The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler by War Nishino
3.85 /5

In her previous life, she was the esteemed princess destined to be worshipped by everyone. However, she ultimately burns herself to death when she is betrayed on the eve of her wedding day!She is rebo...

Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru by Miyako
3.3 /5

One day, I realized that I’m a former Japanese who reincarnated into a different world as a Duke’s daughter Cristea Ellisfeed. Reincarnation…? Duke’s daughter…? A world with magic…? Is this a light no...

Supreme Emperor of Swords by 乱世狂刀
3.8 /5

Before going to college, an ordinary high school student went to celebrate and got drunk. When he woke up, he found himself in a completely different world. There was a big sect, the approaching sect ...

After Maxing out all Classes by Endless Changes
4.75 /5

Robb has been playing for several years in a game that allows players to freely change careers. He has fully practiced all occupations, established the largest guild in the entire server, defeated the...

Galactic Garbage Station by 齐成琨
4 /5

Su Jing, after the graduation, run up against the wall, discouraged, he returned to his home to adjust the mood. Then he discover that his own backyard had become the Galactic Garbage Station. Every d...

I Helped The Imprisoned Male Lead And He Became Obsessed by
3.9 /5

I was possessed into the role of an errand child who brought meals to the male lead, who was imprisoned as a laboratory test experiment. When the experiment succeeded and the male lead gained strength...

I Became A Mechanic by
4.6 /5

A blacksmith of the lowest normal rank acquired a legendary mechanic job.

Film Empress's Daily Face Slapping by
3.4 /5

After all the effort of climbing from a mere daughter of a concubine to the Crown Prince’s consort, before the veil was even lifted, I had become a “flower vase” actress!Su Shen: “What? Acting?”The pe...

The Frozen Player Returns by 제리엠
3.05 /5

5 years after the world changed, the final boss appeared.[The final boss for area Earth, the Frost Queen, has appeared.] The final boss! If we can just defeat her, our lives will go back to normal!The...

Absolute Resonance by 天蚕土豆
4.8 /5

In the land of the Xia Kingdom, every human being is born with what is known as a ‘resonance’, either to a specific element or a powerful, mythical beast.Unfortunately, Li Luo was born with an incredi...

The Sovereign's Ascension by Fiery Moon
4.5 /5

As a lawyer back on earth, Lin Yun had never lost a case. He owed his success to three things: two blessings he received at birth (a photographic memory and the ability to comprehend anything he studies) and an indomitable will he forged himself.

Martial God Asura by Kindhearted Bee
3.55 /5

Even if you have potential, it does not mean you are a genius. You can learn mysterious martial arts, and you can learn without a teacher.Even if you have strength, despite having numerous precious tr...

Divine Emperor of Death by Stardust_Breaker
3.55 /5

Tian Long was born an orphan. He led his life in misery while out of nowhere, he chanced upon a Death Note, killing his only enemy who was the cause for his misery. After a series of planning and acti...

Conquering His Cold Heart by sanimimosa7
4.2 /5

Princess Anastasia of Orsenia is regarded as the kingdom’s treasure. However, she carries a heavy secret— she is diagnosed with an incurable illness. She is fated to die before she turns 18.For years,...

The Fenrir's Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ by
4.95 /5

Melodia was a healer and a royal knight from the Fifth Patrol Division. On the night of her 18th birthday, her beastman blood suddenly awakened and she took on the form of a wolf. Melodia, who had no ...

Your Regrets Are Late by
4.2 /5

She wanted to be loved when she was young, and to be recognized when she grew up.The ground that buried her mother’s body hadn’t dried up enough, but her father already brought in his illegitimate chi...

Condemning the Heavens by Tinalynge
3.2 /5

In the continent of Chang'an humans had lived as livestock and slaves to the Primordial Beasts. These beasts were ferocious, bloodthirsty and overwhelmingly powerful, but even so, the humans managed t...

Untamed: The Alpha by jikanyotomare
3 /5

He was Chaos, the shattering soul that was deemed to wreak havoc and the cause of thousands of deaths.Fear was a cloak that engulfed his existence.He didn’t want anything except to find every piece of...

Little Madman's Guide to Acting Good by
3.95 /5

Chen Qizhao was reborn and returned to the age of 18 when he was still the wicked little overlord of the Chen family.At this time, his brother hadn’t experienced a car accident while his parents were ...

Living in Another World by Commissioning 〜Healing Mage's Relaxing and Fluffy Manpower Agency〜 by
3.15 /5

It is a story about a man who died of overworking as a corporate s*ave and was reborn in another world. However, he doesn’t want to work, so he buys s*aves and makes them work.He heals cheap female s*...

From Shadow Guard to Empress by
3.6 /5

You Shu transmigrated into a book and became one of the male lead’s shadow guards. He thought he was following a conspiracy script and as long as he hugged the male lead’s thigh well, he would reach t...

Mary Sue Reversal System by
4.35 /5

The actor Fu Yichen suddenly found himself bound to a [Mary Sue Reversal System] and was forced to travel through Mary Sue worlds one after another, where blood and thunder flew from left to right. Wi...

I Became the Fiancé of a Dragon in Romance Fantasy by
3.65 /5

In the novel, I became the dragon’s fiancé. whose marriage is soon to be broken.

For You In The Cage by
3.25 /5

Canaren, a beautiful woman with golden wings caught by a tyrant.A man appeared in front of her while she was trapped in a cage and being harassed by a tyrant.“Don’t doubt me, use me. Because I’m on yo...

My Child Is A Villain by Ryu Ran
3.3 /5

Burn marks covering half the face, curly dirty hair, the clothes he was wearing reeked of sulphur.The spoiled child, over favored by the Spirit of Fire, looked at Adele in the distance, wiggling only ...

I Play Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game by
4.5 /5

Su Yu, who was attempting to create a second account in the VR trading card game “Yu-Gi-Oh! World Link Online”, inexplicably traveled to the game world, and even had his own NPC identity.Time went bac...

Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin! by ObsidianOrbs
3.35 /5

What do you think would happen when a mean and cranky bitch was suddenly thrown into a new world with no fault of her own? At least that is what she chose to believe.A new world where she would be dub...

Reborn To The Start Of The Apocalypse To Farm by Warm Charge
3.45 /5

As he woke up, Wei Xuan realized he returned to the day when the apocalypse had just begun. Wei Xuan, who had a second chance at life, immediately decided: not to go to a survivor base, and not to ret...

The Villainess's Daughter Is Getting an Obsession by 밤비
5 /5

Doom!One day, I became the daughter of Lucellai, the villainess in a novel. She, who fails to kill the Empress, ends up with a terrible death in the future!I don’t know anything else, but I must preve...

Childcare Diaries by
4.2 /5

When I opened my eyes, I became the nanny from a book I once read.The nanny that kills the child she’s tasked to care.With her experience from her previous life, she saves the child and saves her own ...