Chapter 562 Baptism [2]

While Damien was engrossed in the first trial of his Universe Baptism, the outside world didn't stay stationary.

Although he couldn't see beyond the veil of World Energy, Wrath was well aware of what was happening. The Seed was blooming, which meant a Universe Baptism unlike any other was taking place.


His body flashed. He rapidly appeared in front of the World Energy barrier, attempting to use his pure strength as a Demigod to pass through the universe's protection.

Now was the perfect time. Wrath didn't even wish to hinder Damien's Baptism. Just being inside to witness it would allow his strength to increase by leaps and bounds.

This was the beauty of the Seed. It was a gift that kept on giving. And once it was in full bloom, Wrath would be able to consume it and become an existence with the potential to achieve True Godhood!

But before he could even impact the World Energy barrier, he felt a sudden shift in his surroundings. His eyes turned cold and ruthless.

"Even at this juncture, you're so adamant about stopping me?!"

None of his previous playful demeanor was present anymore. Wrath was like a ferocious cornered beast erupting with strength.

Albeus and the Drunken Old Immortal frowned. Seeing Wrath in this state sent a chill down their spines.

From beginning to end, they had moved together to suppress Wrath. Even though they were all Demigods, something about Wrath sent danger bells ringing in their heads.

Therefore, they spared no effort. The instant they initiated combat, they laid down their Authorities.

Domains were concepts formed from Law Comprehension, so they could be formed at any level. However, if one was able to form their domain before they achieved 4th class, it would go through a qualitative change and become something greater.

There was a saying in the wider universe. 3rd class Domain, 4th class Territory, 5th class Authority!

With the way things were explained, it almost seemed like an Authority was an enhanced version of a domain, but this was wrong. Authorities were the crowning ability of Demigods. Every single Demigod possessed an Authority.

However, if one was able to evolve their Domain into a Territory and then fuse it with their Authority upon entering the Demigod realm, the strength of their Authority would become completely different.

But this was an unrelated matter. The reason Albeus and the Drunken Old Immortal laid down their Authorities was to make use of their base ability.

This was Dimensional Separation.

Even if they didn't have an ounce of understanding towards space and time, a Demigod's Authority was able to pervade reality and superimpose a separate space-time onto it. In this way, regardless of how much power they put into their attacks, the Real Plane wouldn't be affected.

It was a completely segregated battlefield.

In combat amongst Demigods, Authorities were usually used for differing purposes and this separation of space-time was only a minor matter of convenience, but when fighting on the surface of a world instead of the starry sky, these Authorities were necessary.

After all, a Demigod's full-powered attack absolutely carried the potential to destroy a planet. Unless they wished the entire universe to turn into rubble, Demigods always fought within their Authority Dimensions.

With two Authority Dimensions working in tandem, even with Wrath's power level, he wouldn't be able to casually interfere in the happenings of the Real Plane.

This was naturally the reason for his immense anger.

"You will not interrupt his Baptism. Regardless of whatever Seed nonsense you spout, I will not betray my own morality." Albeus responded indifferently to Wrath's rage. This was his true feeling, not a front he was putting up. Even if Damien had a treasure that was able to tempt him, he wouldn't make a move on a junior.

Even if he wasn't righteous, Albeus' character still learned towards the morally just side. He wouldn't stoop so low as to steal from someone so much weaker than him.

As for the Drunken Old Immortal, his reasoning was different. He was merely a curious old man. He had only come to know of the Seed's existence through a discarded Ancient Text he found on one of his many adventures. Now that it was truly in front of him, he naturally wanted to see what its existence entailed.

Wrath looked at these two men with utter hatred. They had blocked him at every step, disallowing him from directing Damien's growth the way he pleased. Did they want to die so badly?

"If you desire death so much, then let me grant it to you!" Wrath yelled out. At that moment, a ripple spread from his body. His own Authority spread, clashing with Albeus and the Drunken Old Immortal's. The area it occupied was dyed inky black, the same color as his mana.

Wrath's arm raised into the air. He was a Nox Demigod. A being that surpassed mere humans from the moment of his birth. How dare they look down on him?!

"Twisted Fantasy."

Wrath's words came out as a whisper, but they had a profound impact on the surroundings. The inky black space was filled with a myriad of illusions depicting the most gruesome scenes one could possibly imagine.

And the worst part of it all was the fact that these scenes originated from Wrath's memory. He was the one who committed these atrocities.

Albeus and the Drunken Old Immortal found their emotions becoming chaotic. The longer the illusions persisted, the harder it was to hold onto their rationality. If this continued, they'd be turned into mindless beasts!

This just went to show the difference between them and Wrath. They became painfully aware of their own weakness. But neither backed down.

Albeus pushed his arm out, his Authority flaring. A blinding white light covered his body in a nearly corporeal set of armor. This armor contained a mysterious property that calmed his mind, allowing him to more easily persist the mental attack from Wrath.

As for the Drunken Old Immortal, his method was far more simple and direct. His mana flared into the air, becoming liquid and slowly taking in mana and other materials to become a fine liquor. This liquor then flowed into his mouth, causing his face to flush.

His name wasn't the Drunken Old Immortal for no reason. His original affinity was water, but after years of development and building his legend, he twisted this affinity until he became a man who lived on liquor! Alcohol wasn't just pleasure anymore, it was also his power!

When the Drunken Old Immortal followed his namesake and got drunk, his power level would increase exponentially. And while his state of mind would become foggier, his mental defenses would actually be strengthened immensely! It was a strange ability, to say the least, but with even Damien receiving the option to choose Harem King during his Universe Baptism, it wasn't too surprising.

But regardless of the methods they used to ward off Wrath's attack, it was still true that they were forced into a defensive position from the very start.

Looking at each other, they came to a tacit understanding. They wouldn't be able to hold anything back when facing Wrath.

This battle would not be a simple one at all.


While the Demigods fought in their Authority Dimensions, separated from reality, a fierce war was taking place around Damien's World Energy Barrier.

Everything seemed to congregate in a single place, the entire chaotic struggle of the unnamed world focusing around Damien.

Whether it be the Nox, Niflheim, Asgard, Shadow Garden, the Cloud Plane forces, or anyone else, as long as they were involved in the conflict, they were likely present.

"Brothers, we fight! For humanity!" A black-clothed young man roared. The massive broadsword in his swung in a sweeping arc, letting out a furious dragon roar as it tore through hundreds of Nox beings.


The roars of his subordinates filled the heavens. The Bloody Cavalry charged into battle, slaughtering anything and everything in their path!

But even with their valiant efforts in killing thousands or even tens of thousands of Nox beings every few minutes, they were barely able to put a dent in the overall number.

This was the most terrifying facet of the Nox. Even if the intelligent members of their species were small in number, those unintelligent Nox at 3rd class and below were present in droves. At any given time, millions of them could be deployed as cannon fodder and it wouldn't be considered a loss to the Nox's overall power.

But the Bloody Cavalry persisted in their attack. They were joined by the Celestial and Star Squadrons as well, giving them more leeway within the chaos.

On another part of the battlefield, three women led the charge against a group of 3rd and 4th class enemies from Niflheim.

Rose's illusions covered thousands of kilometers, her Illusory Throne active and sending countless flying swords hurling at the crowd of enemies.

At the same time, Ruyue's spear left a rain of blood in its wake. The spear was often known as the commander of a hundred men, it was a weapon most suited for large-scale warfare! For the first time in her life, Ruyue was able to bring out her weapon's full potential!

The massive Blood Moon in the sky that empowered her every attack and shot out beams of blue iceflames and lunar energy didn't even need to be mentioned. Compared to her spear, the effects of this boost were negligible.

Aside from these two, Aishia was fighting with just as much reckless ferocity as she was before Damien saved her. Only, this time she was doing so consciously. No matter how random her actions seemed, they always followed a specific order and flow, making her wildly unpredictable, yet incredibly precise.

Behind these three women were Shadow Garden's forces. Even the white-clothed Clarice was present, playing a strange melody on her stringed instrument and providing buffs to her allies. This kind of supportive practitioner was rare and incredibly sought after on the battlefield. With her present, Shadow Garden and the three women held an absolute advantage over their foes.

The problem lay in their numbers, just as it did on the Bloody Cavalry's side. Now that war had erupted in full, there was no need to hide any strength. Both Asgard and Niflheim showed their full power, combining their efforts to siege Damien's World Energy barrier under Wrath's command.

Luckily, a majority of Asgard's 4th classes were being held up and slaughtered by the Moon Squadron within Asgard territory. This reduced the burden on the allied forces.

Even the Demigods from Asgard and Niflheim were occupied. The two Shadow Garden Demigods and the two Giant sisters that made up Shadow Garden's core with Albeus were locked in combat with the two Nox Demigods and the two Asgardian Demigods.

Although the numbers on both sides matched, the two Giant Sisters were still young. Comparatively, they didn't have as much strength as the other six present. If this group was to truly begin combat, it was unknown whether or not Shadow Garden's side could persist.

But Demigods weren't idiotic beings. At least, the ones present weren't. Even if one side was able to defeat the other, they'd be forced to endure immense losses, and perhaps they'd even die in the process!

When one's lifespan reached the terrifying boundary of a Demigod's, they'd become extremely attached to the concept of it. None of them wished to die early, leading to the current standstill.

But even with such a great deal of Niflheim and Asgard's forces blocked, the allied forces still had to deal with an immense number of enemies. With thousands of 4th classes and hundreds of thousands of 3rd classes flooding the battlefield, it was impossible to just cut everyone down like chickens.

The battle had devolved into one between strength and numbers.

As for which side would win? It was still far too early to determine.