Chapter 929 - Perfection, Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal

Chapter 929 Perfection, Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal

“Three Pure Sacred World?”

Han Huang frowned. The Divine Robe Daoist mentioned this world before. It was said to be the greatest competitor near the Heavenly Dao, but he did not care at the time.

Han Tuo said, “That’s right, it’s the Three Pure Sacred World. Laozi went to the Ancient Desolate and was severely injured. After that, traces of Dao Devils were detected in the Three Pure Sacred World. Laozi has probably already been possessed by the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.”

The Divine Robe Daoist nodded and sighed. “We underestimated the Ancient Desolate. It looks calm, but it’s probably plotting to surround the Heavenly Dao.

“The Great Dao Divine Spirit is one, and the Three Pure Sacred World is another. When the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit attacks…”

He did not continue, but everyone understood.

Han Huang nodded. “I understand. I’ll inform them.”

With that, he vanished.

Yi Tian scratched his head and smiled. “This kid is really anxious. He’s even more anxious than me.”

Han Tuo shook his head and laughed.

The Divine Robe Daoist smiled. “He’s not in a hurry to cultivate.”

After his consciousness returned to his body, Han Huang directly visited Xing Hongxuan. She could contact the Hidden Sect disciples. There was no need to alarm Han Jue.

After knowing this, Xing Hongxuan entered the Myriad Worlds Projection. This matter quickly reached Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s ears.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du moved very quickly and began to deploy defenses against the invasion of the Three Pure Sacred World.

Han Jue didn’t know about this. Even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.

The Three Pure Sacred World was nothing in his eyes.

He already felt the opportunity to break through, so he naturally had to work harder.

Ten thousand years passed in a flash.

After more than two hundred thousand years, Han Jue finally welcomed the opportunity to break through. He began to consolidate his cultivation.

Three thousand years later.

He successfully broke through.

There were no difficulties. In front of the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial, there was no realm tribulation. It was just constantly accumulating cultivation and constantly surpassing the limit.

Perfected Great Dao Supreme!

Perfected Great Dao!

Han Jue’s Ultimate Origin Power transformed. The Primordial World expanded crazily and the nebulous Primordial Qi in the world increased even more, startling the Chaotic Fiendcelestials who were cultivating.

At this point, they knew that there was a mysterious and powerful force in the Primordial World. They treated it as an illusory immortal.

Han Jue opened his eyes and checked his attributes panel as he consolidated his cultivation.

[Name: Han Jue]

(Lifespan: 9,273,050 / 15,099,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,9 99,999,999,999,999,999]

(Race: Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial (Immeasurable Emperor)]

(Cultivation: Perfected Great Dao Supreme Realm (Perfect Sage)]

(Technique: Primordial Chaos Reincarnation Great Dao (Great Dao), Heavenly Cycle Body Tempering]

(Great Dao: Great Dao of Life and Death, Great Dao of Karma, Great Dao of Extreme Origin]

[Constitution: Extreme Dao Ultimate Origin Body]

Han Jue was filled with a sense of achievement upon looking at such a long lifespan.

This was his original intention in cultivation!

After checking his lifespan, Han Jue focused on comprehending his cultivation.

This breakthrough was as he had expected. The Ultimate Origin Power increased exponentially, exceeding ten times before the breakthrough.

When he was still a Primordial Fiendcelestial, every breakthrough brought about greater and greater strength, let alone now when he had already surpassed the Primordial Fiendcelestial.

When others broke through, they would become twice as strong. When he broke through, he would become stronger by leaps and bounds. It could even be said that he had been reborn.

Han Jue finally consolidated his cultivation after thousands of years.

Then, he began to cultivate the Grand Unity Aspect.

Eighty-one years later, he finally gathered all three thousand Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols. This time, he even learned the Creation Fiendcelestial.


The power of the three thousand Great Dao was in his grasp.

The Primordial World shook when he condensed the remaining Fiendcelestial Qi.

This vibration could not be felt in the world, but Han Jue felt it clearly. It could be said to be world-shattering, causing his soul to tremble.

Han Jue was very excited and focused on comprehending the power of the three thousand Great Dao.

Time passed.

Five thousand years later.

Han Jue finally ended his Dao comprehension.

The Daoist temple shone with red light. Han Jue’s robes fluttered and he emitted a great divine might.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at his hands. They were clean and white. There was nothing unusual on his palms, but in fact, they were wrapped in Ultimate Origin Power.

This Ultimate Origin Power was mighty!

Han Jue smiled and muttered, “Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit, you’re going to die.” “I want to know if I can insta-kill the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit?”

[100 trillion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


(There is a certain chance.]

Wasn’t it 100%?

It seemed to be related to those clones!

“Can the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit kill me if I take it seriously?”


Han Jue smiled.

That was good.

He began the simulation trial and challenged three hundred thousand Foolish Sword Sages.

He had comprehended a new Mystical Power that contained the power of three thousand Great Dao. It was perfect!

This Mystical Power was called the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal!

The Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal contained the characteristics of imprisonment, destruction, creation, space, time, slaughter, and so on!

Ten breaths later, Han Jue opened his eyes.

With one move, the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal directly crushed three hundred thousand Foolish Sword Sages!

“The preparation time is a little long. I have to activate it instantly. The suction force has to be greater. No, I have to directly use the power of space to move the enemy in…” Han Jue muttered to himself. He had a thought and continued.

After several simulation trials, he easily insta-killed three hundred thousand Foolish Sword Sages.

Then, he increased the number of Foolish Sword Sages.

Several days later.

He easily insta-killed the million Foolish Sword Sages. He was invincible with the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal.

How lonely.

Han Jue wanted to switch opponents, but he had already developed feelings and didn’t want to change after fighting with the Foolish Sword Sage for a long time.

Moreover, the Foolish Sword Sage was not bad either. He was truly a Great Dao Supreme!

Han Jue didn’t increase the number anymore. He already had an estimation of his strength. Besides, he had also deduced that he indeed had the power to insta-kill the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

Han Jue stood up and walked out of the Daoist temple.

He first visited Xing Hongxuan and Qingluan’er before going to Han Huang’s Daoist temple.

After so many years, Han Huang was already at the late-stage Great Dao Primordial Chaos Realm.

Not bad!

Han Jue thought as he said, “Huangler.”

Han Huang suddenly opened his eyes in shock. His father had actually silently arrived at his Daoist temple!

He did not sense anything!

Could it be that the difference between them was still so great?

Han Huang had mixed feelings.

He had thought that even if he was inferior to his father, the difference would not be as great as before.



Han Huang stood up and bowed.

Han Jue smiled. “Your cultivation has been good recently. It will take some time. I won’t stop you if you want to go to the Chaos. You should grow up.”

Han Huang looked up in surprise.

His cultivation was already at the top level of the Chaos and he could already be independent. He also yearned to be independent, but he was afraid of causing trouble for his father. After all, the fact that he was Han Jue’s biological son was very difficult to hide.

As long as Han Jue had enemies, they would definitely use him as a breakthrough point.

“Father, why do you suddenly say that?” Han Huang asked in confusion.

Han Jue smiled and asked, “You haven’t said your wish yet. I’ve thought about it for you and specially came to tell you. Are you happy?”

“I’m happy! Thank you, Father!”

Han Huang knelt down excitedly. He only knelt down to Han Jue. Not even Xing Hongxuan deserved it.