Chapter 199

When I widened my eyes, Jake smiled and spoke again.

“If you want it, I will help you.”

“Huh? Wait!”

Before I could finish my answer, Jake cast a spell.

Then the icicles hanging from that high place fell like a knife and flew towards me.


I had an icicle on my gloved hand.

It was much bigger than it looked from a distance.

‘No, I appreciate it. Unlike Cedric, I didn’t really want icicles…….’

It seems that he misunderstood that watching Cedric meant that I wanted to have an icicle too.

“What, are you giving only Emir? How petty…… No, I don’t want anything from Young Lord Jake? Hooo.”

Cedric looked at the icicle in my hand with envy and said.

Somehow, it was as if I could hear himself muttering with an ant-sized small voice, ‘the Young Duke always takes care of Emir, tsk’.

Then Cedric took a deep breath and at the same time repositioned himself and jumped towards the roof.

In the next moment, Cedric’s pleasurable exclamation was heard along with a click.

“Oh right! I got it!”

In the end, Cedric succeeded in getting the icicle in his hands as he had wanted.

“Wow, what makes ice so pretty?”

Cedric was admiring the icicle he had obtained with his hands for a moment.

“Then let’s dig in.”

Then, without hesitation, he but it straight away.

“Wait. If you bite like that, you could break your tooth!”

I stopped Cedric.

Of course, we still have baby teeth now, so even if they break, they will grow back, but we will still have to live with broken teeth for a while.

‘It can’t even be restored with healing magic!’

Then Cedric took a deep breath and pulled out the dagger he always carried by his side.

“Alright, alright. I will cut it and eat it.”

“…… !”

“Come on, that’s fine. It’s okay since I cut it this small.”

After swinging the dagger a few times, smooth, square-cut ice cubes were created.

Cedric gave one by one to the other children.


“I want to eat too.”

Everyone seemed to want icicles, so they ate the ice they received from Cedric.

“Ah, what is it? It just tastes like plain ice.”

Cedric, who wanted icicles the most, complained that the taste was different than expected.

* * *

A few more days have passed since the first snowfall.

It was around the time that the snow had melted and frozen again and the roadside was muddy.

Today, somehow, from the morning we arrived at kindergarten, I felt my heart broken.

I knew why.


“Finally, it’s the last day of kindergarten.”

I said it was finally, but it was a day I didn’t look forward to at all.

To be honest, I just wished that this time would never come.

But in the end, the end must come.

I looked around the kindergarten feeling a little depressed.

Today I got up early on purpose, so I got on the carriage faster than usual.

Because I wanted to remember this building in my eyes for a little longer.

‘I think the air is colder today.’

It was winter, so it was obvious.

In fact, the building hasn’t changed at all.

I also knew that what had changed was my attitude instead.

I had only taken the time in the kindergarten for a year for granted, and it was only then that I regretted it when I said that it was the last day.

Fortunately, as the children entered school one by one and the classroom became crowded, my lonely feelings disappeared for a while.

“Haa, annoying. It’s a waste of time to practice only swordsmanship… … Does it make sense that I have to take academic classes with my tutor after a week? We don’t even learn together, and it’s not even fun.”

“I decided to return to Duchy Tuitte in two days. Before you go back, would you like to come over to my house to play and get some pottery?”

However, seeing Cedric talking about the tutor and Maya saying that he would return to the kingdom in a few days, I realized that it was over.

Since today is the last day, only the closing ceremony was scheduled.

Of course, there was no class, so we just sat at our desks and talked to each other.

From the hallway, we could hear employees from their respective families packing our luggage and hauling them in the carriage.

Just then, I saw our Marquisate’s carriage leaving the window.

‘There must be all of the extra clothes and things that were in my locker there. Everything I learned and made in kindergarten…….’

The classroom, which had become even more desolate, felt exactly like I am now.

That was then.

Suddenly, Maya pulled out several thick, large paper scrolls from his bag.

‘What? Maya, what are you doing?’

Naturally, our eyes turned to the paper Maya was holding.

Maya suggested.

“Well, actually, I’ve been thinking about it for days. I think I will miss everyone when I return to the kingdom.”

“…… !”

I was a little surprised by Maya’s words.

As he had an attitude that is no different from usual, I thought that today would not give any meaning even though today is the last day of kindergarten.

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