After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure
3.8 /5

“When the agriculture expert, Shi Qingluo, opened her eyes again after dying, she realized she had transmigrated as a farm girl in an ancient era. Her story started at the part where she was sold by h...

God of Tricksters
4.2 /5

\"God of Mischief is interested in you and wants you to be his emissary. Do you accept?\"\n\nWith blood and wounds covered his entire body, the voice echoing inside his mind was like that of a hope sh...

Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse
4.8 /5

The legendary mana finally reached planet Earth, causing all living things to officially enter the path of evolution.Animals turned into terrifying beasts, some plants gained self-awareness, and humans who managed to withstand the wave of mana awakened the ability to acquire skills by defeating powerful enemies.

Return of Mount Hua Sect
4.75 /5

Return of Mount Hua Sect - The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung.After slicing the head of the peerle...

Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself
4.2 /5

Rumor had it that Qiao Xi had a weak constitution—a sickly beauty. Rumor had it that she spent a fortune every day on medications—eating them like candy. Rumor had it that ten servants waited on her b...

She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment
3.65 /5

She Becomes Pretty And Cool After The Engagement AnnulmentThe fat and ugly Nora Smith is the laughingstock of the town when her fiancé breaks off their engagement. He says, “The sight of your gigantic...

Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain
3.75 /5

Chu Nan was originally just an ordinary student, but because of an accident, he obtained the data collection, analysis and processing ability equivalent to the most advanced optical brain.In his eyes,...

Dual Cultivator Reborn [System In The Cultivation World]
4.5 /5

Yohan Was a game maniac, he loves playing the cultivation game which was popular on the earth, he was one of the Famous players in the action genre, but unfortunately, he died while crossing the road,...

Re: Evolution Online
3.35 /5

Liam was a nobody, whether it was grades or sports or appearance or social life. Not because he didn't have a brain but because his luck was just that bad. However, everything changed when a mysterious game called 'Evolution Online' was suddenly launched. The world he knew changed upside down!

Card Apprentice Daily Log
4.25 /5

Dr. Dalton Wyatt, a world-renowned Scientist, and Inventor is transmigrated to the body of a high school student Dalton Wyatt who committed suicide due to unfortunate circumstances and complicated lif...

Tyranny of Steel
4.85 /5

Julian Weber is an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a graduate of Westpoint Military Academy with a degree in civil engineering. As U.S. involvement in Afghanistan comes to an end, Lt. ...

Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil
4.25 /5

[WPC#218 Bronze Trophy Winner] [Mature content warning.]\n\n\nTo find peace\nAmidst clusterf*ck of misery\nAll I need is but a way\nTo rewrite my own history!\n\nMy mask of sanity slips away\nBut ther...

Birth of the Demonic Sword
3.15 /5

"So, that's how my life ends, what a waste of time it was...". These were the last thoughts of a young man, shot by accident in a fight between local gangs. Little did he know that he would soon wake ...

Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years
3.5 /5

Being reincarnated in a cultivation world, Han Jue realizes that he can live his life like a video game. He con reroll his cultivation potential and connate providence. \r\nSo, he spends 11 years rero...

Myth Beyond Heaven
4.8 /5

Yun Lintian, a man from modern Earth, found himself in a cliche situation that was all too familiar to him in novels: Being transmigrated! He had arrived in a magical cultivation-oriented world called...

Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
4.2 /5

Within a quiet pavilion on top of a lonely mountain peak, Xuan Hao slowly opened his eyes with a bewildered look on his face, he had transmigrated into a cultivation world as an elder of the Flying Sw...

The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
4.45 /5

At the feast of the Gluttonous House’s auction, there was a little girl with an exceptional furnace constitution for offer at a sky-high price. Everyone wanted to lay their hands on her. Suddenly, the...

His Genius Wife is a Superstar
3.65 /5

A world-famous hacker and daughter of the most powerful criminal family who ruled the international Underworld for many generations is killed when their organization is annihilated in a single night.S...

The Hidden Wife Of The Cold CEO
3.75 /5

What happens when a Powerful CEO in the Fashion World is forced to marry a woman from a lowly family, compared to his high-esteemed family background, against his wish?Fu Hua, a well-known name in the...

Grand Ancestral Bloodlines
3.4 /5

A Sky God’s Spiritual Foundation. It was the greatest natural treasure in all of existence, but the sacrifices one must make to gain the approval of such an entity was unimaginable. \n\nRyu is a geniu...

The Bored Immortal
4.8 /5

Eternal life...A blessing or a curse?\r\n\r\nBut the man who possessed such a gift only saw it as a curse...a curse that haunted him throughout countless years.\r\n\r\nHe wished to die more than anyth...

A Pervert's World
4.15 /5

Our protagonist is transmigrated to a free-use world where sex can be bartered for. It’s a world with all kinds of magical beings, from angels to demons and everything in between. Protagonist will hav...

Gods' Impact Online
4.4 /5

In the future timeline, Humankind had developed things that brought a revolution to the world. But their best invention was fully immersive VR games that became more and more advanced as time passed....

One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love
3.15 /5

She became a surrogate mother in exchange for over a million yuan.As the esteemed CEO of the most powerful Empire in the capital, he holds absolute power, while she is just an adopted daughter to a fa...

Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer
4.3 /5

In the 21st century Earth gave Birth to greatest genius ever. A genius who Master myriad of arts. Medicine to Engineering. Mathematics to Micro Biology. Weapon Designing to Environmental control. Musi...

Paragon of Sin
3.15 /5

The Heavenly Dao exists.It decides what is right and what is wrong. To act against it is to sin, to act according to it is to be blessed by its graces.The world of cultivation is difficult, an unchang...

The First Store System
4.95 /5

A strange store which sells everything suddenly appears in the town. The Owner of the store is a young man and anyone who tried to mess with him %$#@.\r\n\r\nThe products of the store are expensive, y...

The Lecherous Cultivation System
4.55 /5

The Lecherous Cultivation System.... Is any introduction needed for it?I personally don't think so, but to those who want one, here it is.What kind of a system could any man want other than the Lecher...

Reincarnated as an Energy with a System
4.4 /5

Ning Ruogong died to Zebras as he laid his hands on The Energy System, which reincarnated him to the Southern continent of the Planet Kumia. \n\nHow strong will he become after cultivating as an undyi...

Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
4.6 /5

Blessed with unlimited mana, Noah travels the worlds and sees rampant corruption and injustice.Have you seen countless icebergs fall asunder?Have you watched a dragon despair?

Master's Untamed Wife
3 /5

Love is like a battle... A bloodless battle. And every battle has casualties. But this battle leaves even more torturous wounds. Because the wounds of love are left on one's soul.He might be covered i...

Everlasting Dragon Emperor
4.8 /5

After being betrayed by the people he once loved, Lu Ming experienced the cold reality of the cultivation world. However, as chance would have it, he obtained the inheritance of a supreme expert who o...

Godly Empress Doctor
4.95 /5

She, a genius abandoned by her clan. He, a proud, pampered, two-faced imperial crown prince, a developing supreme ruler of the world. She, tricking him, disguised as a pig to eat a tiger, suppressing ...

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
3.6 /5

Earth’s top weapon specialist’s soul crossed over to an alternate world, merged with Rebirth Martial Emperor’s memories, cultivating Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, sweeping through all oppositi...

4.9 /5

The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top.Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carryin...

Hellbound With You
4.95 /5

“Little lamb, let me tell you this. You’re standing before the gates of hell right now. Doing this means ruining your life. Are you ready to step down to hell with me?”As the silence dragged on, the m...

Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator
3.45 /5

Heavenly emperors reigned supreme in the cultivation world but there were still existences beyond the power of heavenly emperors. They were termed as sages as they had mastered the laws of mortal worl...

3.75 /5

«Grey, elemental affinity, zero» The Elder announced the result loudly.On hearing this, it was like a bolt of lightning struck Grey, he stood there dumbfounded and just stared at the Elder.

Hero of Darkness
3.9 /5

Elric lived a traumatic life since childhood. Being bullied, detested by his family & having no one who cared whether he lived or died. The accumulated loneliness & suffering puts him through severe d...

The Author's POV
4 /5

The person whom the world revolves around.The person who defeats all of his opponents, and ultimately gets the beautiful girl.The sole existence all villains fear.That is the protagonist.What about me?As a failed author who had only one success throughout his whole career, I had reincarnated into my late novel.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World
3.3 /5

In Chaos City on the Norland Continent, there is a strange restaurant.Here, elves and dwarves share tables. Beastmen are prohibited from making a din, and giant dragons can only seat around the tiny s...

Complete Martial Arts Attributes
4.7 /5

The dimensional rifts link the earth to the Xingwu continent. This is the dawn of the martial arts era!\r\nI will be useless if I don't practice martial arts? Don't worry, I have a system that allows ...

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
3.95 /5

She, a modern hidden ghost leader of an organization which gathered insane prodigies proficient in the various differing skill-sets. Highly skilled in medicine and poison, executes covert assassinatio...

ONS: Pregnant With CEO's Baby
3.9 /5

Jeanne was only 18 years old when her stepmother and step sister framed her and caused her to lose everything. She was thrown out of the house by her father for trying to resist.7 years later, Jeanne ...

Almighty Daughter Runs The World
4.4 /5

A prominent tech mogul from another world, Ye Zhuo, was reborn as the fake daughter of a wealthy family. In the past, the fake dog in the manger was loathed by everyone in her social circle and was no...

His Rui
4 /5

I despised her. I despised how she schemed to get married to me. I despised her because of her arrogance."Li Rui, you don't know how many times I have wished to kill you."But all of this was my illusi...

Prime Originator
4.1 /5

In a world where strength reigns supreme and only the strong are revered, conflict and injuries are commonplace.

Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
4.35 /5

Having brought up her younger siblings in troubled times and guiding her younger brother to the throne, Xia Wanyuan is the most legendary eldest princess in the history of the Xia Dynasty.\r\nWhen thi...

Martial Master
4.65 /5

The legendary martial master Simon was betrayed by friends and persecuted to death. Three hundred years later, he reborn in an illegitimate child of the royal family who was deceived. With his past po...

Having Triplets With Potent CEO
3.65 /5

Back to showbiz after 5 years... She swore to become famous by sleeping with the big shot.He was the big shot in business and political fields, with a model-like body and face. Naturally became her no...

Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband
3.3 /5

Jiang YuYan was 20 yrs old when she got married to her love Lu Qiang, the heir to one of the powerful business family in the capital. In an unfortunate accident she lost her husband just after 3 month...

Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved
3 /5

“Ms. Li Xue, you are pregnant!” said the doctor as she handed the pregnancy report that has clearly come positive. Li Xue don’t know how to react to the news. She has come all prepared to take virgini...

Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start
4.65 /5

In the Year 2050, Country A accidentally found a path to the abyss when mining and it caused an uproar all over the world.At the same time, ten different rankings were materialized by the will of the ...

Dungeon of Pride, Laplace
3.85 /5

'Where there is light there shall be darkness'\r\n\"Hero? Nahh I'm the demon.\"\r\nIn a world where the demons are looked on as the incarnation of evil, the human-demon war raged on across the whole c...

True Lady's Identity Is Revealed
4.4 /5

She had always thought that she was a fake daughter of a wealthy family who had been framed, discredited and stolen her fiancé by the real daughter. And was finally hit by a car, died in the street on...

The Abandoned Husband Dominates
3.3 /5

After three years of being married to an unfaithful wife, the multi-billionaire is chased out of his home!After the divorce…His unfaithful ex-wife comes begging for forgiveness while she says, “I was ...

Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss
4.8 /5

She was the Fifth Young Miss of the revered General’s Residence, but was seen to be useless as trash. Promiscuous and flirtatious to a fault, she was finally killed by mistake under the hands of the a...

Imperial Beast Evolution (Fey Evolution Merchant)
4.45 /5

The shining stars and birds flying in the blue sky and white clouds, the fast shadow clouded leopards hunting and hunting in the vast grasslands, the acid eroded pythons hiding in the shadows of trees...

Blood Assimilation
4.95 /5

Check out my other novel: Two Worlds: Same But Different!! If you like OP or a tad bit innocent protagonists and a little mystery here and there, then this might be the one for you.\n...\nA young man ...

Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home
4.25 /5

# familyfeud #daughterofamistress #koiQiao Xuan, daughter of a county magistrate, supposedly had a fiance that everyone envied. But then her father’s legal wife schemed against her, and married her in...

Rebirth Space: Ace Spicy Wife, Don't Get Angry
4.6 /5

The people in the capital never thought that one day the legendary big man could spoil a woman so much that he was willing to give what he had. Before rebirth, Qin Tianyue was mercilessly sold to the ...

My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem
3.8 /5

I'm poor. I'm fat. The girl I like just turned me down and I even got beat up for it. I just wanted to go home and play some video games. Now, My life is a video game called Dungeon Life, and I'm expe...

Reincarnated With A Summoning System
3.95 /5

Being stuck in a game nobody leaves doesn’t sound half bad to Cain. He was a high school dropout with a drinking problem, living off disability due to his poor health, so it’s not like he had much to lose except a few faithful friends he didn’t talk to enough.

Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress
3 /5

The mentally disabled 13 year old daughter of the Ye family, one day re-births! She rules over the Omnipotent God’s Cauldron, she possesses a spirit cultivation space. She’s no longer the good-for-not...

Flash Marriage: The Domineering Wife
3.95 /5

#Participating in Webnovel Spirity Awards 2020.Trigger Warning: Novel contains mature content and explicit scenes only intended for adults.

Cultivation Online
4.3 /5

A young man was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering his limbs useless.Deemed useless and incurable, his family quickly gave up o...

Supreme Crazy Wife
4.35 /5

Although Leng Ruoxue is born mentally challenged, she is the most beloved granddaughter of the number onegeneral in the Eastern Lake Nation. She is despised by her fiancé and schemedagainst by her lov...

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
3.4 /5

Starting over once more, he has entered this “living game” again in order to control his own fate.This time, he will not be controlled by others.Previously the Level 200 Sword King, he will rise to a ...

3.15 /5

This is a work of fiction, any names, characters, stories or events, are fictitious! (Even the country in the story is just the author's fantasy as the author never visited those countries in the stor...

Lady Dhampir
3.65 /5

Once a slave, forgotten and broken until she was brought back to her rightful place. She is a Duchess, but a hybrid one, half-vampire, half-human. The only one of her kind. She is Milena de Crescent.A...

Global Killing: Awakening SSS-level Talent at the Beginning
4.6 /5

Tens of billions of people around the world come to the heavens to kill the world at the same time. Hundreds of countries including Lighthouse Country, Dragon Country, Sakurajima Country compete! Qin ...

Forgotten Legend Of The Bloodied Flower
4.85 /5

“Live the life you want this time.”A peerless assassin, codename: Hua, has already started her career ever since she was a child. Her mission’s record was perfect and whoever deemed to be her enemies ...

I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week
3.2 /5

Experience the Didi driver and reward Pagani Zonda with one. Experience university teachers and reward ten buildings. Experience the charter company, reward one billion. Experience…

I'm the King Of Technology
3.85 /5

Chu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mother was a maid and the king’s greatest disgrace, his father had always despised him. The same could be said for his half-siblings.

Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game
4.75 /5

Fang Heng was transmigrated to a parallel world and his soul was forced into the body of a man who had just committed suicide.Huh? What? Every human here was being forced to join a game? Those who ref...

Shrewd wife of Lin brothers
4.05 /5

I got cheated on cheh ~ don't worry I have five men who dote on me .A stoic man who couldn't string two sentences ? I will make him rap watch me .A hot and cold tsundere who has a venomous tongue for ...

The Ruined Death Knight
3.3 /5

After someone took my life away from me, I felt something or someone pulling my entire being together with my memories away from me and placing them into somewhere where it was cold and hollow. And wh...

The Mightiest Little Peasant
3.45 /5

Tang Hao was an honest man making an honest living, but despite all his honesty and kindness, life often looked the other way. Even when he stood up for a man in the streets, he ended up being beaten ...

Esper Harem in the Apocalypse
4.25 /5

Farming wives in the apocalypse. Getting a wife is possible. Getting Wives is hard. And in the apocalypse, it's impossible. But what if you have superpowers that allow you to do anything? I mean every...

Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start
4.45 /5

“Ding! You’ve received the [Human Archer (Stage 2)] and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Flame God Archer (Stage 10)].”“Ding! You’ve received the [Speed Totem (Silver)] and has ...

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!
3.4 /5

A genius talisman practitioner is reborn as a seven-year-old girl! However, her innocent appearance belies her vicious personality.In the remote countryside, the Crown Prince runs into her, beating up...

My Idle Gaming System
3.55 /5

Dimensional Rifts permeate throughout the Chaotic Universe, bringing with them immense well as innumerable treasures.\r\n\r\nIn a small Realm, a destitute boy awakens the Idle Gaming Syst...

The Long-awaited Mr Han
3.45 /5

"Take me in, I'll do anything you want me to!" In her previous life, Lu Man is sent to prison after being framed by her step-sister and an asshole. After being released from prison, the only thing tha...

Eternal Sacred King
3.9 /5

He is a young man without a spirit root. It is believed that this denies him the chance at cultivation. However, a mysterious lady imparts a Supreme Demon Classic to him and from then on, he starts his path of cultivation.

Legend of Swordsman
3.65 /5

Jian Wushuang was reborn in adversity. In order to get his revenge, he began to cultivate Heavenly Creation Skill. With the help of the Heaven defying cultivation method, Jian Wushuang gradually grew ...

Martial Arts System
4.15 /5

Kurogami Ichiro was desperate because he couldn't achieve what he wanted when he once started his martial arts path at age of 8!\r\n\r\n35 Years he spent training and honing his martial arts, but he a...

Ace of the Dragon Division
3.25 /5

There’s SIS in great Britain, CIA in the US. In Huaxia, there’s Dragon Division, known as the mysterious power of the East.When a soldier that originally failed to be selected to join, appeared on the...

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
3.85 /5

DescriptionAuthor Introduction: Is he the reincarnation of a Pill God? Or is he a fusion of spirits? A youth whose Spirit Root, Spirit Blood, and Spirit Bone were all stolen – Long Chen must rely on h...

Supreme Magus
3.1 /5

Derek Esposito was a man that since from young age had to face many adversities. Often forced to settle with surviving rather tha living, had finally found his place in the world, until everything was...

I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce
3.15 /5

[Rebirth Sweet Pet + Ability Shuang Wen]She was originally a golden branch and jade leaf, but life was replaced.Growing up in the countryside, she finally got a chance to get ahead and was replaced, a...

Hidden Billionaire Son-in-law
4.05 /5

He was a son-in-law who had been humiliated for seven years.Fortunately,he has a kind wife who always believe in him.Even she didn't knew that he was also the son of a wealthiest family.Ten years ago,...

The Richest Man In the World: Starting From Receiving 7 Billion Red Envelopes
4.05 /5

Ding! Congratulations, received 7 billion red envelopes! Ding! Congratulations, you have received 50 million yuan. Ding! Congratulations, you have won a Lamborghini Daniel. Ding! Congratulations, you ...

Saving the overbearing CEO
4.5 /5

Wen Qinxi an IT guy at a prestigious gaming company lives a repetitive life, working on an innovative gaming system that is said to change the world.During a routine diagnostic check, he discovers a m...

Full Attributes Martial Arts (All Attributes Martial Path)
4.05 /5

This novel is also known as All Attributes Martial Path You have defeated countless opponents in your life. Suddenly one day, you casually cut off the innocent demon passing by, and accidentally chopp...

Rebirth of 1985's Best Doctor
3.9 /5

Su Jinyue is a female chairman who owns billions of assets, but she is sent to prison by a couple—her boyfriend of seven years and sister. As a prisoner on death row, she hears the gunshots, and when ...

Villain Retirement
3.9 /5

16 years old-- most boys would be falling in love, as their hormones all rise to unprecedented levels. Riley, however, at age 16... killed the world's number 1 superhero.\n\nWarning: MC is in the spec...

Rebirth Of The Villainess: Young Master Lu's Wicked Wife
3.15 /5

In her past life, Su Xiaofei lost everything when her father’s other daughter came, essentially ruining her life. Only at the end of her life did her half-sister Ye Mingyu, reveal the truth. Su Xiaofe...

Beastmaster of the Ages
4.15 /5

Even in his dreams, Li Tianming can’t stop himself from laughing! Why? Because, his family pets are all the Primordial Chaos Beasts of myth!

Divine Emperor of Death
3.55 /5

Tian Long was born an orphan. He led his life in misery while out of nowhere, he chanced upon a Death Note, killing his only enemy who was the cause for his misery. After a series of planning and acti...

The Legendary Mechanic
4.15 /5

What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love? What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC - you have even been thrown back in time ...