Chapter 198

“This is a carrot, this is a jewel, and a fur hat……. Come to think of it, there is nothing to replace the arm with, is it?”

When Ninaina said that, I looked around.

“You can make an arm by picking up a dry branch over there.”

“Oh, right? Great. Then let’s make it. I’ll roll a bigger snowball.”

Ninaina began to clump the snow as she hummed.

Ninaina decided to make a big snowball for the torso, and I decided to make a smaller snowball for the head.

I slowly scooped the snow and clasped them tightly.

And I began to roll the snowball on the pristine snowfields that had not yet been touched by anyone.

Fortunately, the kindergarten was very large, and had enough snow to make a large snowman the size of a human if we wanted to.

“Uh, I guess that’s enough?”

When I came to my senses, the snowball has grown to the size of a ripe watermelon.

Just then, Ninaina called me from behind.

“Emir, I’m done with my snowball!”

“Really? I just finished it too!”

Looking back, Ninaina was standing with a snowball about half her height showing her hard work of rolling the snow.

“Now, let’s decorate it.”

When Ninaina and I worked together to make a snowman, the children around us started to gather around us one by one.

“Please use these gloves too!”

Alice held out her furry gloves, which she had originally intended to present to me.

Then Ninaina nodded her head and put the gloves on the branch that was the snowman’s arm.

“It’s done!”

Finally, we finished the snowman.

“Now, let’s make a wish. I saw in a book that there is a story in our empire that if you make a wish on the first snowman you make every year, your wish will come true.”

Ninaina murmured in an exhilarating voice, clasping her hands together and closing her eyes tightly.

At those words, the other children rushed to make a wish.

I smiled as I made sure the other children had their eyes closed.

‘It seems that everyone has one wish. Of course I do too.’

Finally, I closed my eyes.

‘I want my family to be healthy and live a long, long life. And I want all the other children in our kindergarten to be happy too.’

When I quietly made a wish and opened my eyes again, I saw that everyone had a blank look as if they had said what they wanted in their hearts.

Then Cedric asked.

“What did you all wish for?”

But then Maya smiled and replied back.

“Young Duke Cedric, if you take the wish out of your mouth, it will not come true.”

“What? Really? That could’ve been a big trouble.”

Cedric was startled and quickly covered his mouth with both hands.

Seeing that, we burst into laughter.

Mrs. Edmond, who had been watching us all the time, approached us.

“Okay, now it’s time for everyone to go in. You might catch a cold if you stay outside for too long.”

We left our regrets and headed for the kindergarten building with Mrs. Edmond’s guidance.

‘Well, I wanted to ask Jake to make an igloo. I’ll just have to go to Duke Theon’s trsidenceand have a look.’

That was then.

Alice, who was leading the way, suddenly turned around and whispered to me.

“Miss Emir, Miss Emir!”

“Yes? Why, Alice?”

“Look over there. It’s an icicle!”

The other children followed her cry and looked at where Alice was pointing.


“Wow, really?”

Directly under the roof of the kindergarten were several icicles that looked like carrots in a row.

It was transparent and clear in color.


“It’s the first time I’ve actually seen icicles.”

Even Nicholas was staring at the underside of the roof in amazement.

‘Everyone’s reaction is so new.’

It was a familiar icicle to me, but it was probably the first time the other children had seen it.

Then Cedric asked.

“Is that delicious?”

“…  ?”

“I want that icicle.”

I was taken aback by that.

‘Are you sure you want to try that, Cedric?’

But it was hanging too high, so I thought he might fall and get hurt while trying to pick up the icicles.


I tried to stop Cedric.

Because it looked as if Cedric would go up to the roof and go get icicles at any moment.

However, something a little different than I expected happened.

“…… ?!”

Am I looking wrong now?

It was such an unrealistic sight.

Cedric jumped towards the high roof that is likely to be twice the height of a normal adult.

Even more surprising, Cedric almost reached the tip of the icicle.

“Ah! I missed it.”

However, Cedric could not get an icicle and landed on the ground again.

‘What is it? It’s like magic.’

Seeing Cedric, I shook my head.

Occasionally, Cedric showed an ability that transcends the physical abilities of a normal human being in such an unexpected way.

Then Jake asked me a question.

“Emir, do you want an icicle?”


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