CH 60

Gabriel stopped the carriage in front of the Burstoad Mansion.

The inside of the mansion was moving in a commotion. It seems that the gift Gabriel sent has arrived well.

Gabriel stared at the lights of the mansion with a darkened face.

Gabriel, with his hands on his knees, looked as if he was about to sink into darkness.


I felt sorry for Daphne, who must have been very surprised. But this was the best way to save Daphne from Cesare.

Giving Daphne freedom while Cesare is in prison. To put Daphne under his protection.

That was the ultimate purpose of this work.

Of course, Cesare was not an easy target. He was a man who would do anything to get out of prison.

But the Emperor promised to do Gabriel’s will.

It was thanks to Gabriel taking advantage of the Emperor’s guilt.

You may be able to buy some time for a while.

‘I’ll pick you up tomorrow, Daphne.’

I had no intention of leaving Daphne there. After the assembly tomorrow, Cesare will be imprisoned in the Imperial Castle.

And the trial date is the day after tomorrow.

Cesare will be sentenced to prison at the trial that will take place the day after tomorrow. Never before in history has the trial of a great aristocrat proceeded so quickly.

It was all Gabriel’s work.

He promised the future to the nobles who decided to join hands with Gabriel to help with this.

In the future, he promised that he would give them wealth and power comparable to that of Burstoad.

Gabriel sold the seat next to him.

Everything was easy when he said he would hand over the position of the Crown Princess.

Of course, it was a promise that was highly unlikely to be kept.

Gabriel gently raised his lips.

“Let’s leave now.”

“Yes, my lord.”

A low-pitched answer came from the coachman seat.

It was heartbreaking that Daphne was hurt, but it was refreshing. Gabriel’s smile deeply.


I threw up everything I ate yesterday. It was really tight.

It was difficult even to eat, but as soon as I returned to the mansion, I received an order to appear in court.

What did our Cesare do wrong?

My husband was a man who couldn’t live without the law. maybe…?

Even in the novel, Cesare never did anything against the law except in relation to Gabriel.

If this is not the case, the chimney will smoke.

“Are you okay now, madam?”

Asked the maid who saw me wake up.

“Yes. My stomach has subsided.”

“Take your medicine first. I’ll bring you some soup soon.”

“Before that… What about Cesare?”

“… Master has already left in the morning, madam.”

The maid replied with a sad face.

Left? without saying anything to me?

“He told me not to wake you up. And he told me to tell you that he would come back if you were resting well.”


I bit my lips.

My husband was framed and went to trial, but she became a wife who slept well at this time.

Cherry, who was playing through the skirts of the maids, came running to me, knowing that I was not feeling well.


The little force pulling the skirt lifted the Cherry up.


For some reason, I felt like I was about to cry and hugged Cherry. I don’t know how this happened.

Why did Cesare suddenly set fire? Didn’t he catch the culprit?

Cherry licked my cheek.

“Are you comforting me?”


Cherry barked like that. He didn’t seem to be comforting her.

Cherry was brought by Cesare for me. When I was locked up in the tower, Cesare provided everything to make me feel comfortable.

Still, he asked if it wasn’t enough.

Cesare is such a person.

He couldn’t leave me alone with anxiety.

Like an idiot, I didn’t even know my own heart, but I was convinced that what Cesare gave me was love.

So it was clear that Cesare would be back soon.

Right, Cherry?

Looking into Cherry’s bright eyes, it calmed my heart.

“I’ll take medicine and eat soup. Does Cesare want me to be like that?”

“Yes, madam! You thought well.”

The maid smiled.

“I would prefer not to go out for a while. I think it would be better not to have guests.”

“Yes, madam. I will pass it on to the head maid.”

I couldn’t meet and talk to anyone in a situation where I didn’t even know who the enemy was.

It’s natural that you don’t know what’s going to get caught.

I can’t believe this is happening to me. It was something I had never imagined before I entered the novel.

I was just an ordinary outsider.

My heart was beating anxiously.

I just want to enjoy a vacation and a happy honeymoon with Cesare, I hate this genre.

So come back soon, Cesare.

I’m a little scared.


As soon as Cesare came to the Imperial Castle, he was summoned to the Great Council. It was the seat where the nobles decided whether he should be tried before the trial

However, everyone in attendance knew that this was a formality.

Because the trial date has already been set for tomorrow.

Cesare sat down in the middle with a cold face.

“What kind of hate did this happen to him…”

“Isn’t the Emperor trying to set an example? When I came and heard the story, it was true that the hunting ground was on fire, but the only person who testified was the former butler of the Duke’s house.”

“It is highly probable that he was vindictive and made false accusations. He said he was kicked out?”

“Whoa… Still, there was a fire in the royal hunting grounds, so it should be formally investigated.”

“I was just wondering if it was going to go to trial.”

There were conversations among the nobles. Cesare closed his eyes and listened to their story.

As they say.

The fire case deserves an investigation, but it was difficult to agree on whether it should be held until a trial.

Only one hunter was killed.

In fact, even though the nobles and the Imperial family weren’t even dead, a trial was held. There was nothing to conjecture except that Burstoad was hated.

Soon after, the Emperor and Crown Prince entered. The nobles who were seated got up and greeted, and Cesare opened his eyes.

“Duke Burstoad. It’s been a while, but I’m sorry to have met you through such an event.”

Said the Emperor.

It was a voice with a heavy dignity. Beside him, Gabriel smiled brightly. It was the face of a winner.

Cesare promised to make that face distorted.

Cesare’s jaw hardened.

“I see the Empire Sun. I’m Cesare Burstoad, I’m greeting you after a long time.”

“… Hah, yes. Let’s hear the story of how you got involved in this.”

“Albert is the one I personally accused of harming the Crown Prince the other day. There is no wonder that such a person could bear a grudge against me and testify.”

“… Did he lie like that in order to live?”

“Yes. His Majesty the Emperor.”

Gabriel clicked his tongue briefly.

In fact, it would have been nice to have Cesare overturned Gabriel’s push, but he moved faster.

Thanks to that, he had no choice but to set a slightly weak trap.

Gabriel opened his mouth.

“To be a lie, he was aware of the circumstances in detail.”

“I have no motivation.”

“You must have wanted to rebel against the Imperial family.”

Gabriel responded quickly.

“Have I ever complained about the high tax rate?”

It was something every nobleman would do. And at that time, Burstoad was paying higher taxes than other estates.

Cesare chuckled.

Gabriel’s will carry out this trial by any force was revealed.

Cesare stared at Gabriel with cold eyes.

There was a battle between Cesare and Gabriel, but it seemed that the will of the Imperial family could not be broken.

Cesare clenched his teeth.

It seemed inevitable that he would go to trial.

If Joseph did a good job, Cesare will be released tomorrow.


The only thing I was worried about was Daphne. In the morning, I just had to see my wife sleeping.

She was so surprised yesterday that she vomited everything she ate. The wind turned her blue and he couldn’t wake Daphne from her sleep.

It was the servants who sent off Cesare with the wind of tears. I had no choice but to ask them to take care of Daphne and leave.

Cesare sighed.

It was Cesare who brought all of this to himself so that he could not blame anyone.

This wouldn’t have happened if Cesare hadn’t brought Gabriel from the hunting grounds.

Cesare stared coldly at Gabriel, who was smiling.

I don’t know what you’re up to, but Daphne is Cesare’s wife. There is no way Daphne will fall for Gabriel or something like that.

Gabriel met Cesare’s gaze.

Cesare was still full of confidence. He wondered what he would look like when things he had believed in fell apart.

A small euphoria rose.

It was the joy that came from giving Gabriel a shot to Cesare, who he thought had nothing to do.