Chapter 7982

Originally, the warriors did not have much confidence in defeating the poisonous demon.

Even now, something seems to have happened to the poisonous demon family, and the poisonous demons are looking for a place to hide.

However, all the human warriors in their Yuexuan world have been suppressed by poisonous demons.

They resisted countless times, but none of them succeeded.

Even every time there is no hope of success.

Not even the slightest chance of success.

This time is different.

They have the heart of the world of Yuexuan World.

Being able to block the entire Yuexuan world, the poisonous demons couldn't send reinforcements from the Supreme Realm.

Even if they fight the existing poisonous demons in Yuexuan World, they will die many people.

They don't hesitate.

Because they see hope!

For this hope, they will die without regret.

Seeing that the martial artists in the audience were very excited, Qin Ming didn't say anything more, and he let out his aura without reservation.

Immediately, everyone felt the powerful aura of Qin Ming.

The warriors couldn't judge Qin Ming's real strength by his aura, but they could feel that all the human warriors they had seen before were not as powerful as Qin Ming.

"So strong!" A warrior exclaimed, "I've seen Si Kou Dai, and Si Kou Dai's aura is extremely powerful, but it's just like Master Qin Ming!"

"It's like falling into an abyss, like being crushed by a mountain!"

"The momentum is so powerful, Qin Ming really has the strength of a half-step supreme!"

Hearing that Qin Ming has half-step supreme strength, the warriors became even more excited.

Now no one has absolute doubts about Qin Ming killing Si Koudai.

Even if someone doesn't quite believe it, at this moment they are doubtful.

"Half-step Supreme!" Someone shouted loudly.

Immediately, more than a million human warriors shouted in unison.

"Half-step Supreme!"

"Half-step Supreme!"


Full of momentum, straight into the sky.

The morale of the warriors was high, as if they wanted to vent out the grievances of countless years.

They need to vent too much and hold it in for too long.

From birth to the present, they have lived underground all their lives.

They want to live on the ground.

Obviously the ground is in front of them, and life on the ground is so beautiful.

However, they were worried that the poisonous demons would hunt them down, so they could only hide underground and never see the sun.

Looking at the fanatical eyes of the warriors below, Qin Ming was very pleased.

Things are simpler than he imagined.

As long as the warriors believe that he defeated Si Koudai, he was the one who got the heart of the world in Yuexuan World.

gave them hope.

In the long-term grievance, they will definitely be able to release twelve points of passion.

Now I can see from their eyes that they want to unify the Yuexuan world and live a better life.

I don't want to go back underground.

It can also be seen from their eyes that they admire themselves.

Qin Ming was very satisfied with this.

He said loudly: "We have a common enemy, and the human fighters in our Yuexuan world are no worse than poisonous demons!"

"It's only because the Poison Demons have more and better resources that they are stronger than us."

"Those unbearable days are over. I have a lot of pills and countless cultivation resources."

"As long as you are willing to take revenge and take back Yuexuan World from the poisonous demons in order to unify Yuexuan World."

"I'm willing to take out all my resources and share them with you!"

"Now Yuexuan World has been blocked by me. This is the best chance, and it may be our only chance!"