Chapter 323 - Milkvetch

It took a lot for Gu Sanniang and Ying Zi to go and find Lin Yuelan, but they returned in disappointment.

They couldn’t help but curse Lin Yuelan for being a demon. They prayed that she would be eaten by the wild beasts on Mount Da Ao. Then, they would feel better.

But where did Lin Yuelan really go?

Actually, Doctor Zhang wasn’t lying. She had indeed gone to Mount Da Ao. She went there to collect life force from the plants. The treatment of Lin Mingqing exhausted a lot of her life force. Therefore, she needed to replenish them.

Mount Da Ao was little White’s territory, so little green could move around without any worries. It slithered around the grass like a green snake.

Lin Yuelan sat cross-legged on the peak of Mount Da Ao with her eyes closed. Little Green stood behind her. Then, a green mist-like substance invisible to the naked eye surged through Little Green’s bud and into Lin Yuelan’s palms. It was collected in Lin Yuelan’s dantian.

After an unknown amount of time, Lin Yuelan opened her sharp eyes and let out a deep breath.

She looked at little green, who had grown a tender yellow bud, and said, “Congratulations, little green, you’ve leveled up!”

In the post-apocalyptic world, Little Green needed zombie nuclei to level up. Since all the animals and plants had mutated, little green’s only source of energy was from the crystals where their energy was gathered.

In this world, since there were no zombies or mutated creatures, Little Green’s source was the plants of this world. Little Green absorbed the energy from the plants, but he could also imbue them with his energy. When the plants were blessed with Little Green’s energy, they would become more vibrant.

Little Green smiled, “Master, when I break through to level three, your special ability will be restored. At that time, you can summon thunder and rain!” There were a total of five levels Little Green could reach.

Little Green’s level was closely related to Lin Yuelan’s ability. The higher Little Green’s level, the more powerful Lin Yuelan was.

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, “Little Green, I just want to farm in peace, but fate doesn’t allow that. With these special abilities, no one in this world can bully us!”

Even the imperial court couldn’t do anything to them.

Little Green’s sharp bud bent and echoed, “Yes. Little Green will always be there for master!”

They both then entered the space.

There was a huge change in the space.

Previously, the space was barren and desolate. Lin Yuelan had to ask Liefeng to plow some plots for her to plant some vegetables and herbs. About ten Mus of land had been plowed by Liefeng. Only a small corner was left.

As soon as Liefeng saw Lin Yuelan, it stopped plowing and ran over. It rubbed its head against Lin Yuelan in an attempt to please her.

Lin Yuelan giggled as her waist was rubbed. It was too itchy.


After playing with Liefeng for a while, Lin Yuelan patted its head and said, “Alright, I know you’ve worked hard. Don’t worry. I’ll get you out soon. But…” As she spoke, she tilted her head and looked at the reddish-brown handsome and majestic Liefeng. She said, “Liefeng, if you want to go out, we have to change your fur color. Otherwise, some might be able to identify your master through you. That’ll attract the attention of assassins…”

Lin Yuelan patted Liefeng’s head, “for the sake of your master’s safety, you have to change your appearance.”

Even though Liefeng was quite clever and it had drunk the water in the space, it still couldn’t understand too complicated statements.