CH 122

Demimore’s face showed concern as he peered at the jumbled papers sitting next to him.

He felt as if his current situation was a dream. He’s on his way to the Grand Duchy, clutching the crumpled paper in his hand.

Although he had sent a messenger and chosen the swiftest horse, he was aware that such an urgent visit was impolite. But there was a purpose behind it.

Actually, there is still a problem when he gets to the Grand Duchy.

‘How do I talk to Mary about this?’

He had hastily dashed to the Princess’s room an hour earlier. This was after a maid had pleaded with him to visit her since she had spent the entire day locked up in her room.

When Demimore entered Lausanne’s bedroom, she was sitting on the bed, holding a piece of parchment paper, and had a vacant look on her face.

Demimore was devastated to see the different side of her sister, who was always happy and bright.

At Lausanne’s feet, Demimore knelt down and studied her face.

For the first time in his life, he noticed a tired expression on her flawlessly white face.

Demimore took Lausanne’s hand in his and inquired as to what was going on, but Lausanne’s lips remained tightly closed.

Then she started tearing the parchment in her hand.

Demimore grabbed Lausanne’s wrist before the papers were torn any further, realizing it was the novel she had written.

The papers in Lausanne’s hand began to drop like flower petals.

“Let go of this…”

“Why are you doing this? Tell me what’s going on?”

After hesitating for a while, Lausanne began to tell what had happened with teary eyes.

Despite the disorganized nature of the words she blurted out in her excitement, Demimore was astonished.

She claimed that His Majesty might be aware of her novel-writing endeavors and revealed that the book she recently gave Mary at the salon has been released and is available for purchase.

Lausanne sobbed, saying Mary had betrayed her.

She was particularly uneasy about her novel being circulated outside at a time when her father was aware that she was writing one and had even issued a warning.

Also, because writing was her favorite thing to do, she constantly felt confused and stressed.

As the princess appeared to be deteriorating in the room, Demimore called the maid and asked her to take the princess to the garden. With the maid’s assistance, Lausanne left.

After confirming that Lausanne had left, Demimore took the papers that fell on the floor and put them in a box.

He assumed Lausanne would be upset if she returned and saw this. The servants would take care of it…… However, the idea of discarding them didn’t seem right.

He sensed that having this in the imperial family would be the most hazardous thing possible. Demimore took the stack of papers for that reason.

“What should I do about this at this point?”

The thought of taking this and explaining the situation to Mary was giving him a headache.

However, he was confident that Mary was unable to commit such an act. Right now, the best thing to do is listen to Mary’s side of the story.

Somehow he had to clear up Lausanne’s misunderstanding.

He was worried that he might hurt both Mary and Lausanne more because he came out wrong, but the concern was a later problem.


“No wonder… There were only blank parchment papers inside when I got it that day.”

Demimore’s urgent visit nearly caused Bonita to panic, but she quickly calmed down and prepared delicious refreshments in record time.

I also sympathize with Bonita. It would have been nice if we were told about the prince’s visit in advance but it was inevitable.

I’m shocked to learn that the novel Lausanne gave me at the salon has now been published.

When I told Demimore that the parchment I had brought to the Grand Duchy was empty and had no writing on it, his expression turned even more stoic.

“I have no idea who is to blame, but this was planned.”

“I ought to have informed Her Highness that the paper was blank.”

“Should I go tell her right away?”

“……I don’t think she’ll believe me.”

I’m not the culprit because it was a blank sheet of paper from the start, so it can’t be me. I haven’t even read it, so I have no idea what’s inside, but I was in a situation where even I wouldn’t believe myself.

I covered my mouth with my hand and screamed in silence.

I should have gone and informed her that the parchment paper I got that day was blank.

On one of the blank parchment papers, I wrote a letter of comfort for my father who was suffering on the border road after Gilbert promised to record my opinions regarding the subjugation of monsters and send it to our father.

“But how did the princess find out that the book was available for purchase?”

“I believe Cameron gave it to her as a gift.”

It wasn’t strange because Lausanne said Cameron used to buy her books for reference in the first place. Although why now?

“Maybe Cameron.”


Did I put my thoughts out of my mouth?

“There are only three people who know your sister is writing. Oh, your majesty is four. Anyway, it’s not you or me, so it must be Cameron.”

When I heard his self-assured voice, I started laughing.

“How are you so certain? It could be me?”

“Why would it be you?”


“You won’t do that.”

“You’re putting too much faith in me.”

It was a strange situation in which Demimore was more certain than I was that he was not the culprit.

Demimore’s eyes were serious, as though he were warning me against saying anything absurd.

“If you were the culprit, you would have a reason but there is no such thing. The culprit is definitely Cameron. If Cameron and Mary fight, it’s definitely Cameron’s fault.”

“……there is no evidence.”

“There is no proof that you are the culprit.”

“Lausanne will think I’m the culprit based on the circumstances.”

“My sister is currently in a vulnerable state. She will understand that you are not the culprit if she calms down and gives it some more thought.”

Demimore’s sincere words caused the corners of my mouth to raise slightly.

I was a little relieved to hear him say that even though it was nothing particularly helpful.

“So what’s that?”

“Oh, this.”

I was curious about the envelope next to Demimore, so I asked him. He hesitated for a moment before pouring out its contents onto the table, avoiding refreshments on the table.

Things like white snow poured down.

“My sister ripped it apart.”

It felt as though my heart was being torn apart in the same way as theirs as I stared at the disorganized papers on the table.

She was so shocked that she ripped up the things she had worked so hard on.

I took a moment to look at the torn papers before beginning to gather them piece by piece. After watching my actions, Demimore inquired in a perplexed tone.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to gather them and stick them up later.”

I asked Carol if she had any glue that I could use to stick the papers.

It wasn’t too hard to stick them back together; it was really like putting together a puzzle because there weren’t too many papers and they weren’t torn into little pieces.

Demimore, who was watching me do it, also assisted me and began matching the parchment one by one.

I didn’t bother attempting to stop him. Having an extra hand is beneficial.

“………what are you two doing?”

Rex, who came into the drawing room before I knew it, put glue on the table and asked.

I glanced at Rex and tried to concentrate again… and explained as kindly as possible. I didn’t want to hurt his delicate feelings.

“I have a misunderstanding with Princess Lausanne, and I have to stick this all first to clear up the misunderstanding.”


Rex gave me a puzzled look as if he didn’t comprehend anything before shifting his attention to Demimore. He paused for a second before speaking softly.

“I’m really sorry for what happened before.”

When Demimore heard Rex’s apology, he chuckled. I wanted to laugh as well, but I restrained myself and concentrated solely on aligning the parchment fragments.

“Hadn’t it already passed into history?”


“Okay, if you’re sorry, can you help us here?”

Demimore’s suggestion received a nod from Rex, who then sat by my side and joined us in matching the parchment pieces.

Like that, we could only hear concentrated breaths for a while.

“Did Cameron accuse you again?”

“……Rex, you should call him First Prince.”

Rex was upset as he matched the puzzle pieces and groggily listened to the situation’s explanation.

I looked at Demimore and corrected the way Rex addressed Cameron. Demimore shrugged his shoulders, pretending not to hear.

Then Demimore suddenly spoke as if he remembered something.

“Oh, wait. It doesn’t make sense.”

“Huh? Why?”

“On the day the salon opened, I met my sister before she went out to the garden. I remember my sister bragging about the package and saying she had just finished packing it.”

“The first prince didn’t have time to switch.”

If it was packed in a hurry before she came out, Cameron didn’t have time to switch.

Cameron is off the list of suspects. It’s annoying, even though his alibi is solid.

“He could be an accomplice.”

“First of all, it’s most likely among the young ladies who attended the salon.”

I recalled the faces of the young ladies who attended the salon one by one that day.

I did think of Sophia for a bit… but I couldn’t give up on other possibilities.

“Is there a way to catch the culprit?”

To Demimore’s question, I paused for a moment before answering.

“If only Princess Lausanne would help us.”