Chapter 955 - Supreme Rules Break

Chapter 955 Supreme Rules Break

10 billion years of lifespan!

100 billion years!

A trillion years!

10 trillion years!

Han Jue cursed with all his might and stared at his attributes panel.

Because the Carefree Immortal did not hate him, he did not know about the other party’s situation.

In any case, Han Jue decided to give the Carefree Immortal 10 quadrillion years of lifespan.

It sounded like a lot, but it was only an unobservable small number.

After all, Carefree Immortal was an undying and eternal existence. He had to spend a lot if he wanted to succeed.

100 trillion years!

A quadrillion years!

10 quadrillion years!

Han Jue suddenly felt something and suddenly looked up. He discovered that the Seven Supreme Rules above the three thousand Great Dao began to shake violently, like violent dragons and snakes.

As expected.

The Carefree Immortal fused into the Chaotic Will, which was hidden in the Seven Supreme Rules.

Perhaps the gathering of the Seven Supreme Rules was the Chaotic Will.

Han Jue stared at the Seven Supreme Rules and continued cursing.

At this moment…

Figures appeared under the Seven Supreme Rules. Among them were the Ultimate God of Punishment, the Holy Mother of Order, and Laozi. Han Jue did not recognize the others. From their auras, they were all Great Dao Supremes.

Soon, the Foolish Sword Sage joined in the fun under the Supreme Rules. “What’s going on?” A mighty figure frowned and asked.

Laozi said, “There must be karma for the Supreme Rules to react so violently. However, we don’t see anyone wanting to touch the Supreme Rules. In other words, the problem is inside the Supreme Rules.”

The Holy Mother of Order said, “The Supreme Rules can’t riot for no reason. Something must have happened.”

Everyone looked at the Ultimate God of Punishment.

After all, the Ultimate God of Punishment was the Divine Spirits’ leader. He was the Lord of Chaos on the surface and held the highest authority.

The Ultimate God of Punishment did not say anything but stared at the Supreme Rules.

A mighty figure suddenly asked, “Why isn’t the Divine Might Heavenly Sage here?”.

The Foolish Sword Sage said angrily, “Does he usually come out? No one is causing trouble for him now. He won’t come out even if the Chaos collapses.”

The mighty figures felt that it made sense. This was already the consensus of the Chaos.

The Ultimate God of Punishment had already experienced the Primordial Heavenly Prison. No matter what he guessed, he definitely had to protect Han Jue. They only heard him say, “It has nothing to do with the Divine Might Heavenly Sage. Back then, the power that the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit borrowed from the Supreme Rule was easily defeated by him. This means that the Supreme Rule is not irresistible to the Divine Might Heavenly Sage. He might even look down on it. There are more than a few Great Dao Supremes in the Chaos.”

The Holy Mother of Order said, “Previously, the Carefree Immortal captured many geniuses and was killed by the Divine Might Heavenly Sage in the blank domain. Perhaps the Carefree Immortal wants to revive and is absorbing the power of the Supreme Rules.”

The other mighty figures revealed interested expressions and began to ask about it.

The Holy Mother of Order told them everything she knew.

Han Jue was still cursing.

He had heard the words of the Foolish Sword Sage and the Ultimate God of Punishment, so he did not appear.

Indeed, there would be a problem if he went out now.

After all, it would only be his clone even if he went.

Han Jue’s lifespan was still decreasing.

1 quintillion years!

10 quintillion!

100 quintillion years!

1 sextillion years!

10 sextillion years!

100 sextillion years!

Han Jue looked up and saw that one of the Supreme Rules had broken.

His heart trembled.

Could he have cursed the Supreme Rules to ruin?

“I want to know if the Supreme Rule will be destroyed if I continue cursing?”

(i quadrillion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]



Han Jue secretly heaved a sigh of relief. The Supreme Rules were still stable.

Then I won’t hold back!

Carefree Immortal, you must die!

His lifespan continued to decrease. The number at the back jumped very quickly, making him inexplicably nervous.

The breaking of the Supreme Rules made the mighty figures panic. The Ultimate God of Punishment could not maintain his calm.

The Book of Misfortune had long been upgraded to an Ultimate Dao Treasure. It surpassed the power of the Great Dao Supreme Realm and caused terrifying destruction.

It had to be known that this was the first time the Supreme Rules had broken since they were created!

Ordinary Ultimate Dao Treasures naturally could not hurt the Supreme Rules, but this also contained Han Jue’s Ultimate Origin Power and 100 sextillion years of origin lifespan. The power combined was enough to curse any Great Dao Supreme to death!

“What should we do?” the Foolish Sword Sage asked. He was very nervous.

Could another calamity be on the way?

The other mighty figures began to plan. They used their Dharmic powers to repair the Supreme Rules, but they suffered a backlash.

“The power of the curse!” the Ultimate God of Punishment was moved and said with a trembling voice.

The word “curse” made everyone think of a name.

A mighty figure’s expression darkened. He gritted his teeth and said, “Dark Forbidden Lord! I didn’t expect this fellow to be so strong?”

“Previously, the Dark Forbidden Lord said that he wanted to deal with it when the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit appeared. So it was not a lie.”

“But the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit has already died. Why did he touch the Supreme Rules?”

“Haven’t you heard of anything? When darkness descends, it will be when the Dark Forbidden Lord appears. There’s a high chance that he wants to destroy the Supreme Rules first and make the Chaos lose order, as if it has fallen into darkness.”

“Fellow Daoist, you are right.”

“What should we do if it’s really the Dark Forbidden Lord?”

All the transcendent existences above the Chaotic living beings fell into uneasiness.

On the other side, Han Jue was still cursing!

Not long after, he consumed 500 sextillion years of his lifespan!

A shrill roar suddenly sounded from the broken Supreme Rules.


The voice’s owner was the Carefree Immortal!

Most of the mighty figures below the Supreme Rules knew the Carefree Immortal and instantly recognized his voice.

“It’s indeed the Carefree Immortal! The Dark Forbidden Lord is cursing the Carefree Immortal?” A mighty figure frowned and asked.

The Holy Mother of Order said, “Impossible. The Carefree Immortal has no karma. No curse can hurt him. We can’t even deduce him. How can the Dark Forbidden Lord curse him?”

The Ultimate God of Punishment narrowed his eyes. “Could it be that the Carefree Immortal is the Dark Forbidden Lord? We can’t deduce the two can’t completely by karma. You have to know that even the karma of the Divine Might Heavenly Sage can be traced. In the entire Chaos, only the karma of these two has no traces.”

The Foolish Sword Sage frowned. “It’s indeed possible.”

The scream did not last long before it suddenly stopped.

Han Jue’s curse missed after that.

He had consumed 600 sextillion years of his lifespan!

It had yet to reach its target!

That’s it?

When Han Jue’s curse stopped, the broken Supreme Rule began to automatically mend. Seeing this, all the mighty figures heaved a sigh of relief.

The Holy Mother of Order said, “Looks like it should be the Carefree Immortals doing. He wanted to forcefully revive and absorb the power of the Supreme Rules but suffered a backlash. If it’s the Dark Forbidden Lord, there’s no need for him to deal with the Carefree Immortal. Unless there’s someone from the Dark Forbidden Lord among the geniuses captured by the Carefree Immortal.”

A mighty figure asked carefully, “Could the Divine Might Heavenly Sage be…” He did not finish his sentence.

The Holy Mother of Order shook her head. “Probably not. You didn’t witness the battle between the Divine Might Heavenly Sage and the Carefree Immortal. The Carefree Immortal is no threat to the Divine Might Heavenly Sage at all. If he’s really the Dark Forbidden Lord, won’t he be exposing himself? In order to deal with an ant that he can easily crush, exposing his long-hidden identity is too stupid. Besides, the Ultimate God has already said that the Divine Might Heavenly Sage’s karma can be deduced.”