Chapter 14

12. I got a great offer from a guest

Would you like to claim your hotel level-up reward?


Fortunately, there were no sudden changes to the hotel’s interior or the addition of facilities inside the hotel in front of Shim Jiyoon.

A window popped up as if the system was paying attention, and unlike the last time, it asked if I wanted the reward or not.

I decided to accept it a little later and left it for a while so that Shim Jiyoon could cry enough.

Shim Jiyoon cried for a long time, then wiped away her tears and asked.

“But how did you know this was an artifact made by Hwang Misoon, a craftsman? You even run a hotel in the dungeon, and if you’re the boss… A non-combat type S-Class awakener….”

What do you mean by S-Class?

If you look at the stats, it’s no different from the F-Class.

I swallowed those words and replied with a smile.

“Anyway, since I run a hotel for hunters, I know the information of various hunters.”

I just made it up, but it makes sense.

Originally, even in games and martial arts novels, when you want to get information,

It means that there is a lot of information on travelers’ accommodations.

Shim Jiyoon opened her eyes wide at what I said.

“Really? How amazing. So, is this run by the government or the Hanwoon Guild?”

“No. This is my own business.”

Shim Jiyoon opened her eyes wider and muttered.

“So it’s your own business….”

Why is it easy to understand?

After all, isn’t this world already full of people called “Awakeners” who have special skills?


She seemed to feel a little more comfortable after receiving the message from her lover, ‘Be happy’.

Near midnight, Shim Jiyoon returned to room 202, saying she didn’t want to have any more painful dreams.

“Now I’m going to sleep with a really happy dream.”

When I heard that, I decided that leaving Shim Jiyoon alone wouldn’t be a big problem.

The bellboy also took Sim Jiyoon, who looked tired, to Room 202, and he probably had the same idea.

Soon I was left alone in the lobby.

Okay, then—.

“Reward received.”

Now, should I get some level-up…?

Hotel Facilities: ‘Cafeteria’ will be upgraded.

Skill: The ‘Front Desk’ levels go up. (C→B)

Oh, the cafeteria is being upgraded.

It was good to hear.

The cafeteria changed in a blink of an eye.

The signboard, which seemed to be made of cardboard, has been replaced by a marble signboard that is quite stylish.

Under the new signboard, the facilities also changed.

In the cafeteria, where only the water purifier was alone, a stand that is common in places like cafes has been made.

And in it, there is a new two-burner gas stove that can be used with a small refrigerator.

I admired it and went inside.

“Finally… Finally… If it’s S noodles, I can boil black and eat it!”

I was thrilled as I looked down at the nickel-silver pot and bag of noodles.

From cup noodles to bag noodles.

What a great change this is!

In addition, I will be able to fill the refrigerator with simple ingredients, so it is possible to add green onion and eggs to the noodles.

“It’s going to be delicious.”

I thought of a shopping list with excitement.

Since seafood is cheap in Yeongchun-myeon, I thought it would be delicious to buy a lot of seafood and boil fresh seafood noodles.

Besides, the level of the ‘Front Desk’ is going up. 

This is also something to look forward to. 

When I was dealing with Kang Sangchil earlier, I thought this skill, which has a strange name, might be useful.

The front desk of a hotel is a department in charge of reservations and sales of rooms.

Sometimes, it also plays the role of checking and controlling the strange habits of guests in advance.

As the name of such a department is also the name of a skill, it means that if this skill level goes up, my control over the entire hotel may increase.

In addition to attaching automatic settlement to small actions as before, new ways may be found to deal with bad guests like Kang Sangchil.

‘He said that people can’t use force inside the hotel, but to be honest, it’s better to be prepared for bad guests.’ 

Among the hunters, there are guys called ‘villains’. 

“Ohhhh! There’s a refrigerator and a fire in the cafeteria. I’m touched, boss!” 

It was then.

The bellboy, who was coming down from the second floor, saw the change in the cafeteria and came running with a moved face.

The bellboy was happy and rubbed his cheeks on the marble countertop.

He certainly looks like a dog.

I said, feeling myself adapting to the appearance before I knew it.

“So let’s cook hard and feed the guests. I saw ham, eggs, and toast in the refrigerator. Prepare a brunch menu for tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, boss! I’ll try my best. By the way, how should I cook eggs? Sunny side up? That’s too much, right? Scrambled? Ah, but would an omelet be better—”

As expected, the bellboy couldn’t contain his happiness at his new job, and with his flushed face, he thought of 50,000 dishes that could be made with eggs.

Of course, my answer was one.

“Do it on your own.”

Let’s sleep first.

I was tired after dealing with Kang Sangchil, who was a bad guest, and Shim Jiyoon, who made me nervous in many ways, even though she wasn’t the bad guest.

* * *

I closed my eyes for a while and it was morning when I opened them again.

I went out to the lobby and was surprised.

The bellboy woke up early and was making all kinds of egg dishes with a hood on his head and an apron on his waist.

“Shouldn’t the boss eat before the guests leave? What kind of egg dish do you like, boss?”

I couldn’t stop staring at the fluffy, perfectly cooked scrambled eggs, the omelet that looked like water would pour out if I cut it open with a spoon, and the beautiful, perfectly grilled sunny-side-up fries.

“Are you really the spirit of the service industry?”

“Of course. I’m a 21st century customized spirit.”

“Then I want an omelet and a mixed coffee. I need a mana pool to test my skills today.”


The bellboy answered cheerfully and put an omelet and a cup of mixed coffee in front of me right away.

I sliced open the belly of the plump omelet with a knife.

Then, a bright yellow egg flowed down in it.

I gulped and thought.

‘Ah… I’m happy…’

How can I be so happy?

This is how I become a hotel manager who fulfills my own satisfaction, not customer satisfaction.

I seasoned the omelet with a little bit of salt and pepper and stuffed the sausage and omelet into one bite.

As expected, sausage and omelets for breakfast.

I felt that my body and mind were filled with the warm meal that was being chewed in my mouth.

I have had little experience eating warm food for breakfast since I was 20 years old.

As I lived alone, I ate sandwiches or salads for breakfast before going to work, and the only thing I ate well was kimbap.

In the meantime, I always ate breakfast when I went on a staycation with my friends.

When that happened, my friends would say this at the breakfast buffet as they looked for warm foods with soup, like seaweed soup.

‘I miss warm soup because I live alone….’

‘Ugh, being able to eat warm food for breakfast and go out without washing dishes is amazing!’

Yeah. That’s the taste of a staycation. 

With that thought in mind, I asked the bellboy.

“Now that we have a fire, shall we add something like soup to our breakfast? When the guest check out today, I’ll come back with a grocery shopping.”

“Soup is good! Youngchunmyeon is in a season with shrimp right now, boss! It would be nice to boil it with shrimp, tomatoes and vegetables and serve it with biscuits!” 

We can now make food that tastes like food and serve it to our guests.

I felt as good as when I put warm food in my mouth.

…and the feeling disappeared after about 3 hours.

“You want me to go back to the dungeon? Aa, I can’t go out! Check out, I can’t!” 

When Kang Sangchil’s time to check out was up, he started to make noise in the lobby. 

The spirit of the service industry and my face while activating the ‘Front Desk’ skill hardened at the same time.

Kang Sangchil screamed several times that he couldn’t leave when he was told he had to return to the dungeon he came from.

What do you mean by a high-rank Hunter? 

His face turned white when he was told he was going back to the dungeon, so it was clear he was lying. 

I tried to persuade Kang Sangchil, who was acting violently, but when he collapsed on the floor, I couldn’t stand it any longer and tried to get him up.

It was then.

Kang Sangchil’s eyes flashed, and he used a skill.


What do you mean fireball?

It’s an incredibly weak skill, but it could have been fatal to me, who only had an F-Class body. 

I closed my eyes tightly.


But the expected pain didn’t come to me.

I opened my eyes.

Then I saw Kang Sangchil with a bewildered face.

“F, fireball! Fireball!”

Kang Sangchil shouted a fireball several times.

However, only light smoke rose from Kang Sangchil’s hand, not a flame. 

Of course, I saw a bellboy. 

Ah, he said people couldn’t use force in the hotel.

That’s a relief. 

Of course, that didn’t mean that this person who dared to use a skill on a person would be forgiven. 

I glared at Kang Sangchil with a stiff face.

Kang Sangchil then shouted at me with a puzzled face.

“Do you know who I am? I, I know the president of the association even if I’m not in a high rank! If I tell the association president your name here, I can make you close the business right away!” 

“Haha. I see.”

Kang Sangchil flinched at my answer.

For reference, this answer was my pure answer with 0% skill correction.

If I give your name to Uncle Junsu, I think he will put your life on the line, not my business.

Kang Sangchil had an expression as if he was cornered when it didn’t work.

“Does it make sense to ask me to go back to the dungeon? I saw what keys you had last night. If you open the door with it, you can get out of the dungeon, right? Huh?” 

When did he see it?

He has good eyes, too.

It was the moment when Kang Sangchil reached into my pocket.

I took out the master key from my pocket.

And the moment Kang Sangchil saw it and ran toward it with his eyes sparkling, I said like this.

“Forced check-out, Room 201.”

A forced check-out will take place.

Guests are released into the original dungeon.

Kang Sangchil’s face is distorted.

This time, it was clear that a similar window had appeared in front of Kang Sangchil’s eyes.

“Oh, wait… wait… Hey there, boss! Are you a reclusive S-class barrier magician…? If you’re in S-class, tell me in advance…! I spoke well to the president of the association, so to the president…!” 

It was the moment Kang Sangchil used proper honorifics for the first time.

The revolving door began to spin twice, no, ten times faster than before.

It wasn’t just a buzzing sound; it was like a strong wind whipping around the ear.

“Boss! I, I was wrong…!” 

Kang Sangchil screamed.

His body was sucked into the revolving door, which turned rapidly, like dust being sucked into a vacuum cleaner.

Kang Sangchil disappeared right in front of my eyes in an instant. 

Wiing, wiing—.

The revolving door returned to its original speed.

Oh my.

I heard that the skill level went up, so I tried it without much expectation. 

The power of ‘Front Desk (B)’ was great.

Does the higher grade mean that I can use it over a wider range?

I turned my head in surprise.

As soon as I turned around like that, I met Shim Jiyoon, who was coming down to the lobby.

Shim Jiyoon smiled awkwardly and said.

“Uhm… I’ll just go on my own, boss.”

“Uh…  It’s not that…”

I scared the guest in a way that I didn’t expect.


“By the way, are you really not an S-Class Awakener? Be honest. If you are an S-Class Awakener, I’d like to make a recruitment offer to the Baekho Guild.” 

I received a great offer from a guest. 

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