Chapter 1842: It's good to get the certificate

The selection of the concubine for the prince went very smoothly. The candidates were already decided. The background of the two concubines was not high, and they were all gentle in temperament. It took a lot of thought to select these two people, the emperor and the prince, and I was afraid that it would be a big heart. bad thoughts.

Because of the noble status of the emperor's eldest grandson and his young age, the eldest grandson of Pope Zhou Shuren was either in the Ministry of Housing or the Hou's Mansion.

As the time entered summer, there was more rain. It was rare that Zhou Shuren didn't teach the emperor's eldest grandson to stay at home, and the couple enjoyed the rain in their leisure time.

Chatting about a few granddaughters, Zhu Lan said: "Yu Die went out to Beijing with Yuan Bo to take office. This child said that everything is going well, and I don't know if it is a good news or a bad news."

Zhou Shuren, "You should rest assured about the granddaughter you teach."

Thinking of Yuanbo's wealth, Zhulan couldn't help laughing, "Yuanbo, this child, will not feel bad for Yudiehua."

Zhou Shuren also smiled, "Yes."

Zhulan added, "Yuwen is pregnant. I heard Su Xuan say that Gu Sheng is serving as an ancestor. It doesn't count as serving tea and pouring water in person, and she also invited a lot of leave to accompany Yuwen."

Zhou Shuren stretched out his hand to catch the rain, "The one with the most relaxed and happy granddaughters is Yuwen."

Among the grandsons-in-law, Gu Sheng was the only one who put his wife in his heart wholeheartedly. The others were not bad, but they all had their own ideals and responsibilities. Especially Wang Wei was destined to work hard for Yulu for his eldest grandson. .

Zhulan likes Gu Sheng, her granddaughter-in-law, and the latecomers surpassed several other granddaughters-in-law. "He also has the ability to manage his own business well. Yuwen's wedding was unexpectedly luxurious."

Zhou Shuren also had a smile on his face, "Yeah, this kid is not bad."

Even if he became the grandson-in-law of Zhouhou Mansion, Gu Sheng still followed his own plan, and there were not many people who guarded their hearts.

Zhulan suddenly said, "Yujiao has a student named Dong Yaya, go and ask about the Dong family."

Zhou Shuren, "The Dong family?"

"Well, I heard Shao Ting say that Dong Yaya's brother didn't pick up his sister personally before, but recently he often picks up his sister from school."

Zhou Shuren realized, "Did you like Yujiao?"

Zhulan, "Shao Ting will tell me what she sees. I haven't asked Yujiao, you should ask first."

Zhou Shuren had some impressions of Dong's surname, "I remember that there was a surnamed Dong on the second list this year, and now he is in the Ministry of Punishment?"

"You know? His name is Dong Liao."

Zhou Shuren stroked his beard, "Okay, I'll go and find out."

Zhulan said, "I thought Mingling would stay in the capital when he sent Yuyi to marry, but I didn't expect this child to follow the Dong family back to the south."

"Ming Ling is the eldest son of the third family. Chang Lian didn't take him with him to teach him before, but he was reluctant to send him back. Ming Ling also needs his father to teach him to follow Chang Lian well, so he can take him around Minghu."

Zhu Lan said quietly: "I think Chang Lian still can't send Yu Jiao to marry."

Zhou Shuren was silent, "I haven't seen the third child for some years."

This rainy day was very impressive to the Zhulan couple, even ten years later, they still remember it clearly.

On the same day ten years later, the imperial power changed again. No one thought that the emperor really abdicated, or abdicated when his body was still strong. Shenghui ended and opened a new chapter of glory.

The prince succeeded the throne smoothly and the eldest grandson of the emperor who had no objection was established as the prince, and another eldest son was the prince!

This also caused few ministers in the emperor's harem to pay no attention to it, and instead focused on the candidates for the new crown prince and princess.

The change of imperial power, the marquis of Zhou Shuren, the emperor rewarded the hereditary five generations, and the hereditary left it to the prince instead of the emperor, everyone can see it clearly.

Zhou Shuren participated in the emperor's enthronement ceremony today. He is over seventy years old, and his back can no longer be straightened. The ceremony is cumbersome and he has not stood for so long.

When he was over seventy years old, he was surprised that he could live past seventy years old. He was no longer the Minister of the Household, and now he still has not succeeded in becoming an official. Most of the time, I go to the palace to chat with the emperor, and the rest of the time is to teach the emperor's eldest grandson.

Zhou Shuren looked at the emperor sitting on the dragon chair, he actually became a veteran of the three dynasties!

Zhou Shuren turned his head to look at Chang Lian. Chang Lian returned to the capital last year, and now Chang Lian has become the new Minister of Rites. Zhou Shuren retracted his gaze and looked a little dazed, but shook his head to be more refreshed.

After the ceremony, Chang Lian hurriedly came over to support his father, with a concerned tone, "Father, are you alright?"

Zhou Shuren is not good, very bad. He feels that his energy and energy are gone. This feeling makes him realize that there is not much time for him.

The prince came over, "Master, Gu has already called an imperial doctor."

Zhou Shuren nodded, "Thank you, Your Highness."

The prince personally supported him, and Chang Lian stepped back and followed.

Zhou Shuren could feel the prince's emotions. He watched the child grow up. He had no reservations about the prince over the years. He didn't dare to teach his son before, because there was no soil for advanced thinking in ancient times.

The imperial doctor read it, "Today, Lord Hou is tired, so I need to rest more when I go back."

Said to open a lot of tonic prescriptions.

Zhou Shuren felt sick to his stomach when he heard the tonic. In recent years, the royal family was afraid that he would suddenly disappear.

The prince breathed a sigh of relief, "Send Master back alone."

Zhou Shuren waved his hand, "His Royal Highness has something to do, the three sons of the old minister will send the old minister home."

The prince confirmed that the master was all right, and then watched the master leave.

When the prince returned to the palace, the emperor asked about the situation, "Is Zhou Hou all right?"

The prince's tone was heavy, "Father, Master is over seventy."

The emperor, "yes, you go see him more."

The prince nodded, "Yes."

Zhou Shuren came home to see his wife lying on the rocking chair and sleeping soundly. His wife was not in good health for the past two years, and she was exempted from entering the palace today.

Zhou Shuren shouted twice and got no response from his wife, so he was a little anxious, "Zhulan, Zhulan."

Zhulan struggled to open her eyes, "I'm back."

Zhou Shuren breathed a sigh of relief, "Well, let's go back to the house to rest."

Zhu Lan shook her head, "I don't want to move anymore. I have a hunch that you are entering the palace today. Let's split up the family."

Zhou Shuren smiled, "Okay."

He also felt that their time was running out.

Chang Lian listened with a buzzing brain and a hoarse voice, "Father, mother, my son has just returned home!"

Zhou Shuren couldn't wait any longer. Fortunately, the things for his son were already prepared.

The next day, all the men of the Zhou family took leave, and all the girls who were married in the capital came back.

Zhulan had a rare spirit. The couple sat on the main seat and watched their children. In ten years, the Zhou family's great-grandchildren were born one after another, and they couldn't stand in the house for a long time, and the great-grandchildren stood in the courtyard.

Boss Zhou is not too young, except for the younger son, the other sons have white hair on their heads.

Zhou Shuren looked at the children, the Zhouhou mansion was already so huge, and he pointed to the divided industry and said, "The eldest son will account for 70% of the income according to the law, and the remaining 30% will be divided equally between you and you."

After a while, he continued: "The split house has been prepared for a long time. You can move out in a hundred years."

Boss Zhou's eyes were red, "Father."

Zhou Shuren waved his hand, "Everyone has to go through birth, old age, sickness and death. I have experienced what I should have experienced when I am over seventy years old, I have enjoyed the glory that I should enjoy, and now that you are all prosperous, I have no regrets."

Boss Zhou wiped his tears, and they knew that their father who shielded them from the wind and rain had completely let go.

Zhulan has a lot of private rooms, and her private rooms are not distributed according to the law. Several sons and daughters share 70% of them equally, and the remaining 30% are given to grandchildren, and some thoughts are given to great-grandchildren.

Zhulan explained, "We don't need luxury funeral objects in a hundred years. My father and I have prepared the funeral objects. The things I leave to you must be preserved, and they will be your future wealth."

As soon as these words were spoken, Xuemei and Xuehan were sobbing and speechless, as were the daughters-in-law of the Li family.

The Zhulan couple looked at each other, they felt the passing of life, this feeling was too obvious.

Zhou Shuren took out the booklet and handed it to the eldest son, "Changli, you are the eldest son. This is the last thing my father gave. I hope you can remember and restrain our son."

Boss Zhou took it over crying, "Son will not let you down."

Zhou Shuren looked at Changyi again, "I am proud of you because you have an orthodox background on your own."

Changyi said hoarsely, "Father, my son will make you honorable."

Zhou Shuren said good words and looked at Chang Lian again, "You have the highest official position in your family. You have been away for many years and have no need for my teaching. I will give you four words. If you should retire, you will retire."

Chang Lian, "Yes, my son will keep it in mind."

Zhou Shuren looked at his fourth son, "You probably won't be able to get out of the Hanlin Academy, so that's fine."

Changzhi's eyes were red, "Dad, my son has made you worry."

Zhou Shuren smiled, "You understand everything, except that sometimes you are very daring, and at other times you have peace of mind."

After he finished speaking, he looked at his younger son. It is a good thing for the younger son to have a high starting point, but it is also a burden. He rose to the fourth rank in ten years, "I know you are smart, but I am most worried about you."

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Chang Zhong sniffed, "Dad, my son won't let you down."

Zhou Shuren took out the final booklet, "I leave this to you, I will read it more in the future."

Changzhong took it with both hands, "Yes."

Zhou Shuren looked at several grandsons again, but unfortunately the eldest grandson is an official outside, and the Zhouhou Mansion is already glorious enough, Zhou Shuren stood up and said: "I hope you keep your heart, and if someone violates the family rules, they will be expelled from the family."

"Remember the teaching."

Zhou Shuren sat down again and thought that it would be good for him to pass away now, just to let the Zhouhou Mansion cool down, and to avoid the disputes between the princes and concubines.

Zhou Shuren looked at the two sons-in-law again, "My old father can't protect his daughter. If you treat my daughter badly, wait for me to settle the account with you."

Rong Chuan and Jiang Sheng were not willing to let their wives feel angry, the tears of the two of them were blurred.

Zhulan's spirit is not as good as her book, and she has just whispered to a few daughters-in-law and daughters-in-law.

Zhulan looked at Lu Jiaqing and Linxi, who would have thought that they would become husband and wife, and then looked at Yujiao and Dong Liao. At first, Yujiao disliked Dong Liao's domineering, but the fate was doomed.

Some regret not being able to see the eldest grandchildren. Looking at the plump Ming Jing, and then at Ming Ling and Ming Feng, the corners of Zhu Lan's mouth turned up, and then she suddenly lost her energy and closed her eyes silently.

Li Shi was the first to find out and cried, "Mother, mother."

Zhou Shuren turned his head sharply and stretched out his hand tremblingly. Zhulan didn't breathe, Zhou Shuren's eyes widened and he fell down.

This time the scene became chaotic. Boss Zhou didn't obey his orders. He gave himself a few slaps to stabilize his hand. After touching it, he cried, "Dad, Daddy!"

However, Zhulan and Zhou Shuren looked at each other in the state of souls, Zhulan curled the corners of her mouth, "You are so young after so many years!"

Zhou Shuren also smiled, "It seems that I have recovered my true appearance, how is your husband handsome?"

Zhu Lan raised the corners of her mouth, "What about me?"


"You are handsome too."

Then the two of them didn't say a word, they were stunned, do they have to go to the underworld if they die? It turned out to be nothing, and they didn't dissipate.

Zhou Shuren stretched out his hand and squeezed his daughter-in-law's hand. The two of them watched the chaos in the room. The entire Zhouhou Mansion was crying, and the eldest Zhou was crying.

Zhulan was in a state of soul and couldn't help but red eyes, she could only watch silently, her heart was full of reluctance for the children.

Zhou Shuren didn't get any better either. Years of love!

In the end, Boss Zhou finally took the appearance of the boss and changed his father's clothes in person, while Li took his younger brothers and sisters to change his mother's clothes.

Everything was prepared early, and the cemetery was built long ago.

When the prince got the news, the emperor and the prince came to the Hou Mansion together. The prince had deep feelings for Zhou Shuren, and his eyes were red when he saw the body.

The Emperor Taishang took a deep breath and called Zhou Shizi to ask Zhou Hou why he suddenly left.

Chang Li snorted, "Today, my parents are going to split up the family. When they split up, they explained their last words. My parents seem to feel like they are going to leave."

The Emperor Taishang saw that the prince was holding a few books in his arms, and heard that Zhou Shuren left it to the prince last.

Zhou Shuren and Zhulan watched their funeral with their own eyes, Zhou Shuren said quietly: "I have a lot of merits, how come there is no vision in my death?"

Zhulan was speechless, "You think too much."

The funerals of the two of them were very grand. Although there was no Supreme Emperor to see them off, there were still people who cried for them. The ones who cried for Zhulan were all women. The status of women has risen rapidly in the past ten years.

Originally, Zhou Shuren and his wife were supposed to be buried in Zhoujia Village, and the cemetery was already built. As a result, the royal family came to an operation and secretly built a cemetery for Zhou Shuren, still near the Mausoleum of the Emperor Taishang!

Zhou Shuren, "..."

Bamboo Orchid, "..."

What a surprise, they have no news at all.

The prince was dumbfounded, and the emperor didn't even tell the emperor, let alone his grandson.

In the end, when Boss Zhou was stunned, Zhou Jiacun was just a burial mound, and the funeral items prepared by his parents could not be sent back, so he had to prepare again.

Zhou Shuren and his wife didn't leave, the grandchildren and grandchildren were all seen.

Now that the funeral is over and they haven't left yet, Zhou Shuren said, "We won't be here forever!"

Zhulan, "No way!"

As the days passed, the two still did not leave. They often went to the palace for a walk. Listening to the Emperor Taishang and the Emperor talking about the two of them, Zhou Shuren knew that the Emperor Taishang had been entrusted to him in a dream.

They also followed their children and grandchildren back to their hometown. Changyi and a few Ding You returned to their hometown to stay away from officialdom. Several sons with official positions were more peaceful. When their favorite hobby was nothing, they went to their clothes tombs to talk about their inner feelings.

When they were bored, they went back to the capital, and followed the Taishanghuang to make a private visit, and then the Taishanghuang did not want to stay in the palace, and the life in the folk was very exciting.

The Zhulan couple regretted that they did not take a good look at Zhang Chaojiang and the mountains, and they went to many places with the Emperor Taishang.

On the anniversary, they still didn't leave, and they also followed the Emperor Taishang very well.

It will be the third anniversary soon, they have already browsed the whole country, no, it should be said to be the world, who would have thought that the Emperor Taishang would be brave enough to sail with the ship!

They also met Jiang Ping and Jiang An with the Emperor Taishang. The two of them were very good On the third anniversary, they felt it. They knew the emperor's arrangement for several sons, and the two of them had nothing to worry about. Waiting for the third anniversary.

Sure enough, on the night of the third anniversary, they saw the light of the stars, as if they saw a lot of people, bowed down to thank them, and also saw Zhang Yu, the emperor who founded the Zhang Dynasty, Zhou Shuren, who will always be the supreme emperor in his heart.

Zhang Yu smiled and pointed without saying a word. All the light spots gathered together. Zhou Shuren and Zhulan were wrapped by the light spots. They closed their eyes and heard a thank you, and then lost consciousness.

When she became conscious again, Zhulan sat up abruptly. The house was too familiar. This was her house. After that, she didn't hurt at all. She took out her phone and stared at it. She went back to the two days before the accident, thinking about it. What quickly got out of bed, she didn't hear the doorbell when she got to the door.

Zhulan's heart thumped, and she was hugged when she opened the door, her voice trembling, "We, we are back."

Zhou Shuren, "Yes, we are back."

It feels real when he hugs his daughter-in-law, they are back!

Zhulan burst into tears, "I obviously don't care anymore, why is my heart so empty, I miss the children."

Zhou Shuren's eyes were also red, "I will accompany you in the future, we will be together forever."

Zhulan didn't know how long she cried, she couldn't open her eyes, her nasal voice was heavy, "I'm much better."

Zhou Shuren had already taken the opportunity to go back home and took out the household registration book and ID card, "I just went back to pick it up, and I figured it would be suitable to get the certificate today, what do you think?"

Bamboo Orchid, "..."

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