Chapter 50

Chapter 50

“Everything is for you, Anais.”


Lewarren, who had been sitting on the edge of the bed and putting his hand on Anais’s neck to give her energy, quickly cleared up his expression as if he had made a mistake and got up from his seat.


Lewarren unknowingly untied his clenched fist and covered his mouth. He unwittingly spit out the words he had been hiding until now.

Anais was angry at that moment. Did the word ‘for her’ make sense in this situation? It wasn’t enough to bring her back to life after she had died for Kylian’s sake, even showing her Kylian’s broken figure out of control. It reminded her of the past days when she felt like she was being held accountable.

Then, suddenly, it occurred to her that in this life she came back to life, everyone had changed except for her. Anais couldn’t fully trust Lewarren. In addition, she was angry that his words seemed to deceive her. It made her difficult to think.

“Is this really for me?”


“What are you talking about?”

Anais tried to force herself up. In order to avoid her, Lewarren was trying to turn his body and leave.


Anais looked at Lewarren, as he tried to get away from her. Lewarren looked down at her for a moment at Anais’s shriek, and when their eyes met, he tried to go more hastily.


Her hand touched his trousers. Anais collapsed to the floor, unable to stand up. Shaking off her hand, he headed outside.

“Wait! Please…”

Anais had a lot to ask him. Why was he doing this to her? And why did he bring her to this body? And what does it mean for her?

She assumed that what Lewarren had told her was not a lie. If it was really a lie, he wouldn’t have run away like this.

“Ugh… Urk….”

As she vomited up what she had been holding back, blood gushed out. Blood flowed through the marble floor, and Anais’s vision blurred as she stared at it.

“Damn it…”

Not wanting to cry, Anais clenched her fists.

Around that time, Phileal was not in his room. He hated High Priest Lewarren Iphigenia, but he knew Lewarren cared for Anais. That’s why he left it when Lewarren said he would give her energy.

If Lewarren really meant to kill Anais in the first place, it wouldn’t make sense for him to bring her here. So why did he work together with the High Priest of Death to turn her into a fake?

Between Lilith and Anais, the only person Phileal knew best was Anais. But as Lilith brought the priests of death to the palace, he had spoken with her. It was only for a moment that he could tell that they were completely different people. Why doesn’t the emperor realize what he does?

At first, Phileal really wanted to pretend he didn’t know Anais. However, Lilith’s body that she entered is a body full of divine power. It was certain that if he offered that as a sacrifice, his status in the Temple of Death would rise.

Right now, his ability and Leviathan’s ability were almost at the same level. Leviathan was only slightly better. The difference could be made with just a few more worthy offerings. It would have been better to pretend not to know Anais’ predicament and take her body as a sacrifice.

“Because I don’t want to.”


The woman who answered Phileal’s unwitting words was the one who cleaned the front of the throne room with Anais the other day.

“Oh, what did I say?”

“Sa, save me!”

“Please save me, Second Bishop!”

“We did nothing wrong!”

“It’s a misunderstanding!”

Phileal came to the maids’ residence alone. He hated these servants. The people who bullied her mother were not nobles. Rather, they were servants who were looked down upon by the nobles. So Phileal hated the servants who bullied his mother and all the people in the imperial palace who behaved the same way.

“No, what did I do?”

Phileal smiled brightly and stood in front of them. All four maids were kneeling in uniform, looking at him.

“Did I beat you up or tie you up?”


The four maids looked at him pitifully with tears in their eyes when Phileal said so. He just laughed at these pathetic faces.

He was the Second Bishop of the Temple of Death. As it was, if the High Priest were to pass away and come to God’s side, only Leviathan would win. He was the first servant of the God of Death.

There was no way Phileal could feel any emotion towards the person who was crying and begging him. He was just a little upset about this situation.

“So, just answer the questions I ask?”


“W-Which… Which one?”

Phileal didn’t care what the other Priests of Death said to him. No matter what they say or whisper, they can’t even open their mouth in front of him. Mute and afraid.

The Temple of Death was a place that most blindly followed the hierarchy of power. No matter how strangely they spread rumors among themselves, no one would listen to the likes of bugs. They just listen to it like time passing by.

At first, Phileal tried to condone the culprit who cut Anais’s hair. Anais’s severed hair, her miserable expression holding it, and even the events at the Magic Tower that she would not have had to go through if her hair had not been cut off.

Nor did he enjoy using the Emperor’s people as sacrifices unnecessarily. However, what he thought would be a little better if he found them, the cause, for some reason, he got more angry and instead had a conversation with them.

The scene that disturbed him even more was the sight of Anais trembling to hide her cut hair from Kylian.

“You mean the Saintess?”


The three maids looked at Emilia in unison. Then she tried to open her mouth and stopped. Maids should not open their mouths easily. While entering the palace, they were warned to keep their mouths closed. Besides, they knew that the priests of death were not to be trusted.

The Second Bishop with red eyes shining like a white snake. He offered living sacrifices to the God of Death, and regarded the lives of servants as worse than insects.

Even if they confess the truth, will they be spared? When they thought about it, they lowered their heads with pale faces.

“I won’t kill you. Really.”


“Just tell me in detail. I just want to hear what happened.”

The four maids were the ones who cleaned the front of the throne room with Anais. They knew that Second Bishop Phileal had a close relationship with Saintess Lilith. Because they too had eyes and ears and were sensitive to rumors.

“The Empress has ordered us to clean up.”


“So… T-The four of us tried hard to clean up!”

The girls looked at each other, then nodded as Emilia took the lead. No one had the courage to go first. At least they exchanged glances with each other, to push Emilia who was the ringleader.

“But the Saintess…”


“She says she doesn’t like us, and she broke the broom…”

“The Saintess did?”


“She broke the broom and hit me!”

Emilia showed Phileal the scar on her arm caused by a fall while cleaning.

“Looks like a wound from today.”

“No! It happened that day, but the wound reopened!”

Phileal smiled benevolently at Emilia’s shameless remark and replied, ‘I see.’ As his expression softened, Emilia continued her words, thinking that he believed her.

“Are these the wounds caused by the Saintess?”


“But it looks like a scar now?”

“It was swept away by the swinging of the club!”

“I see. It must have hurt.”

As Phileal spoke to her as if to comfort her, Emilia looked into his eyes. His intense red eyes were really shining with pity. Soon after, Emilia caught her breath as she watched him look down at her and then bend his back to meet her gaze.

It was the Priest of Death that she had never looked at properly before because she was afraid. However, seeing him up close, he looked like an angel from the divine scripture. His pure white hair took on a pale orange glow in the light of the chandelier, and even that was resplendently beautiful. Besides, even the eyelashes were as brilliant a silver as the hair.

The red eyes underneath were really blood red.


“Can you tell me more?”


Emilia was unconsciously mesmerized and ashamed to see him, so she looked elsewhere. Even so, Phileal was blatantly watching her. Seeing his soft demeanor, the maids next to him were all slowly finding stability.

“So, I was right… I was in so much pain that I went to my room with them.”

“I see.”

“But the Saintess followed me there too…”

“Oh no.”

As Emilia lowered her head and wept, the other maids also looked at her and bowed their heads. They have seen many times that Emilia usually responds well to their superiors in this way. They were relieved to see that the situation was getting better and better.

“What did she do after following you?”

“She broke the things in my room.”

“It must have been scary.”

Emilia lowered her eyes sadly as if she was about to shed tears, and her voice trembled. Then, when her eyes met Phileal’s, there were tears running down her cheeks.

“The Saintess broke my valuables… Even my mother’s memento…”


“Yes…! We saw it!”

“That Saintess is heinous…!”

The maids also knew about the rumors of the Saintess—she was hated by the Empress. The Saintess was someone who could not move in front of the Empress.

Since the Empress was the bullying figure, they thought that even if they got caught, the Empress might act directly to set an example.

“A memento, you say… That’s too bad. I know that feeling well.”


“It must have been precious, so you must have been sad.”


Emilia’s heart was racing, probably because Phileal was looking at her with sympathy. Priests or Bishops were forbidden to have close relationships with the opposite sex. Saints, too, unless they were chosen from birth. He was the Second Bishop, he could not hold a woman.

Even so, Emilia thought that the Second Bishop was in a similar situation. She was a maid, and all the servants in the palace belonged to the Emperor.

“Then what happened to the Saintess’s hair?”

“Ah, that…”


“That… The Saintess cut it herself to blackmail me…”

“What are you talking about?”

“She cut her own hair and… She said she wouldn’t let us go unless we shut up… She said that we bullied her, and she threatened…”

“Huh… It’s real!”

At that moment, Phileal laughed incredulously. Emilia’s body stiffened at his coy smile. He had been like a fox stretching up until just now, but now he felt like a huge snake with an open mouth.

“If you’re going to lie, be sincere.”

After saying that, he grabbed Emilia by the neck.

“For a will, it’s really insignificant. Right?”


At that moment, the symbol of the God of Death on the back of his hand appeared black.

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