Chapter 193 - Are These All For Jiang Xun?

By default, he would see her as Mufeng’s girlfriend!

They’re both existences that he couldn’t afford to offend!

Guanglin assured Jiang Xun. “Don’t worry, when they pick you up tomorrow morning, they won’t stream from the car. The netizens have guessed that the program team won’t be able to invite you, so I want to treat you all as surprise guests and reveal your identities at the farmhouse.”

Jiang Xun replied, “Alright, thank you, Director.”

Guanglin also exchanged a few polite words with Jiang Xun before he went to prepare for tomorrow’s livestream.

He would have to stay up late again tonight.

While Guanglin was working, he was still pondering.

If Jiang Xun and Mufeng were really together, why didn’t they publicize it?

Was it because Mufeng was unwilling?

Or was it because Jiang Xun was considering her acting career and didn’t want to publicize it?

However, if it were any other female celebrity, they would have long wanted to make it public!

In Guanglin’s heart, Jiang Xun’s professional identity had already changed from an influencer to a female celebrity.

It was a pity that Guanglin didn’t ask Jiang Xun.

Otherwise, Jiang Xun would have openly admitted her relationship with Mufeng to him.

She wasn’t particularly hiding it, but she also didn’t plan to publicize it.

She didn’t plan to publicize it, purely because she wanted to keep a low profile. After all, they had just gotten together, so she had to be careful to protect their little flame of love.


Whether it was the examples she saw in her previous life or the ones she saw on the internet in this life, those who were too high-profile usually didn’t have a good ending.

Jiang Xun cherished her relationship with Mufeng, so she was even more cautious.


Guanglin had made an appointment with Jiang Xun and Mufeng. The production team’s car would be waiting downstairs at 9 am.

Jiang Xun and Mufeng had breakfast at home and waited there.

Five minutes before 9 am, Jiang Xun received a call from the assistant director, Xu Mingzhi, saying that the production team’s car had arrived. If they were ready, they could set off at any time.

After learning from Guanglin that Mufeng and Jiang Xun had the same address, Mingzhi hesitated whether he should inform Mufeng too.

After all, he felt that it was very likely that Mufeng was with Jiang Xun right now, but what if he was still at the opposite house?

Just as he was hesitating, Mufeng’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Let’s go.”

Mingzhi: “…”

Fine, there was no need to hesitate.

The two of them were together.

After a few minutes, Mufeng appeared in a casual outfit. He didn’t look like the usual cold and aloof CEO in a suit.

He was dragging a suitcase in each hand and carrying a big backpack behind him.

Jiang Xun walked out from behind him. Her hands were empty and she didn’t take anything.

It seemed that all the luggage was with Mufeng.

Mingzhi still felt that it was strange. It was only a one-night stay and one suitcase was enough for each person. Why was Mufeng carrying such a big backpack?

Looking at the bulging backpack, there were quite a lot of things in it.

“Mr. Qin, Teacher Jiang.” Mingzhi had changed the way he addressed Jiang Xun.

Jiang Xun waved her hand. “It’s not the first time we’ve met. Why are you being so polite? Just call me Jiang Xun.”

Mingzhi was the assistant director of “Accelerated Flight.”

“Okay.” Mingzhi smiled and invited them into the car. “Our program team’s setting is for the two of you to appear together, so we’ll just take the same car.”

Mufeng had the same intention. He nodded and got into the car with Jiang Xun.

The program team had prepared a GL8 so that Mingzhi and the cameraman could be in the car together and have a short interview along the way.

Seeing that the camera was turned on, Jiang Xun was puzzled. “Aren’t we not streaming on our side?”

“This is not live. It’s for the VIP and updated version of the broadcast,” Mingzhi explained.

Jiang Xun thought that this was indeed Guanglin’s style.

“Mr. Qin, Jiang Xun, I’ll ask you a few basic questions and broadcast them in the updated version,” Mingzhi said.

“Go ahead.” Jiang Xun nodded.

Mufeng took out a box of custard pie, a box of chocolate pie, and a box of white peach milk from his big backpack.

Mingzhi: “…”

So you’re carrying such a big backpack, and it’s filled with food?


“Mr. Qin, didn’t you guys eat breakfast?” Mingzhi originally thought that it wasn’t too early to pick them up at 9 am, so they should have enough time to eat breakfast. “Why don’t we stop at a breakfast shop on the way?”

“We’ve eaten,” Mufeng said. “These are snacks.”

Mufeng first handed the chocolate pie and custard pie to Jiang Xun, then unscrewed the lid of the white peach milk for her. He took the time to say to Mingzhi, “Go ahead and ask your questions.”

Mingzhi replied, “Okay…”

He wanted to ask more, are these all for Jiang Xun?

Mufeng handed the white peach milk to Jiang Xun, then took the chocolate pie that was placed on her lap and opened the box.