fingers.

Even he himself couldn't understand it, it was just a hand, everyone had it, but he just couldn't let it go.

Lu Gu lowered his head and didn't dare to speak, the orange fire was shining brightly, his blushing face couldn't tell whether it was from embarrassment or heat.

It wasn't long before white steam came out from the pot, and it didn't take long before she heard Shen Yan shouting from the main room: "Brother Guzi, is the water boiling?"

There were footsteps outside, and she came towards the kitchen while shouting.

Shen Xuanqing woke up like a dream, and Lu Gu was even more panicked. He withdrew his hand all of a sudden, and shouted in a trembling voice: "It's boiling."

Seeing Lu Gu's shy eyelashes trembling slightly, he touched his fulang’s hand in the kitchen. Shen Xuanqing was also a little embarrassed, but there was a smile on his face.

Shen Yan brought two Tang Pozi over, one was for Ji Qiuyue, first she filled tang pozi with hot water and stuffed it into the quilt, and the quilt would be warm.

"I'll get it." Shen Xuanqing got up and said.

"Yeah." Lu Gu nodded, and helped Shen Yan to fill Tang Pozi first.

After being hugged by Shen Xuanqing, Lu Gu closed his eyes and wanted to sleep, but suddenly, a big hand groped and covered his eyes.

He subconsciously wanted to open his eyes, but he couldn't help but close them again due to the occlusion in front of his eyes. In this way, the long eyelashes brushed against Shen Xuanqing's palm, and the slight itchiness seemed to pass across his heart at the same time.

Sure enough, this was the feeling, this was what Shen Xuanqing wanted to do before, and finally got started tonight.

Lu Gu struggled in his arms, and anyone who was blindfolded would feel uncomfortable, so he let go of his hand, wanting to explain but didn't know how to say it, so he didn't speak at all. He hugged Lu Gu and kissed him for a while, the unbearable itchiness was relieved only after the kiss and he could close his eyes and sleep steadily.

After catching so many fat badgers, all of them were fat and strong, and one was very heavy to lift. It was the most important thing to peel the badgers as soon as possible and then refine the badger oil.

After breakfast, Wei Lanxiang took Shen Yan to the town to buy borneol. Not to mention the village, ordinary people in the town couldn't afford borneol, but adding borneol when refining badger oil was the best. The high grade badger oil could be sold at a higher price after being refined.

After Lu Gu boiled hot water, the two brothers Shen killed and skinned the badgers together in the yard.

Ji Qiuyue took a look and felt sick in her stomach, and didn't dare to look again. Lu Gu often saw Shen Xuanqing skinning rabbits and plucking pheasants, but this was the first time he saw badgers being killed. Killed the badgers first, and then peeled them directly.

The puppy was chained in the backyard, and Dahui was used to smell the bloody smell of the prey, so he surrounded them, looking quite stable.

The puppy barked excitedly, wanted to bite the badger meat secretly, and even got close to smell the blood on the ground. Afraid that it would lick the blood, Lu Gu hurriedly told him to go to the main room, and closed the door of the main room without letting him go out again.

Guaizi followed him all day long, he was naturally obedient, and followed him when he called out.

"Guzi, how about this cloth?" Ji Qiuyue probed outside the door when she heard the movement.

The smell of blood in the yard was strong, the badger was bigger than the rabbit, and the scene of skinning and digging out the belly was really not very good-looking. Lu Gu didn't want to watch it anymore, so he came over after hearing the words.

"Sit down." Ji Qiuyue sat on the edge of the bed, spread out a piece of red cloth and touched it.

After sitting down, Lu Gu touched it and found it was soft. It was really goodcloth, so he said, "It's really a good cloth."

He raised his head and asked, "Sister-in-law, are these used to make clothes for children?"

"Yes." Ji Qiuyue smiled, and said: "I'll tell you, Brother Daqing said that the child will be born in August next year, it will be hot, just use this thin cloth to make some clothes."

After thinking about it, Lu Gu said: " After the clothes are finished, I will embroider some small flowers to make them look better, and I will embroider them with tiger head patterns."

Tigers and lions were mighty and majestic, and the children here, regardless of gender, would wear tiger or lion hats if they were sophisticated. Shoes were meant to ward off evil spirits and keep people safe, and the same for clothes embroidered with tiger and lion patterns.

Ji Qiuyue nodded again and again, smiling happily: "Okay, don't worry, my stomach is not big enough for us to work in the winter, I just bought four-color embroidery thread, and I plan to make a tiger hat, and for tiger shoes, mother  said that she will do it, and now you can embroider tiger patterns on the clothes, it’s all done.”

At this time the puppy came while wagging his tail, Ji Qiuyue glanced at him, and said with a smile: “He is still so fat.”

Lu Gu’s eyebrows were slightly curved, and he smiled slightly, glancing at the puppy, and thinking that next year there would be a little child wearing a tiger-head patterned dress and shoes, he felt happy. After the clothes were ready, other embroidery work could be put down first, which was the most important thing.