Chapter 194 - Who Would Have Thought That Great CEO Qin Would Be Like This When He Was In Love

He took out a bag of chocolate pie, tore it open, and handed it to Jiang Xun.

Jiang Xun took it, took a sip of milk, and slowly ate the chocolate pie.

Mufeng also tore open the custard pie for her.

Mingzhi: “…”

Mufeng was too devoted!

You’re not feeding Jiang Xun, you’re feeding me dog food!


Mingzhi laughed dryly and readjusted his emotions. He asked Jiang Xun, “Jiang Xun, why did you think of joining our show?”

Jiang Xun took a sip of milk and swallowed it. She said, “You guys gave me enough money.”

Mingzhi was speechless.

Could this interview go on?

Mingzhi could only shift his focus to Mufeng. “Mr. Qin, other than snacks, what else do you have in your backpack?”

Mufeng simply opened the backpack for Mingzhi to look at. “It’s all food. It’s all for Jiang Xun. She gets hungry easily.”

Mingzhi: “…”

“Hehehehe.” Mingzhi shifted his focus again. “Jiang Xun, Mr. Qin knows you very well. Have you two been in contact in private?”

Jiang Xun looked at him with a faint smile. “Assistant director Xu, have you changed your profession to become an entertainment reporter?”

Mingzhi: “…”

Well, this question was not something that could be asked.

“Have the two of you ever done farm work before?” Mingzhi decided to focus on the content of the program.

“No.” Mufeng really had never done farm work before.

Mingzhi also felt that this question was completely unnecessary to ask Mufeng, so he turned to Jiang Xun and asked, “Jiang Xun, I don’t think you’ve done it before either.”

Jiang Xun replied, “I’ve done it before.”

The original Jiang Xun had done it at her uncle’s house.

She herself had also done it during the apocalypse.

She was recruited into the army to train at the age of 14.

Before that, she couldn’t stay idle in the orphanage.

The federal government didn’t support idle people.

When they were in the orphanage, they also had to farm.

Although they lived in the underground city, they used simulated sunlight to grow a limited variety of vegetables in the greenhouse. Jiang Xun was quite good at farming.

She joined the army as a reserve soldier. Apart from training, she was also responsible for some work such as house repair.

If Jiang Xun was left in the countryside, she could live well on her own.

Mingzhi was stunned. “What’s the story behind that?”

“I just came to the capital last year,” Jiang Xun explained. “From the age of seven to eighteen, I was in the countryside.”


Mingzhi was surprised. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I really can’t tell at all.”

Mingzhi got rid of the questions he had prepared beforehand and asked a lot of questions. He also saw Jiang Xun eat the whole way.

Mufeng’s backpack visibly shrunk by half.

However, Mufeng was carrying a backpack as big as a mountain!

It was huge!

Jiang Xun was too good at eating!

Other female celebrities were on a diet, so they could only eat vegetables.

Nowadays, gluttonous people were careful with their image. There were quite a number of people who had been caught faking their diet.

Jiang Xun, on the other hand, was eating for real, and what she was eating was high in calories.

Jiang Xun’s mouth was really busy the entire journey.


The key was the high-calorie snacks. Eating some was to satisfy her cravings, but wouldn’t she get tired of eating too much?

He watched as Mufeng reached into his backpack again and wanted to give Jiang Xun more.


She could still eat?

Mingzhi was shocked!

“I’ve had enough.” Jiang Xun drank a mouthful of white peach milk.

Mingzhi let out a breath.

She should be full.

“If I continue eating, I won’t be able to eat if I’m hungry tonight.” Jiang Xun looked at Mufeng’s backpack with longing.

“Okay.” Mufeng zipped up his backpack. “I was careless this time. I only brought one bag.”

Mingzhi: “???”

Mufeng started to blame himself for being careless?

Who would have thought that Great CEO Qin would be like this when he was in love!

Their car arrived outside the farmhouse.

“We’re here,” Mingzhi said. “There’s a short slope between here and the farmhouse. In order to shoot the scene of the two of you walking to the farmhouse, the car won’t go up.”

After getting out of the car, Mufeng went to the trunk to take down their suitcases. He was still the one dragging them, leaving Jiang Xun empty-handed.

Mingzhi was contacting Guanglin through the headset. “Director, Mr. Qin and Jiang Xun have arrived. We’ll start the livestream now.”

After receiving Guanglin’s reply, Mingzhi said to the cameraman, “Let’s not shoot their faces for now. We can shoot their feet, waist, and back. In short, we can avoid their faces and some unique features that the audience can recognize at a glance.”

Mingzhi went around to look behind Mufeng and Jiang Xun. “Let’s not film their backs. Their backs are too outstanding. We can recognize them at a glance.”