Chapter 246 - You Can't Play Like This!

Huanhuan finished playing the cards in her hand.

She smiled extremely brightly. “Don’t worry, this is just to familiarize you with the rules. It doesn’t count.”

Hearing this, Xue Ling suddenly asked, “Is there a punishment or reward for winning or losing?”

Of course, money was used as a reward for playing cards, but their family’s crystals were all hers. No matter who won or lost, the money would be hers in the end. It was too boring to play like that.

She rolled her eyes and smiled slyly. “The winner can make a request. The loser has to agree and fulfill it.”


The three of them had no objections and agreed to her suggestion.

Huanhuan was secretly happy. When she won, she would make these three guys stop staring at her.

At that time, they would have to agree no matter how unwilling they were.

Huanhuan’s plan was especially good, but she had forgotten something.

The premise of her getting what she wanted was that she had to win.

Huanhuan was not worried that she would lose at all. The other party was three rookies!


Winning them was a matter of minutes!

It was too easy, okay?!

Huanhuan grabbed a hand of cards confidently. As she was arranging the cards, she saw Xue Ling play all the cards in his hand in one go.

Then, Bai Di and Sang Ye also finished playing.

Huanhuan looked at the large pile of cards in her hand, and her eyes widened in disbelief. “How is that possible?!”

She actually lost just like that?!

What happened to defeating everyone?!

What happened to beating up the rookies?!

How could this be?!

Xue Ling smiled very charmingly. “You lost. As agreed, you have to fulfill a request I made.”

Huanhuan threw down the cards in her hand and looked at him pitifully. “Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

Xue Ling’s smile became even more devilish. “My request is simple. You just have to take off your clothes.”


Taking off her clothes? That was very simple!

Huanhuan boldly took off her coat, revealing a long dress.

She slapped her thigh and said, “Continue! I don’t believe I’ll lose again!”

These three rookies were too lucky just now. Coupled with the fact that she had underestimated her opponents, she lost.

She would not make the same mistake again!

The four of them began the second round.

This time, Bai Di, Sang Ye, and Xue Ling didn’t play all their cards in one go. Huanhuan thought to herself that it was indeed as she had thought. Their luck couldn’t last forever.

As she silently calculated the remaining cards in the hands of the four of them, she played carefully.

The four of them took turns playing cards for three rounds. The cards in their hands were decreasing at the same speed. In the end, Xue Ling was the first to finish playing and became the winner again.

Huanhuan glared at him angrily. “Why do you always win?”

Xue Ling’s thin lips curled up slightly, and his blood-colored eyes curved slightly. “Because I want to see you naked~”


Huanhuan: “…”

She turned her back on him and took her time removing her panties.

She was still wearing a long dress on the outside, but the expressions of the three male beasts present had changed slightly.

Xue Ling’s expression had changed the most.

His gaze was like a tongue as he licked her exposed skin inch by inch.

Huanhuan’s scalp went numb. She subconsciously closed her legs and pulled down her skirt. She pretended to be calm and said, “What are you looking at? It’s not like you haven’t seen it before.”

Xue Ling turned his body slightly in her direction, and his long golden hair swayed to the side. His blood-colored eyes locked onto her like a large beast locking onto its prey.

It was filled with determination.

“Both of them have seen you naked, but I haven’t.”

Sensing danger, Huanhuan instinctively shrank toward Bai Di. “There ‘s n-nothing to see.”

“I can’t come to a conclusion until I’ve seen it.”

Xue Ling approached her, stuck out the tip of his tongue, and gently swept it across her ear.

The moist and warm feeling made Huanhuan’s scalp tingle and her entire body tense.

She wanted to look for Bai Di and Sang Ye for help, but she realized that a small tent was erect underneath Bai Di’s hide skirt. Although Sang Ye’s member wasn’t reacting, his gaze was still extremely hot.

Huanhuan suddenly realized that playing poker with these three guys might not have been a wise thing to do.

Even the beasts outside couldn’t resist teasing her. If the three of them couldn’t help but pounce on her, she wouldn’t even have the chance to resist. She would be completely devoured.

She couldn’t help but rejoice at the thought of something.

Fortunately, Shuang Yun was not around. Otherwise, she would not be able to escape unscathed.

When that guy was in heat, he was terrifying!

Xue Ling smiled and asked, “Do you want to continue playing?”

Huanhuan hesitated.

She only had the dress on her. If she lost again, she would have to strip naked.

But if she didn’t play, she wouldn’t be able to complete the diversion. She wouldn’t be able to take the opportunity to ask them to stop keeping an eye on her.

Huanhuan hesitated again and again. In the end, her desire for freedom took over.

She had to give it her all!

Huanhuan played this game more carefully. She had to think carefully before playing every card.

Bai Di, Sang Ye, and Xue Ling did not rush her. They all waited patiently for her to think of which card to play.

Every time she finished playing, she would stare at the cards in Xue Ling’s hand. She made herself remember what he had played and wondered what cards he had left.

Under Huanhuan’s gaze, Xue Ling finally did not win this round.

Sang Ye was the winner.

Huanhuan watched as Sang Ye put down the last two cards in his hand. Her eyes widened. “Sang Ye, when did you only have two cards left?! Why didn’t I notice?!”

Sang Ye was very calm. “You’ve been staring at Xue Ling. You didn’t even look at me.”

He sounded a little jealous.

Huanhuan couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. “I was afraid that he would win again.”

Xue Ling threw away the last card in his hand and smiled mysteriously. “In the end, I didn’t win. Instead, the most silent person won.”

Bai Di put down his poker cards too with a resigned look. “I don’t think I’ve ever won.”

Xue Ling glanced at him. “That’s because you never planned on winning in the first place. Don’t think I didn’t realize how youre were deliberately letting Huanhuan win.”

Bai Di stroked Huanhuan’s head. “Let her win if she wants to.”

Huanhuan: “…”

She was extremely aggrieved. “I’ve already tried my best. Why did I still lose? My luck with cards shouldn’t be that bad!”

Losing once could be said to be bad luck, but losing three times in a row was not just bad luck, right?

Xue Ling said leisurely, “That’s because your thoughts are too easy to guess. One look at your face and we’ll know if you have a good or bad hand. It’s difficult not to win.”


Huanhuan: “…”

Was he indirectly saying that she was stupid?!