Eternal First Son-in-law by Innocent sharp brother
3.6 /5

Xu Wuzhou crossed, and he was shocked to find that he had become the door-to-door son-in-law, not only a recognized waste asshole, but also lying on the bride’s best friend’s bed on the wedding night....

Son-in-law Of A Powerful Family by 绝人 Jue Ren
3.35 /5

The main characters are Han Sanqian and Su Yingxia. The story tells about I've stayed in this company for three years,Everyone feels that I'm the guy who looks like can be bullied.however, I just wait...

Extraordinary Dumb Son-in-law by 山村小伙夫
4.25 /5

Others thought that he was crying because of the disappearance of his parents, but only he himself knew that he didn't speak because of the ten-year agreement! At the end of the ten-year agreement, he...

Return of the Prodigious Son by 阿豪
4.75 /5

He was a son-in-law who had been humiliated for seven years.Fortunately,he has a kind wife who always believe in him.Even she didn't knew that he was also the son of a wealthiest family.Ten years ago,...

Son-in-law's Counterattack by Ba Bao Zhou
3.6 /5

Once, I was a son-in-law who was stepped on by his wife's family. After the divorce, I regained my status as a super rich family member.

Untouchable Son-in-law: Royal King is Back by 明月骄阳
3.6 /5

The crippled prince had become a commoner, but he had married a stunning beauty. His wife was a genius in martial arts and was high above others; he was a loser who had been humiliated. After accident...

I don't want to inherit a trillion dollar fortune by Master Yu who can smoke
4.45 /5

As a son-in-law, Chen Ping suffers humiliation and disdain from his wife Jiang Wan, and has no choice but to show his true identity in order to pay for his daughter's surgery!

The Godlike Son-in-Law by Standing boy
4.3 /5

Mother-in-law: Get out, get out now, you are not worthy of my Su family Ye Tian is a son-in-law of the family, grew up humble and was coldly looked at until one day, he obtained a mysterious heritage ...

Urban Asura Crazy Son-in-Law by
4.1 /5

He is the Shura god of war guarding the northern border, commanding millions of soldiers, protecting the country for eight years, but his fiancée was bullied by a rich second generation! The God of Wa...

Best Son-in-law by Lin Yu Jiang Yan
3.25 /5

Will people be conscious when they die? Yes, because I have experienced it. Are there really ghosts in this world? Yes, because I am. After borrowing the weight to give birth, He found out that he has...

The Reversal of a Son-in-law by Sword Traveler
4.9 /5

After suffering from serious injuries, Long Chen, the son-in-law of the Li family who had been despised by everyone, suddenly underwent a shocking change. He secretly acquired extraordinary skills in ...

Invincible Doctor Son-in-law by Chao Pin Ju Zi
3.9 /5

*Three years ago, a descendant of a noble family was hunted, because of he had an unparalleled book. It caused a storm in the city.In order to survive, he was mysteriously disappeared.Not long after, ...

Return Of Urban Battle Son-in-law by ji tang men fan
3.5 /5

Gu Yuan was always looked down upon by his father-in-law, and after being hurt by his brother-in-law once, he awakened his memory of a year ago.So it turned out that he was actually the Imperial Palac...

My Son-in-law Is A War God by Loves Raw Vegetables
3.75 /5

“Xiao Chen, please give us another chance!”Xiao Chen stared at them with a loathing gaze. “Ten years ago, you looked down on me. You showed up at my doorstep, forcing me to break off the engagement. M...

The Strongest Son-in-law: God-level Choice by under twenty-three
3.95 /5

“The Strongest Son-in-law: God-level Choice” One day, a beautiful president approached Ji Feng. “I am pregnant, and the child is yours. After signing this contract, we will go to the Civil Affairs Bur...

My Rich, And Beautiful Wife by dan zhi yi hui
4.6 /5

They've been married for three years, and they've humiliated me because I'm poor. They bullied me, hated me, slandered me, and treated me like a dog that lost its home! However, they didn't know that ...

Dragon Son-In-Law God Of War by Mu Jiu Zhou
3.15 /5

Five years ago, his father's company was framed by someone, and he lost his money. Jiang Beichen suffered humiliation in front of his relatives in order to treat his father's illness, and was even rut...

Son-in-law divine doctor by 小小奋斗
4.3 /5

At the end of the Longevity Tribulation, Chu Lingfeng inexplicably found that he had become a murderous quack, and as the originator of the medical path, who had made Shen Nong taste a hundred herbs a...

Urban medical and martial arts son-in-law by mo fei
3.55 /5

He is the frightening king of war Luocha in the world, but he has become the cowardly husband of the beautiful president.I thought I was the life of waking up to control the power of the world and lyi...

Live-in Stocks God Son-in-law by Centron Rainshang
3.8 /5

An accident brought unexpected changes to his life, see how he went from being an ordinary person to a stock market tycoon!A car accident awakened the second personality that had been hidden in his bo...

Cultivating Matrilocal Son-in-law by sai ya xiao neng ren
3.45 /5

When the Sky Sovereign returns and becomes the son-in-law of the female CEO, others will think that I am a trash that everyone can bully. As for me, as long as I obtain her recognition, I can make the...

The God Of Medicine Son-in-law by jiu long
3.95 /5

The young master of the Immortal Physician Sect had learned medical skills from his grandfather since he was young. His medical skills were unparalleled. Due to his grandfather's disappearance, he ret...

No. 1 Son-in-Law by Away from the Sword
4.8 /5

After the supposedly cowardly live-in son-in-law of the Ye family gets rid of the seal within his body, Wind Chen slowly reveals an astonishing level of prowess! His medical skills are the best in the...

Legendary Son-In-Law by 风中的阳光
3.05 /5

Gao Tie, the king of mercenaries known as the Demon Soul, wakes up with a hangover only to find that he is tied to a steel chair and being stepped on by a strange woman with high heels.

NO.1 Antique Son-in-law by Sheng Tian Ban Zi
4.5 /5

The young son-in-law who was humiliated by others had accidentally obtained the inheritance of his second uncle.But the legacy was not money. It was a fishing boat.A mysterious ship that floats deep i...

No.1 Conceited Son-in-law by Feng Xian
3.2 /5

Even though he had accidentally become his son-in-law, Qin Tian was still unable to hide the insanity in his heart!Anyone who dares to bully me will return it a hundredfold. I am the number one berser...

The Extraordinary Son-In-Law: Alger Rolle by Alger Rolle
3.95 /5

Alger is an aspiring young man. The world is his oyster after graduation, but his mother becomes seriously ill. It wipes out most of his savings.It’s at this time that a man comes to him and gives him...

The Martial Son-in-law by 姒念
3 /5

As an orphan, Zhang Chu met the mysterious old man and learned his skills. He never thought that Zhang Chu, who was planning to counterattack in his life, would have his cultivation sealed. He became ...

Urban Supreme Dragon Son-In-Law by qing shan bu
4.6 /5

For money, his brother-in-law sold his sister to someone else for the whole night. Ye Fan originally wanted to peacefully protect his wife and live a good life. However, how could he talk about protec...

Divine-eyed Physician Son-In-Law by Ren Jian Ci Pin
3.7 /5

The Wealthy Class young master he had become a good-for-nothing son-in-law and now suffering the humiliation of being disgraced. Until one day, He had obtained the inheritance of an ancient almighty b...