Chapter 305 - Chapter 305: Be Unreasonable

Chapter 305: Be Unreasonable

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Old Madam Qiu left reluctantly. She quietly walked to the corner door of the woodshed and was about to leave. Before she could take a step, a black shadow landed in front of her.

The man’s long and narrow eyes were devoid of emotion, and his black scabbard carried a bloodthirsty chill.

Old Madam Qiu’s legs trembled, and she fell to the ground.

Su Dingheng had taken a nap and woke up, but Liang Jin hadn’t finished his interrogation yet.

Everyone in Su Yurou’s courtyard had been investigated, but Liang Jin insisted that even if Su Yurou was bedridden, he would have his female subordinate bring the witness to question her directly.

He was known for his fairness, and not even the emperor could challenge him, let alone Su Dingheng.

Seeing that everyone in Marquis’s Manor had been questioned, Su Dingheng asked Liang Jin, “Lord Liang, have you found any results?”

Liang Jin organized a thick stack of documents and pulled out a sheet with five names listed on it. He pointed to Su Dingheng and said, “These are the five individuals not present in the Marquis’s Manor. 1 must personally meet them today.”

Su Dingheng was feeling a bit of a headache.

Su Yingxue stepped forward to explain the situation. “Four of these individuals can return to the manor today for Lord Liang to interrogate. However, one of them remains missing.”

“Who is it?” Su Dingheng’s brow furrowed slightly.

Su Yingxue hesitated before revealing, “It’s the madam of Lady Liu. She asked for leave from the manor yesterday to take care of her family. I sent someone to her house just now, but we couldn’t find her.”

Su Dingheng looked at Lady Liu and asked, “Were you aware of this?”

Liu Shulan’s voice was gentle and soft, “Old Madam Qiu has been with me for many years, and my elderly mother has been bedridden all along. 1 felt sorry for her, so I allowed her to return for a few days to take care of her mother. Instead of having her come now, why don’t we wait for her to attend to her mother for a few days and then go to see Lord Liang?”

“No! If she is within Jiang Du City, please ensure she is brought to me!” Liang Jin asserted. He was known for his no-nonsense approach, never letting anyone off, and that’s what made him highly respected.

Liu Shulan’s eyes welled up with tears as she bit her rosy lips. “This… If Lord Liang insists on this, 1 am willing to accompany Lord Liang back to the Capital Prefecture until Old Madam Qiu is returned.”

After her passionate night with Su Dingheng, she knew that he would never let her go.

Su Dingheng immediately voiced his opposition, “Lord Liang, you have already interrogated everyone in the Marquis’s Manor. Only one person remains unaccounted for. Please show some leniency. Once Old Madam Qiu returns after tending to her mother, I will personally bring her to the Capital Prefecture.”

Su Dingheng was more than generous.

Liang Jin’s expression remained stern. “Even if she has left Jiang Du City, I will apprehend her today!”

In her heart, Su Yingxue gave Liang Jin a thumbs-up.

Her willingness to report every incident wasn’t in vain.

Liang Jin’s impartiality never disappointed anyone.

Upon hearing this, Liu Shulan burst into tears. She was so fragile and didn’t say a word, making people’s hearts ache.

Su Dingheng held her and consoled her. “Alright, Lan’er, you are not to blame for this. Lord Liang is being too unreasonable!”

“Lord Liang, if you wish to find this person, please go look for her yourself. I won’t accompany you any longer.” Su Dingheng expressed impatience, believing that the woman in his arms was the most important thing at that moment.

Liang Jin’s eyebrows slightly furrowed.

Su Yingxue thought about it. Zi Wei was very efficient, so she suggested, “Lord Liang, it’s already late. Why don’t you return to the residence first and find her tomorrow?”.

There was a surprise waiting for him at the door..