Chapter 5497

The oppressive force of the seventh-rank god king was really terrifying. Lin Chen felt extremely difficult even to move his body, not to mention resistance.

Even so, it doesn't mean he has no way to deal with it!

A strange fluctuation spread from Lin Chen's feet.

"Wuji Magical Talisman" appeared in people's sight!

Lin Chen knew that right now he didn't have the capital to fight against the seventh-rank god king. The only thing he could do to get out of the current predicament was obviously to use foreign objects!

"It's a pity. If I didn't know that you have this thing on your body, I might really let you slip away! But since I have known it for a long time, do you think this thing can still help you?"

Peng Beilin's sneer sounded.

In the blink of an eye, blood sprayed out from Lin Chen's right leg. From below the thigh, it seemed to be cut off by an invisible sharp weapon, and the right leg that was attached to the "Wuji Divine Walking Talisman" fell downward!

For the god king and powerhouse, rebirth from a broken limb is as simple as eating and drinking.

Logically speaking, the "Wuji Shenxing Talisman" has recognized its owner, even if his right leg is cut off, Lin Chen will return it to his hand with a thought.

However, Peng Beilin's uncapturable blow carried unspeakable mystery. It not only cut off Lin Chen's right leg, but also severed the connection between him and the "Wuji Divine Amulet".

Faced with this sudden scene, although Lin Chen's heart was beating wildly and his face was ugly, he still remained calm. Just as he was about to make the next move, Peng Beilin's knife that cut off his arm just now was already between Lin Chen's eyebrows!

"Stop! If you dare to hurt him, I will definitely kill you. Not only you, but also the entire Cangyang Sect, must be buried with him!"

Seeing this scene, Taoyao's expression changed drastically. She wanted to come over to help, but she was worried that the mask on her body would hurt Lin Chen.

Peng Beilin looked at her: "Little girl, you are not even a god king, but you can protect yourself in front of me with the help of foreign objects! You are not very capable, but your tone is not small!"

Tao Yao had a fierce face: "I swear! I will do what I say!"

Peng Beilin had a stern look on his face, but he didn't taunt anymore.

He was able to get to where he is today without being afraid of threats from others at all.

No matter how fierce the verbal words are, in his eyes, they have no meaning. Only when the other party shows enough strength can he be afraid.

He doesn't take Tao Yao's own strength seriously.

But Taoyao can be condescending and order a monk of the same rank as him, this makes him have to be afraid!

"What she said is the truth. I advise you that if you don't want to die, you'd better let her go obediently."

Seeing that it was Lin Chen who was restrained, the old man didn't take it seriously, but seeing Taoyao was so anxious, he could only follow suit.

"No! You can't just let this guy go!"

Peng Beihu rushed to Peng Beilin's side with a look of resignation.

Peng Beilin's face was gloomy, he didn't say yes, he didn't say no, he was obviously analyzing the current situation and didn't make a decision for a while.

The old man sneered, "Do you know who gave the token in her hand?"

"Who gave it to you?"

Peng Beilin was very concerned about this, and immediately looked at the other party.

He wanted to figure out where Tao Yao and the old man came from, and what forces were behind them.

The old man said coldly: "You are not qualified to know the real name of that being! You just need to be clear, that is a big shot in God's Domain, and even the ordinary eternal Allah will lower his eyebrows and bow his head when he sees him.

And you are just a seventh-rank god king, moreover, a seventh-rank god king from the barren land. In the realm of the gods, a guy like you is only at the bottom of the same rank. "

A big shot in God's Domain?

Even the ordinary Eternal Allah has to lower his eyebrows and bow his head?

Hearing this, Peng Beihu's expression changed, and he said with a sneer:

"Who are you scaring? There are not many big shots of that level even in God's Domain! I don't believe that we will be so unlucky!"


The old man didn't even bother to talk to him, and continued to stare at Peng Beilin, pointing at the mask on Taoyao's body. "This is the means that the big man left behind! Since you are already a seventh-level god king, and you are only one step away from the eternal God, you should be able to sense how terrifying that big man is? He is like the sun and the moon in the sky. ,and

You and I are but the light of the fireflies! "

Peng Beilin looked at the mask on Taoyao again, and he did feel a breath of fear from the depths of his soul.

The old man added in a gloomy tone: "Think about it, if you kill him, can you really leave in front of me today?"

Peng Beilin's expression changed continuously, and he suddenly said, "It's not impossible to let people go!"

"No! How could—"

Peng Beihu still wanted to object, but when he saw Peng Beilin's cold eyes, his heart skipped a beat and he shut his mouth honestly.

"The premise is, return my things!"

Peng Beilin stretched out his hand, and the golden umbrella returned to his hand.

At the same time, he stared at the old man, obviously wanting to recover the six long swords from before.

The old man looked reluctant.

Tao Yao said angrily: "Give it back to him!"

The old man was helpless, and with a wave of his hand, six long swords flew out, and were quickly put away by Peng Beilin.

Peng Beilin looked at Lin Chen's chest, a violent force surged out, and soon, he pulled out something from Lin Chen's body, it was the Divine Phoenix Ling!

At the same time, he also put away the "Wuji Divine Amulet" that fell downward.

After a while, he put away the knife, grabbed Lin Chen with one hand, and Peng Beihu with the other, and fled towards the distance.

"Don't follow! Before you disappear from sight, I will let him go! But if you follow, I will finish him!"

Tao Yao wanted to chase after her, but when she heard this, she immediately stopped, even telling the old man not to chase her.

The old man had no choice but to stop, muttering in his heart, this woman is completely lost, her heart is all on that kid, and she is not willing to try if there is even a little risk!

Right now, it is obvious that you can try to make a move when the other party releases someone!

Peng Beilin didn't break his promise, and flew a certain distance, seeing that the old man and Taoyao didn't keep up, he stopped immediately.

He looked at Lin Chen with some doubts: "You have nothing to say?"

From the moment Lin Chen was restrained by him, he didn't make any movement or open his mouth. Later, he even let him take away the Divine Phoenix Silk and the Wuji Divine Amulet.

Peng Beihu sneered and said, "This kid is obviously scared out of his wits!"

Peng Beilin didn't think so, he didn't see fear in Lin Chen's eyes, and he didn't even see hatred.

"If you lose, you lose. If you can't beat, you can't beat. What else can I say? I admit it! Now I can't match you, and I have nothing to say if I lose to this guy , I'd be annoyed."

Lin Chen opened his mouth and glanced at Peng Beihu.

Peng Beihu said angrily: "Boy, do you dare to look down on me?"

Peng Beilin heard the meaning of Lin Chen's words:

"Do you think that you are no match for me now, and you will be fine in the future? Do you know that the vast majority of god kings, it is impossible to bridge the gap between you and me after a lifetime of cultivation!"

Lin Chen said coldly: "Others can't, it's other people's business, nothing to do with me. You just need to remember, one day, I will take back the treasure on your body!"

Peng Beilin let out a cold snort of disdain, and slapped Lin Chen on the chest, knocking him into the air. When Taoyao and the old man rushed towards Lin Chen, he disappeared with Peng Beihu.

In the air, came his answer to Lin Chen. "Boy, you are too ignorant! See you next time, if you can not rely on women, I don't mind letting you really see what kind of gap there is between you and me."