Chapter 4996: , Ace Wall (4)

"What, what's going on?!"

Between the electric light and flint, the picture that caught my eye brought a huge impact to Yossai's ace pilot. He was so lazy and yawning at the previous moment, but at the next moment he was as tense as if he was suddenly awakened by a nightmare. body.

If it wasn't in the cockpit, with the seat belt firmly fixing him to his driver's seat, at that moment, he would definitely jump up from his position!

"The action of that mech just now..."

At this moment, through the feedback of the image in front of him, Yossai's ace pilot stared at we01 on the screen, the action just now was simply incredible to him.

Compared with the huge and bulky interplanetary battleships, the range of activities of each structure of the mecha is very large, which means that the upper limit of its operation is also very high, and how far it can be operated depends on the driver's ability.

Indeed, compared to the gravitational environment under the planet's atmosphere, in the gravity-free environment of outer space, the actions of the mecha will become more flexible, which is naturally more conducive to the excellent mecha pilot to show his operating skills more thoroughly. .

But even so, the performance of we01 just now, in the eyes of Yossai's ace pilot, was a bit beyond the flexible range.

People often like to use the term 'arm-like command' to describe how flexible they are in manipulating something.

But in fact, anything, to one's body, is only a foreign object after all, and who can really use those foreign objects as if they were using their own arms?

Although he is not the only ace pilot in the Republic of Yosai, being able to obtain this title has already demonstrated his superb handling skills.

And it is precisely because of his own operating skills that he is already superb enough, so he can realize how incredible we01's performance just now is.

Just when he was so horrified, the beam floating cannon that Wall had sent out to deal with the enemy's unmanned fighter group had quickly returned.

As for those unmanned fighters, of course, they have all been destroyed.

Due to the battle here, a showdown between mechas and mechas has already been formed, so the Yossai Armed Fleet did not send unmanned fighters to this area, and did not want the unmanned fighters to disturb their own side. Actions of the Mecha Troops.

After all, in the eyes of the commander of Yusei, their mecha unit is basically a sure win.

In the end, I don't know what happened. The moment before, because of the approach of their mecha troops, they gradually showed a clumsy posture. Wall, who missed the bottom, showed the operation skills in the next moment, which was like a **** descending to earth. Stunned their ace pilots.

The beam floating cannon that flew back, combined with the beam rifle, destroyed all the remaining units that came up in a short period of time.

He didn't even have time to let the ace of Yos'ai think about it, and those floating beam cannons quickly approached him.

Although he did not pay attention to how these beam floating cannons dealt with their unmanned fighters before, when the opponent used beam floating cannons and beam rifles to destroy their mechas, based on preliminary judgment, he was basically able to confirm that , that is definitely not the cooperation that can be displayed under the control of the intelligent system.

And if the intelligent system is not in control, the only possibility is human control, but how is that possible?

Under the circumstance that it is necessary to control the beam rifle for precise shooting, it is necessary to perform fine control of so many beam floating guns. How amazing is the multi-purpose ability to do this?

At least he believes that he is absolutely unable to do this.

At this moment, facing the approaching beam floating cannons, the first reaction of Yossai's ace driver was to destroy all these beam floating cannons first.

Although the power of these floating beam cannons is limited, in the case of a head-to-head confrontation with the enemy mecha driver, the threat of these floating beam cannons will become impossible to ignore!

With this thought in mind, the beam rifle in the hand of the ace Yosei driver had just been raised, and he had not even had time to pull the trigger. At this moment, a beam attack quickly shot.

Ace Yosei, who sensed the attack, quickly made an evasive action. The beam attack failed to hit his body, but it pierced through his beam rifle.

The gap in the gun body quickly distorted and expanded after being heated.

The ace Yosei driver who saw this scene hurriedly let go and threw the beam rifle out.

Almost at the same time he made this action, the beam rifle suddenly exploded.

"No, that shot was not aimed at me from the beginning, but my weapon!"

Ace Yosei, who realized this, broke out in a cold sweat on the spot.

His rich battlefield experience allowed him to switch to secondary weapons based on muscle memory only when he lost his primary weapon.

This operation of his is definitely fast enough, but even so, it cannot change the reality that the beam floating gun on the opposite side has already surrounded him.

At the same time, the muzzle of the beam rifle in we01's hand also quickly pointed at him.

All this happened so fast that the other mecha pilots of the Yusei Mecha Force in the distance were unable to react, and their ace pilot was already in prison.

The attacks of the beam floating cannon came from all directions, almost intertwined into a beam cage, coupled with the powerful blow of the beam rifle.

The ace driver of Yos'ai who missed a moment was in a dead end!

An entire exclusive body was soon completely destroyed under the intensive beam attack.

At this moment, Wall doesn't know that he has successfully destroyed the opponent's ace driver. From Wall's perspective, this machine is not much different from other machines.

After successfully destroying it, his attention quickly turned to the rest of the enemy mechs that were besieging their Callumbel mech force.

At this moment, their mecha unit of Karen Bell has already paid a small price, but fortunately, it has not been completely destroyed.

Through system positioning, Wall was fortunate enough to retrieve the individual-level sniper gun that was lost before, and directly launched fire suppression on the enemy mecha troops.

Immersed in the joy of ravaging weak opponents, the Yosei Mecha Troop was unable to respond immediately to the situation here.

By the time the response came, it was already too late.

The Yosei mecha unit, who was caught off guard, was directly ruthlessly suppressed by Wall's long-range firepower.

Under this premise, although the members of the Karen Bell mecha troop lost all their status, they could still do it if they seized the opportunity and opened fire on the enemy.

And as long as they can fire, they can provide Wall with enough firepower to cover, so that Wall's strength can be further exerted!

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