Chapter 5508: Only after the fight did I know!

"Be careful! Among the nine flying swords, there are a total of three low-grade grandmist treasures, each of which is entangled with a strong **** smell.

Once injured, leaving a wound, then, it is by no means easy to recover from ordinary wounds. Although it won't kill you, it will also reduce your combat power, which is a bit troublesome anyway. If that's the case, I'm the only one to do it. "

In my mind, the voice of Lin Huo resounded.

Lin Huohuo had just left the customs, but he actually wanted to use people to practice his skills and test his current combat power.

However, in her eyes, the fourth-rank **** king is like an ant, and he is not even qualified to be her whetstone, so she also let Lin Chen handle it by himself.

But if the situation got out of control, she would have to intervene no matter what.

"Don't worry, she can't hurt me!" Lin Chen looked very confident.

"It's true that I have just stepped into the fourth-order god-king level, but it doesn't mean that I'm not as good as you. Who is looking for death, you have to fight to find out!"

As soon as Lin Chen finished speaking, he saw the nine flying swords beside the middle-aged woman turned into nine streaks of light and shot towards him.

The middle-aged woman is a senior member of the Yunluo Sect. For countless years, she has always been the only one who does not take others seriously. No one has ever dared to provoke her like this.

Earlier, when she asked Lin Chen to leave politely, she felt that she had given the other party a great deal of face, but this guy didn't know what to do. If that's the case, then don't blame yourself!

Looking at the nine flying swords that had arrived in front of him in an instant, Lin Chen did not panic at all.

When the nine flying swords were only a few meters away from him, Lin Chen's eyes were filled with a strange blood color, covering a radius of ten meters.

In the shrouded area, the space becomes distorted like a surging current. The nine long swords flying towards Lin Chen, entering this distorted space area, immediately looked like a group of explorers entering a maze, or like flying birds who lost their vision, sprinting left and right, flying around Lin Chen, but can't touch the forest

Chen the slightest.

Seeing this scene, the middle-aged woman showed a bit of surprise on her face, but her expression was still calm.

She took a step, like shrinking the ground into an inch, entered the blood-colored domain in an instant, and grabbed one of the low-grade primordial treasures!

With a sword in hand, thousands of rays of light flew out of her hand, and then gathered into a river, like huge waves splashing the sky, with a terrifying sword intent, surging towards Lin Chen, trying to drown him.

A strong sense of crisis permeated Lin Chen's heart.

Heart beating uncontrollably!

In my mind, Lin Huohuo's voice sounded again.

"This is the supernatural power of the door, be careful! Those who can control the supernatural power account for a very small proportion of the fourth-order **** kings.

This guy may not be the top among the fourth-order **** kings, but he is far stronger than those ordinary ascetics who have just stepped into the fourth-order **** kings. Although what she said earlier sounds arrogant, she does have the capital of arrogance! "

When Lin Chen saw the other party using Taiyi supernatural powers, not only did he not feel nervous, but he became even more excited.

"Okay! The stronger the better! If not, I don't even have the qualifications to be my whetstone!" Lin Chen laughed.

Lin Huohuo was really speechless, thinking to himself, this guy is really better at bragging than himself.

However, relying on her getting along with Lin Chen for so long, she knew that since Lin Chen behaved like this, it meant that he should have some way to deal with it in his heart.

If it was before, she would immediately try to read Lin Chen's thoughts. As for whether Lin Chen would be unhappy, she would not bother to answer.

But many things have changed unconsciously.

She didn't choose to do that, but thought to herself, anyway, she would get the answer right away, so there was no need to worry.

This middle-aged woman is nothing more than a fourth-rank **** king. Even if Lin Chen is not an opponent, as long as she is present, there will be no accidents.

The Jianguang river like waves is about to drown Lin Chen.

At this moment, Lin Chen's body became unreal, like a candle in the wind, flickering on and off.

As his figure flickered, the distorted space around him, with a special law, constantly appeared space cracks, and kept disappearing.

Lin Chen seemed to be moving in various space cracks, and kept escaping into different space cracks. The wave of sword light washed over his body, but it didn't cause any harm to him!

To put it simply, he was dodged by him! Looking at the stunned middle-aged woman, Lin Chen smiled lightly and said: "You are too confident! How can someone rush directly in front of me and perform the stunt of pressing the bottom of the box? Isn't this the same as telling me to come up with the strongest defense means, or the strongest

Can you deal with it with your body skills?

If you know how to use a little careful thinking and surprise, then I might fall into your hands before I can dodge in time! "

The middle-aged woman stared blankly at Lin Chen, but still didn't answer, as if she couldn't accept what happened just now.

What Lin Chen said was indeed true, but she never thought that the other party could escape her strongest blow!

Since she believed that it was impossible for the other party to escape, she naturally didn't think about using any careful thinking, but just wanted to use the fastest speed to severely injure Lin Chen!

As a result, the strongest method at his disposal, the Taiyi supernatural power - "Xingyao Sword Falling", was actually dodged?

Not far away, Shengzi Yanxing and several other members of the Yunluo Sect were stunned.

"Taiyi supernatural power! This is Taiyi supernatural power-level agility!"

Shengzi Yanxing looked at Lin Chen with surprise in his eyes, didn't it mean that he had just stepped into the fourth-level **** king not long ago, how could he master the means of this level?

Could it be that he had already mastered it before stepping into the fourth rank of God King?

This senior who came out of nowhere seems to be more difficult than I predicted!

His voice was not loud, but the ears of everyone present were so sensitive that they could all hear him clearly.

The middle-aged woman looked ugly.

If the opponent can evade his strongest means, then what he uses must be the same level of Taiyi supernatural power!

This is a very simple logic, it's not that she couldn't think of it before, it's just that she doesn't want to accept it!

But the facts were in front of her eyes, and she couldn't tolerate her unwillingness to accept it.

"When did you create your own Taiyi supernatural level agility?"

Lin Huohuo's surprised voice sounded in Lin Chen's mind. Before Lin Chen could answer, he said to himself:

"I see! The unicorn of the primordial giant beast brought you gains not only in terms of realm, but also helped you create another supernatural power?"

"Not only!" Lin Chen said.

"What do you mean?" Lin Huohuo was taken aback for a moment, a little confused about what Lin Chen meant by this.

Lin Chen smiled lightly and said, "It would be boring to say it directly. If you continue to read, you will know?" Lin Huohuo gave a disdainful "cut", but he was indeed looking forward to it.