Latest Release Novel

Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability 03-05 01:03
Pregnant with Twins: Poison Doctor Consort is Too Hard to Please 03-05 01:03
Why Are You Crying? Because I Married Your Mom After You Broke up with Me? 03-05 01:03
Family Cultivation: I Can Store My Ability To Understand 03-05 01:03
Shocking the Whole Internet! You Are Not a Psychologist at All! 03-05 01:03
Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness 03-05 01:03
A Stern Mistress from the Ancient Past Becomes the Cannon-Fodder in a Wealthy Family 03-05 01:03
I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch 03-04 19:03
Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent 03-04 19:03
The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master 03-04 19:03
My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God 03-04 19:03
They Said I'm Mr. Gu's Scandalous Affair 03-04 19:03
My Simulated Road to Immortality 03-04 19:03
The Wizard Path From The Simulator 03-04 19:03
The Eternal Supreme 03-04 19:03
After Rebirth, the Miracle Doctor Wife Is No Longer Humble! 03-04 19:03
To the Love of My Life 03-04 19:03
The Female Supporting Character Outshines the Female Lead 03-04 19:03
I Have Robbed 999 Types Of Powers 03-04 19:03
We Agreed to Brag Together, But You Secretly Dominated the World 03-04 19:03