CH 43

It was dinner tonight with Damon and Arsene, so as soon as Frey finished her morning schedule, she was busy preparing.

“Lina, do you like this dress?”

Because it was the first meal, Frey wanted to leave a warm, gentle, and kind image to the children.

‘If I make a good first impression, my kids will be able to rely on me sooner. Still, I have to be active…’

She didn’t even choose her wedding dress so carefully.

When I fluttered, Emma made a happy face.

“It’s been a long time since your Highness has been happy in front of a mirror.”

“ah… Come to think of it, yes.”

When Frey’s mother was alive, she would sometimes play fashion shows or something.

A game in which she keeps changing clothes (obtained with her mother and father’s love and wallet), and the two of them look at her with satisfaction.

At that time, Frey thought, ‘Is it fun for my mother and father, when I wear different clothes?’ but now she knows how it feels.

When Frey thought of what kind of clothes Damon and Arsene would wear and how cute they would be, the corner of her mouth went up.

“I’d rather have my hair braided up. If it flutters, it will block my view and I won’t be able to see the children.”

Boys of that age can pull your hair wildly, so you should at least defend yourself.

“Yes, your highness.”

For some reason, Emma’s gaze contained respect. Lina has a similar expression.

After thinking about it, Frey could see why.

‘In the eyes of the two of them, it will look like I am caring for the extramarital child of the man I love.’

Those who have followed Frey to the North do not know that Daniel is not related to children by blood.

What about the people at the Grand Duke? They know the children aren’t Daniel’s biological children, but they’ll think Frey doesn’t know the truth.

‘I’m sure they think I’m very devoted to the out-of-wedlock of unrequited love.’

The more Frey forms intimacy with the children to like herself, the more the past, which was a mess, is reevaluated.

Frey swallowed a laugh and picked out a dress. The winner was a white dress that was relatively modest and active.

There is a rabbit fur ornament, so if the children would beg to touch it, there would be nothing more to ask for.

“Kyaa- your Highness! Come on to the mirror…!”

Like a craftsman who created a masterpiece, Emma took Frey to the mirror.

Lina raised her glasses and spoke like an artificial intelligence.

“The combination of gorgeous blonde hair, red eyes, and white dress is very beautiful, your Highness.”

“Thank you, Iina.”

Frey liked it because it looked so simple and elegant. The kids will like it, right?

“Emma. Please bring me some toys for my children when I take a walk after dinner.”

“Yes, your Highness the Grand Duchess. There are plenty of them, so the youngsters will surely like them.”

For a moment, Frey almost laughed like a sullen old man. All of those gifts were selected by Lina and Wiz after analyzing the children’s tastes. It’s like winning children’s favor.

Frey imagined children playing with toys, cleaning them one by one with a soft cloth.

‘Damon is strong, so he might break toys. I should tell him that I can buy him any number of new ones.’

and… Arsene.

Thanks to the memories of her previous life, Frey knew of Arsene’s abilities.

Lydia Obelir is magic. 

Damon Prause is Physical Force. 

Arsene was mind-reading, able to read the thoughts of people and animals nearby.

In some ways, the most terrifying power among the three baby transcendents. However, it was not known how mind reading would manifest itself at this point.

‘Anyway, in order to use mind reading, language skills must be supported.’

Even if he could read the mind of an animal or a person, Arsene might not have fully understood it since he was less than four years old.

He probably doesn’t yet know how to put the information to good use.

However, looking at Damon, who was strong from birth, Arsene may have already manifested his abilities as a transcendent.

Maybe when we are young, we’ll know the other person’s psychology in a different way, not language.

‘Anyway, I shouldn’t have strange thoughts when I’m close to Arsene.’

Frey reviewed step by step what to do to become a dependable person for children.

* * *

Luke smiled as he attached the brooch Frey had gifted to the children.

“Both of you wear brooches, so you look mature.”

“Luke, what is mature?”

“It’s like you look manly and a cool adult. Like me.”

“Luke, what is that?”

“Being mature is…wait If you keep asking like this, you won’t be able to have dinner with Lady Frey.”


Damon and Arsene looked at Luke with grim faces. Tears welled up in her big eyes.

“It’s fine if you leave now.”

“let’s go!”

Luke held back his laughter and took the two of them out of the palace.

Damon and Arsen, who reached the main building of the mansion, soon burst into exclamations.

It was because he found Frey, who came out to meet them in the yard to see them a little faster.


The two held hands and approached Frey.

Frey, in a white dress and with her hair neatly combed, was the most beautiful person they had ever seen in their lives.

“Damon, Arsene. hi?”

Frey’s voice was as soft as the white fur on her dress.

The two of them took one step ahead of Frey with their eyes twinkling.

And they couldn’t get any closer.

‘Because it was dangerous….’

Damon put his hands behind his back, fearing that Frey would get hurt because of him.

Frey looked at the two intimidated and pursed his lips. Otherwise, it seemed that a trembling voice would come out.

Instead, she smiled kindly.

“Is this the brooch I gave you?”

“Your brooch is so pretty! thank you.”

“Are you all well?”

“Yes. Everything was fine. Thank you for your concern.”

The children laughed as if they were embarrassed. Frey felt the muscles in her face ache from holding back her mother’s smile.

“Then shall we go eat?”

Frey cautiously reached out to Damon and Arsene.

At that action, the knights who were guarding the surroundings in case of an emergency swallowed dry saliva.

‘I heard that His Highness the grand duke definitely informed her about the strength of the youngsters.’

‘No matter how much Your Highness casts defensive magic and possesses divine power…’

‘Should I stop it?’

It was just the knights who were in conflict.

Damon and Arsene stared blankly at Frey’s outstretched hand. Damon looked sullen at Frey.

“I learned not to hold it….”

“It’s okay, His Highness the grand duke gave me a defense magic.”


Damon looked at Daniel. The child was eagerly waiting for permission to hold Frey’s hand.

Daniel pondered for a moment before opening his mouth.

“ma’am. Damon is—”

“You’re young enough to like walking hand in hand.”


Daniel couldn’t bear to tell Frey to withdraw his outstretched hand.

Frey spoke once more, taking advantage of the moment he was speechless.

“It’s okay if you hold my hand, Damon. look at this I caught Arsene too.”

Frey held out his hand once more.

Damon held her hand as carefully as he would touch a ball of cotton.

“It’s hot.”

“Damon. your hands are soft. You usually have to be careful, but I don’t get hurt by these hands, so it’s okay.”


Damon grinned.

When Frey smiled and said, the softness of his palms sounded like a great compliment.

Frey gritted her teeth as she felt Damon wiggle her hands.

‘And…a transcendent is a transcendent. It would have really hurt if I hadn’t strengthened my divine power.’

Frey thought it was a good thing to ask Wiz to find out how to enhance her divine power.

Thanks to the preparation in advance, the dinner time was harmonious.

Frey wanted to bang the table every time Arsène and Damon glared at a piece of carrot and poked it with a fork.

So cute!

‘Are you trying to look mature in front of me?’

It was even admirable when they munched a carrot with a stone-chewing face and swallowed it.

Unlike when Frey looked at them, Daniel smiled at Frey’s eyes dripping with honey.

“madam. I think you should still eat.”

“Oh, sorry.”

After eating, the group moved to the garden.

While Frey was thinking about when to deliver the toy, two children secretly clung to Daniel.

“Me, me!”

Daniel made eye contact with Damon and Arsene, who was calling me eagerly.

“Damon, Arsene. Do you have anything to ask me?”

Then, the two of them stamped their feet with faces full of anticipation.

“ Is she my mother?”

“Can I call her mom?”

The children’s innocent questions made Daniel quiet.


The voices of the children pronouncing the two letters were full of earnestness and anticipation.

It’s like there’s no way this person isn’t their mother.


Daniel couldn’t give any answers to the children.

They would have been lonely no matter how many times he had visited and sent Luke and trained knights.

Unlike other children, there was no mother or father to run to and hug.

‘You must have been desperate.’

He knew that feeling well, so he couldn’t give the children an answer.

“Daniel, can I talk to them if you don’t mind?”

Frey sat down in front of the children in place of Daniel, who had hardened.

The two children who were close to her seemed to be looking forward to it even more.

“Damon, Arsene. I am not your biological mother.”

Frey chose to tell the truth in a soft tone.

We couldn’t confuse children by lying to them on a subject that suddenly appeared. She was sure to be speechless if they asked where she had been all this time.

‘The children will try to believe whatever reason makes no sense you give them.’

Frey’s previous life was like that.

Even though she resented her parents for abandoning her, she prayed that she would forget all resentment and hold on to them if they would show up every night. She was afraid that if they left, she would be alone without a family again.

Because Frey was pushed into such a situation, she also learned that family wasn’t the only person she could depend on.

So Frey wanted to tell the kids too.