Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Leonhard Bernoulli hated moments when he felt helpless.

Just like right now.


He couldn’t bear to say Celine’s name out of his mouth and muttered inside.

At first, he had no idea what she was doing above the air. Celine flew over objects that disappeared as soon as she set her foot on them as she was barely holding on in the air.

Since he did not know any information Celine knew nor could hear her music, which Celine held onto like a rope, it was only natural that her actions seemed like meaningless movements in the void to his eyes.

However, Leonhard knew very well that Celine wasn’t moving desperately for no reason. He observed her Celine. It wasn’t simply because he couldn’t do anything other than that. He was desperate to find something he might be able to help with, a way to help.

After a while, Leonhard was able to memorize all of her movement patterns. Celine moved according to a routine that was repeated every fifteen minutes.

He clenched his fists.

‘That… what does it mean?’

Up until now, he hadn’t really questioned Celine’s behavior. He was mostly convinced by her simple words, ‘I saw it in my dream, I have to do this to break the curse.’

Nevertheless, it was different now.

Was she just continuing her painful steps without meaning? There was no guarantee when that would end, either.

Even if he trusted her completely, he still had doubts.


Leonhard’s body stiffened.

Celine seemed flustered at first, but she soon regained her balance and moved along with the pattern. But now, she was struggling as she lost her balance.


Leonhardt looked at her with eyes that seemed to engulf her.

Even though nothing had changed, she stumbled in a great panic as if a sudden earthquake had occurred. Celine didn’t just temporarily lose her balance. Rather, she was moving like a drowning person struggling desperately to stay alive.

Leonhard wanted to call her, but he couldn’t. One thoughtless word from him could have distracted her.

Still, he couldn’t just watch it like this.

At that time, Celine’s movement stopped. At that fleeting moment, he realized that if she didn’t move right away, she would fall out of thin air.

“Now, run!”

Fortunately, Celine ran.

After that, he listed all the movements he had memorized. She didn’t say a word though Leonhard knew she was moving solely on his direction. Fortunately, he perfectly memorized her every movement, and she also responded immediately to his every word.

‘Once this is over, I’ll have to properly ask about the future…’

The moment he fell into an easy thought, Celine stopped moving.

And soon, she crashed.


Leonhard thought nothing more, and he flung his body to where Celine was.

If he had given any time to think about it, he would have realized how pointless the action was. However, what moved Leonhard now was emotion, not thought. He fell into the air exactly where Celine landed.

Celine sat on her knees on the steel structure for a while.

The murmur around her did not reach her ears at all. She was only intoxicated with the elation at the fact that she had just won the stage and an anxious foreboding that the stage would continue to sabotage her.


Someone gave her body a big shake.


It was only then did she blinked her eyes.

It was rose


“Are you okay?”

“Yes, yes.”

“I don’t think so at all.”

Celine staggered and got up. When she came to her senses, the steel structure had already reached the ground. She was not wearing a shield, but she was breathing easily.

“The smoke…”

“Everything has stopped.”

Rose smiled to reassure her.

“I’m still checking, but there are no deaths. Everyone is fine.”

“I see.”

Celine muttered in relief.

‘I was worried that someone might have died because I wasted my time… Thank goodness.’

If there were people who died because of her choices, Celine might not be able to forgive herself for a while.

Rose asked anxiously.

“Are you okay? I heard that your body was very weak… Shall I take you to the hotel?”

“N, no.”

Celine shook her head.

“I came with… Leonhard.”

“With Lord Leonhard?”

Rose looked surprised.

“There is no way that Lord Leonhard would send Celine to a place like this alone… Where is he now?”

Celine blinked her eyes.

The last time she saw him was at the top of the tower though there was still no guarantee that he was there.

‘Perhaps he will come down to find me.’

However, in that case, he must have found her already. She asked Rose to confirm.

“Have you not seen Leonhard?”

“I don’t know.”

Celine staggered to her feet at those words. Perhaps, Leonhard might still be on top of the tower. At the same time, she ignored the anxiety that was starting to grow on one side of her chest.


As Celine climbed the tower, she kept calling out to Leonhard, but there was no answer.

‘I don’t know yet. Not yet…’

She clung to the fact that she hadn’t reached the top of the tower yet. After a while, she stood at the door on the top floor of the tower. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door.

There was nothing.

There was only one ordinary room. It was natural since the stage was over. Celine staggered, overcome by devastated emotions.

‘Leonhard, where are you…’

She couldn’t think of looking elsewhere.

There was no way that he would have gone elsewhere, leaving her defenseless. She went to the window and looked down.

‘If, if—’

It was because, just now, an absurd thought popped into her head.

What if he threw his body into the air after her?

‘It can’t be…!’

She was somewhat aware of Leonhard’s reckless tendencies. Still, he was not that bad to take such a meaningless and risky action…


She admitted that there was a good chance Leonhard would have done that anyway.

Celine bit her lip.

Assuming that he fell with her from the tower, but he didn’t show up anywhere right now…

‘…Maybe he passed onto the next stage.’

The thought sounded absurd, but her feelings grew deeper. Leonhard was the cheat key for this game. What if the cheat key intervened on the stage? Of course, he would move on to the next stage, no?

She touched her head at the thought.

Celine didn’t even know where the next stage was. Perhaps, if she waited, the entire castle might turn into a maze.

‘But, if I wait like this…’

As her head turned dizzy, she learned one thing while fighting the stage through the rhythm game. Now, the stage was trying to hinder her in some way, unlike the previous stage. It was even trying to completely cut her off from receiving help from Leonhard.

‘The next stage might even try to kill Leonhard.’

Celine gulped.

Leonhard was in danger.

Leonhard awoke in the dark. Even though he clearly remembered throwing himself into the air, he did not recall the fall or during the fall.


He frantically called Celine’s name, but nothing came from the darkness.

‘…I’m sure Celine is here somewhere.’

After all, they fell at the same spot.

He couldn’t even get a sense of where this strange place was because he couldn’t see forward. Nonetheless, his belief that Celine was somewhere here moved his legs. Leonhard fumbled around his waist. Fortunately, there was Rashir.

He took out Rashir right away.

The darkness was instantly filled with bluish light.


Leonhard frowned.

While he stood in a dusty aisle that had been untouched for a long time, he wasn’t particularly surprised. Because for the time he was with Celine, it was not just once or twice that he’d been through strange things.

He walked slowly, looking around.

According to the pattern so far, this place would be full of traps. There was nothing wrong with being careful.


Leonhard sat down on the floor.

Even though he didn’t know exactly how much time had passed, he was certain he’d been wandering around here for at least three or four hours.

At first, this place, which seemed to be a simple passage, was differentiated into three or four crossroads. Then, those crossroads were also differentiated into three or four other crossroads. Just in case, he marked each one and walked, and before he knew it, he came back to where he started.

‘A maze, is it…’

Leonhard laughed.

He crashed in midair, and now, he was trapped in a dark maze where not a ray of light entered…

‘I wonder if Celine is wandering here, too.’

At least Celine must have arrived here without a single scar since he himself was unscathed.

‘It’s fortunate.’

Aside from the situation where he heard no answer from her at all, his lips curled, thinking that she would not have been hurt.

Contrary to his first guess, the fact that there was no trap here made him relieved. Wandering through this labyrinth, sometime he would meet her. The only thing that mattered was that Celine seemed unlikely to get hurt or die even before he met her.

Leonhard smiled and slightly closed his eyes.

He wanted to give his tired body a break. However, circumstances did not allow him to rest even for a moment.


Leonhard jumped up.


Certainly, a huge vibration reverberated not far away. He immediately ran towards the direction where he felt the vibration.

Without further ado, the biggest possibility was Celine.

Thinking that, his heart beat with hope. Leonhard was able to find the source of the vibration without difficulty after a while before he turned the corner with a beating heart.


Leonhard’s eyes shone coldly.

It was a warlock who was spreading vibrations, wanting to collapse the entire aisle.


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