CH 42

“Daniel? Are you okay?”

It wasn’t the first time this man had been perplexed while reading Frey’s future, Frey was still anxious.

‘What the hell are you watching in my future…’

Daniel shook his head slightly as if denying what he had seen.

“It’s okay. I’m just a little tired from using a lot of power.”

How to say, Frey had a strong impression that he was being evasive, but she couldn’t question him after opening the gate twice and casting defense magic.

Even grand duke Prause, who is said to have as much magical power as seawater, would feel tired.

“Then I’ll go now. We will have dinner tomorrow night.”


He disappeared from sight before Frey could speak.

‘I wanted to introduce him to Wiz.’

Frey informed Daniel that she had signed a contract with the spirit that dwelled in the book of the baron, but they had never introduced each other yet.

She returned to her room with the next appointment. 

‘Am I going to ruin my business in the future?’

‘Wasn’t it after the end of the world?’

Frey had a lot of negative thoughts, but she quickly forgot about the fact that she was finally going to have dinner with the children tomorrow.

Frey said as soon as she entered the room.

“Wiz. Can you come out for a second?”

“Well, it’s not difficult.”

The view briefly flashed around, and then Wiz appeared in front of Frey.

The man in front of her, who spoke like a grandfather and looked only in his 30s at the most, really didn’t fit in.

Emma and Lina were no longer surprised that Frey had gotten used to calling out Wiz.

“Can’t you tell me what Daniel is thinking?”

“Well, I’m a spirit of knowledge, not a mind reader, so it doesn’t matter.”

Wiz, fearing that Frey might be disappointed, added something else.

“But I did well with the other request, right?”


When summoned for the first time, Frey gave three orders to gauge the Wiz’s ability.

1. Recommend toys that children will like.

2. Investigate the fastest way to enhance my divine power.

3. Investigate the amount of Corruption Mist in the residence of Earl Vliette, and use simple magic.

Frey thought #1 and #2 would do well. ‘Especially Damon and Arsene will be crazy about this ball. It bounces just by touching it.’

What She was curious about was the last one. Count Vliette’s family is protected by the spirit of the earth, but will Wiz be able to break through the surveillance and obtain information?

But Wiz did a surprisingly good job.

[“Breck’s contract isn’t the level of the Spirit King, so it’s simple to collect information. I’ll do my best to move simple things.”]

In the case of Breck Vliette, since he signed a contract with a lower-ranking spirit, there was no problem with Wiz moving.

As Wiz couldn’t handle the 4 elements, it seemed that Wiz was familiar with miscellaneous magic.

‘As expected, the spirit that will be most helpful in my situation is Wiz.’

Wiz asked as if he still didn’t know.

“By the way, Master, since we found out where and how much the Fog of Fall is, wouldn’t it be better to tell the Grand Duke and send out knights?”

“That is the principle.”

“Let them share the Fog of Fall in a glass bottle. It’s been a while since I used magic and it was fun, but…”

Frey smiled.

As Frey said, she didn’t want to immediately report Breck and send him away.

She feels very sorry for Count Vliette.

Breck Vliette, who tried to harm her under the orders of the crown prince, and Evelyn Vliette, who came to mock her mother in her last moments.

So Frey had no intention of letting him go.

“Originally, all the Fog of Fall in the glass bottle must have been subdivided into equal amounts, right?”

“yes. Fog of fall is basically poison.”

‘If you want to see the hallucinatory effect of the fog of Fall, you must keep the prescribed amount.’

If he inhaled more of the mist to have more fun, he would die beyond the lethal dose.

Until now, you would have controlled the amount by saying, “Use only the amount contained in one glass bottle at a time.”

But what if Frey asks Wiz to add a little more Fog of fall Mist to the glass bottle?

‘It’s fortunate that Daniel confiscated the fog of Fall from Viscount Bart’s and Baron Heinz’s.’

One thing Frey learned after becoming the Grand Duchess. Prause had a secret laboratory that studied why undead monsters behave strangely.

After making a contract with Wiz, she went there and explained the situation to Daniel and received the Fog of Fall.

[“Please promise that you will not use it for private purposes.”]

Daniel was a bit suspicious of Frey, but he cooperated anyway. It was an opportunity to send away one of the main pillars of the aristocratic faction, Count Vliette, at once.

Wiz evenly divided the fog of Fall that Daniel had into the glass bottle of Breck Vliette.

In other words, the glass bottle contained more fog of Fall than the permissible amount set by Count Breck.

Frey added the same amount to all the bottles to match the height, so he won’t find any difference.

then ‘Nothing will happen if Count Breck Vliette no longer touches the Fog of Fall. but…’

It is already poisoned, he will definitely touch the fog at any time.

If you use a glass bottle with more mist than the permissible amount, it will put a serious strain on your body.

After all, the Fog of Fall is the power of demons.

“My mother used to tell me how people who were poisoned with magic died. His eyes turn red and blood vessels all over His body bulge out. Anyone would suspect Count Breck Vliette since he makes the cry of an animal from time to time.”

Wiz finally accepted Frey’s words as if he understood her order.

“I guess you deliberately gave him a lethal dose of magic to reveal he was an addict.”

“yes. When evidence of the use of the Fog of Fall on the body is clearly revealed, I intend to notify you beforehand.”

There was no need to make Prause’s knights suffer.

If it were count Breck Vliette, Daniel would say that putting pressure on him was challenging the crown prince.

It’s not even worth it for him. Wiz nodded slowly with a satisfied face.

“It means that even if it takes time, we will send it as solid evidence. By the way, what are you thinking about Breck Vliette’s broken body?”

In the temple, after purifying the fog addicts of fall, they give them anti-addiction education. It is to help you live the right life again according to God’s will. 

She agrees with the intent, but well.

“I don’t think there is a need to save such a person by spending precious taxes.”


“Because I’m not nice enough to worry about the life of the fog addict of depravity who tried to hurt me.”

When he shrugged his eyebrows, Wiz countered in a straight voice.

“How can you take revenge so cruelly and slyly…Of course, it’s something I wouldn’t have thought of, so it’s very pleasant… !”

He wondered if there were many unfair situations living as a spirit that couldn’t fight.

Even though he said so, Wiz’s eyes were shining with excitement and anticipation.

“Lady Frey, I feel so excited! How much pressure has been put in by Breck Vliette.”

More than Emma, who clenched her fists and went crazy for cider.

Frey wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it over to Wiz.

“Wiz. If you investigate this, I think there will be a situation that will make you feel better.”

“Huh, really…?”

Wiz immediately accepted her note.

* * *

Meanwhile, Luke was on his way out of Daniel’s office after finishing his report.

“Luke, are you here to report?”

“Ah, Grandpa. It’s true that I came to report today’s routine to the Grand Duke.”

“Call me Baron Butler while on duty.”

“yes yes. by the way…”

Luke glanced slightly sideways in the direction of the office.

“It seems that His Highness the Grand duke is a bit out of order.”

“What are you talking about, Luke?”

“I asked him if he was tired because he kept on holding his chin and spacing out, and he said he wasn’t. And then he was lost in thought again…”

Luke recalled Daniel’s face he had just seen.

He had a relaxed face, exhaling soft air that was hard to explain in words.

Then, suddenly, Daniel was surprised as if he was conscious of himself thinking about something dark.

After hearing the explanation, Baron said, “I can’t believe it,” and his eyes shone.

“Luke, I think His Highness—”

“He looks low on sugar, doesn’t he?” I’m sure He has eaten.”

“That’s not it, son of a bitch.”

“Ah ya ya ya, Grandpa!”

Baron grabbed Luke’s ear and headed down the dark hallway.

“His Highness has been spending more time keeping his eyes on Frey lately. Did you feel it too?”


Only then did Luke put on a serious face.

Even when he was taken to the imperial palace for the first time and saw Princess Frey, the master looked at her face for a long time.

At the time, Luke thought she was just an outrageous woman, so he seemed to react that way.

‘Since when did His Highness stare at Frey?’

Maybe after the day, they broke the bed or when she was crushed under the chandelier?

‘At that time, His Highness was surprised and ran to her.’

The important thing was that the time Daniel looked at Frey was noticeably getting longer.

It was a woman who made a laurel wreath from the tree of the sacred Prause.

‘Well, it seems like it’s worth taking the laurel crown.’

Luke still remembered the white envelope that Baron Holt had stabbed in order to win over Frey.

‘He bought half of the Divine Territory with that money. He gave her 51% of the shares.’

Just looking at the idea of developing northern commerce using the ability to process gems, it was like that.

Luke thought Frey was a person who recklessly collects extravagant jewelry, but he was completely wrong. Because of past memories, it was worth looking at for a long time to the Grand Duke, who hated love or romance.

“grandfather. Speaking of His Highness, I guess…”

As if thinking the same thing, Baron nodded and gave advice.

“Luke. Please don’t be rude to the grand duchess in the future.”

“yes. Should I ask the Lady of Baron Holt about Her Highness’s taste in snacks?”

“Then, while asking, Her Highness’ taste in interiors…”

The two naturally called Frey the Grand Duchess and continued a long conversation.